The corruption continues

It is common knowledge that there are many followers of other religions who worship God through the images in their temples – the Orthodox Christians, for example. But how is it that the followers of the Arab religion call those people pagans and idol-worshippers?

The fact is the followers of the Arab religion have more than just one idol. Besides the cubical house in the centre of the mosque, the religionists also provide their followers with many other idols. The black stone embedded at one corner of the cubical house is the most revered icon. It is encased in a silver-frame portraying rather a vulgar image – make of that what you will. The design was perhaps to symbolise the female representation of the three chief Arab idols: Al-lat, Al-Uzza and Manat. Grammatically, these are female names, and the religionists said they referred to the daughters of Allah. The Arabs worshiped these female goddesses long before the Reading was revealed and the Last Prophet was commanded to ask the Arabs:

What about Al-lat and Al-Uzza, also Manat, the third one? Is it for you the males and for Him the females? This is indeed an unjust distribution. Actually, they are nothing but names that you invented, you and your forefathers. God never revealed about it from His authority. They followed nothing but conjectures and what their own souls dictated when the sure guidance had come to them from their Lord. What is it that the human being wants? (53:19-24)

This verse confirms that the pagan Arabs had invented many new gods for themselves. In this case, these stones were assigned female names. These stones were touched, stroked, or kissed by the worshippers to acquire some of the stone’s holiness.

The other idol is a twelve-foot tall cage protecting a copper casting of someone’s footprints. It stands opposite the door of the larger idol. All these idols have their own purposes and functions.

Within the same precincts there are two rock outcroppings which the religionists have called Safa and Marwa.1 During any visit or pilgrimage, the followers of the Arab religion will run between the two rocks after they have circumambulated the cube and kissed the black stone and prayed behind the gilded idol opposite the stone idol. This latter rite, they claim, is to honour the suffering of Abraham’s wife when she was searching for water within the same area. No one has asked a simple question: what has Abraham’s wife got to do with Islam? The author does not see any logic in this ritual except to say the religionists used Abraham’s wife as an excuse for their followers to worship the two rock outcroppings. The whole thing is another pagan Arab myth.

We will analyse the other six words in 2:125 and see how these words were distorted by comparing them with the usage of the same words in other passages of the Reading. We will establish beyond any doubt that the religionists have abused the meaning of these words to create the basis of all the ritualistic practices in their ‘religion’.

1 One Qur’anic verse refers to entities by these names. Clearly, the Arabs took the Qur’anic words and applied them to aspects of their local pagan rites.

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