Abraham and Ishmael were never in Mecca

There is solid evidence in the Reading that Abraham and Ishmael had never stepped their foot in Mecca – unless the Muslims disbelieve what is written in their own Holy Scripture.

There is also no evidence from the Reading (including 2:125-129) that Abraham and Ishmael built a physical house. The truth is like Moses, Jesus and other messengers, Abraham and Ishmael were never in Mecca as prophets or messengers to warn the Arabs.

If Abraham had been inspired by God to go to Mecca1 to build and purify God’s house, he would have been duty-bound to warn the Arabs in Mecca and the Arabs around it.

But the Reading says the Arabs were gentiles which mean they had no prior knowledge of God’s Scripture or received any information about serving God. They had received no warner before Muhammad

We did not give them the Scripture to study. And We did not send messengers to them before you as warners. (34:44)

This is the hard evidence and it is so easy to understand. “We never sent to your race any messenger before you became a messenger”.

Muhammad was the first messenger to the Arabs around him. Since the religionists believe that Muhammad was born in Mecca, there is no way Abraham could have been sent there previously.

The key of consenting to God is to uphold what He had sanctioned in the scripture. The sanctions ordained by Him was set for mankind as God’s original system (baytul ateeq). The detail of the sanctions was first revealed to Abraham when he was commissioned to become the leader for mankind. Then, Abraham was told to announce it to the people not to pollute these sanctions.

Indeed those who disbelieve and they prevent others from the sanctions in the consented decree which was intended for mankind to be devoted equally which is apparent. And whosoever introduces in it any wickedness We will make him suffer the retribution. And when We settled for Abraham a place in the system (We said to him), ‘You shall not associate Me with anything, keep My system (bayti-ya) cleansed for the groups of people who are upright and those who humble themselves consentingly’. And announce to the people with the challenge that was given to you as a person and upon every responsible individuals that was given from every resource enormously so that they witness the benefits for them and that they will remember God’s name during the days known to them over whatever provisions (We gave) to them from the animal livestock. Therefore eat from it and feed the needy and the poor. And then they should remove their impurity and they should fulfil their covenants so that they get used with the original system (baytil-ateeq). And whosoever honour God’s restrictions it is therefore righteousness for him by His Lord. And permitted upon you the livestock except what has been recited to you and avoid the uncleanness of idol worship and stay away from false utterances. Be upright for God and do not associate anything with Him….. (22:25-30)

In 60:4 it says, ‘A good example has been set for you by Abraham and those with him’. Abraham and those who followed him kept the sanctions in the consented decree purified. They avoided false utterances or something else besides God’s revelations. Abraham was given with the challenge (bil-hajii) as seen in 22:27 to lead the true Muslims to God’s system. Abraham did not call anyone to go to Mecca to perform a pagan’s rite, but to take the challenge to stay away from idol worship by observing the sanctions in the consented decree revealed by God.

If Haj meant what the religionists would have us believe it means – all the God-fearing people over the ages – from Abraham onwards – would have had to have made at least one journey to Mecca. There is no evidence in the Reading or anywhere else to indicate that Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph, Zechariah, John, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Jonah or Jesus traveled to Mecca for any reason whatsoever. And if they had, then the Arabs would have received a messenger before Muhammad which, by their own admission, they did not.

1 After reading the Qur’an for many years I did not noticed the message in the Book pointing out that there were no messengers or prophets to the Arabs race before Muhammad.

16 Responses

  1. curiosity

    muslim kills jews and hate them more thanthey do to christians WHY

    everything in muhammadan islam is the imitation of jewish religion

  2. Yes, bcoz the the Allah who has sent the Moses also has sent Mohammed

  3. the arab race are decendents of ishmael..hence the reason abraham a.s. and ishmael a.s. would not have encountered any arabs to deliver the message to them! God s.w.t. knows best.

  4. …in other words (just to clarify)..the ARAB race would have been Non-Existant at the time of Abraham a.s. and Ishmael a.s. because ALL arabs came from Ishmeal a.s.

    God s.w.t. always speaks the truth. salam

  5. ..also – we muslims do not hate jews (to say that would mean to hate most of our prophets – who were also jews)..we think judaism was originally the word of God s.w.t. also ..jus got corrupted throughout time, for instance during the Babylonian exile..hence their scriptures no longer matched the pre-jews who remained in israel (samaritans) and also the reason they did not accept the messiah (jesus a.s.) – so we do not hate the jews. hate and ignorance are two things we should all try to avoid.

    peace and love

  6. are you sure the muslim do not hate the jews? in malaysia the malay muslim hate the jews like mad especially the senile former prime minister. isnt the death at mv mavara recently the result of project hate disguised as humanitarian mission which the senile former pm had a hand in it?

  7. This is not a political forum so please refrain from making comments on politics. Thank you.

  8. This is Dumb, Abraham was Sumeryan? So where were Arabs? Where were Israelites? And Hebrews ? Mecca formerley known as Becca, which is also in Quran…..Do some real research and some soul searching while your at it . Peace.

  9. Islam is an Adjective it means Submission. Muslim means Submitter. Being of Monosthetic base Islam is SUbmission to God Alone Spirtually, Physically and Mentally. Reading Quran and being Quran Literate and understandg the vast detailed and sometimes complex dialogue with many allegorical meanings that can adapt and evolve over time doesnt give you an excuse to make bogus articles with such Quranic Illiteracy without Quranic Proof. J wasnt introduced into the English Alphabet until the 1600’s so really then what were Jews called really back then? So many lies, so little time….wake up.

  10. The ayatollahs increased the price to USD3.3M on Salman Rushdie’s head from yesterday. So the anger goes on and on…

    Ismail Ali, do you like to put a price tag on Mr Aidid Safar’s head?

  11. Ismail Ali, Islam is from the root word SLM, salam which means peace. Islam – peacefulness, Muslims – those who are at peace. Nothing to do with submit, submitter etc.

  12. @ismail ali.. I think this article clearly shows Islamic evidence. .. jews Is English word. Jewish scripture was not in English. Your question on letter J Is baseless…

  13. can i ask one question .. U gave an ayath showing “they havent got any scripture before”34:44.. but another ayath just after that shown their is “Those before them disbelieved,” 34:45 // looks like there were previous wanrner but they disblieved(previous generation)… i think the people did not recieve scripture was the present generation.. doesnt proof compare to both ayaths that.. they were no warners at all in arab..

  14. [34:45] Those before them disbelieved, and even though they did not see one-tenth of (the miracle) we have given to this generation, when they disbelieved My messengers, how severe was My retribution!

  15. I agreed Islam means peace – peacefulness Muslims, but how peace can be achieved ….must be by submitting and serve to Allah (alone). Remember there are a lot of people (who believe in God and atheist) in this world are peace loving which are not Muslim …they are better than us who claimed to be Muslim.

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