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  1. Salam Bro,

    Will be great if you could have the Quranic text and the direct english translation .It will be a great help

    Thank you

  2. Salam to you Br. Abdul Gani,

    Thank you for your suggestion but I am not sure if that will help more than 97% of the visitors who don’t read Arabic.

  3. Salam Bro.

    Can I have the right to publish and translate your book.Into Bahasa Indonesia


  4. Sorry ,

    May I published and translate your Mental Bondage into Indonesia

    Than, you

  5. Salam to you Br. Gani,

    Permission granted provided you send me the work each time you complete a chapter.

    Sister Tanty from Denmark indicated her interest to translate the book to Bahasa Indonesia a few months ago and she was looking for someone to help her to do the job. You can reach her at

  6. salam brother,
    i am half way through this book, and i love it, i have felt this way for a long time , and its really great , that there are like minded peeps about, i just have 1Q at the moment,

    If the word sul la means commitment, then why does Allah ask us to wash in a certain way,

    i know this sort of question will crop up if i try to explain things to family etc .

    thank you,



  7. Revered Aidid Safar
    Peace be upon you,
    First of all I must thank you for giving the entire Mankind The noble Gift of your Book ” Mental Bondage – In the Name of God “.
    I never came across such a Book in my life,It cleansed my entire Brain and also the way of thinking as well as everything. There are no words to express my gratitude towards this Book.No doubt it’s a Great work,and the entire Humanity should thank you for your efforts.You have given such a nice illustrations to understand the Reading, God will definitely reward you for this noble work. I must Salute you.
    One request from a group of people to translate this Book into Urdu language,It will be a great contribution towards Urdu reading lot.I humbly recommend this request to be considered seriously and do the needful,which will benefit a millions around the Globe.
    May God make your writing power stronger to the strongest. Keep Writing More and More.
    Revered Regards,
    duran bliss angel….

  8. Salam Miriam, I think your question had been covered earlier. However, my simple view is that reading 5:6, I am struck the sentence begins with ‘O’ ye who believe, when ye rise up..’ As the sentence that precedes is about ‘This day when..’, does it not seem the washing up is likely all about preparing for the day when one rises?

  9. Dear Aidid,
    Attention is drawn towards the malay version of your book. Page 14 of 294 : Saya tidak lagi sependapat dengan bagian tidak logis ini yang mengatakan,’ ikutilah orang orang yang tidak meminta balasan apapun darimu’. Nowhere in your english version did you say this, nor can that statement be correct as it means that you are not in agreement with a direct verse from the Quran.Please rectify. Thank you.

  10. Salam Musafir,

    The book was translated by a reader from Indonesia and I do not guaranteed the correctness of his translation. The same is true with the French and very soon the Tamil translation. Readers are advised the check any translation agaisnt the one I authored in English. Thank you.

  11. Thank you so nuch for writing this enlightening book! I was not born Muslim, but was alwyas searching for God, and after studiyng Khalifa’s traslation and appendices I became forever convinced that The Quran or The Reading is the TRUTH and the best Revelation from GOD!
    Being from Serbia, and being through Christianity and Judaism and Islam as explained by Khlaifa, I finally understood the Quran through your book Mental Bondage! My wish is only to find YOUR translation of the Reading, or, try to learn Arabic, with the help from God.
    Thank you again. I think you made a great service to humanity, although at fist it looks a bit scary to get rid of ritual prayer and other mistranslated decrees in the Quran.
    God bless you and thank you!

  12. One text I found that CONFIRMS what you wrote in your book about the Salat:

    Click to access Parwez_SalatGist.pdf

    Thank you again for your enlightening book!

  13. Not a suggestion, but a question. If according to you the word ‘Solah’ means commitment and not prayer, what is the logic behind doing wudu (ablution) before ‘solah’ or commitment???

    Quran tells us exactly how we are to do the ablution i.e. in four steps. and it also tells us what nullifies the ablution. Why do ablution if solah is not a ritual prayer, but a commitment?

  14. The word “wudu” or (ablution) does not exist in 5:6. The word “wudu” was invented by lords besides God’s and is meant for people who serve these lords.

    For those who have taken their covenant with God – it is once in a lifetime event – if you understand the concept of making covenant with God. Sura 5:6 is not an isolated verse. I don’t offer service to show how and when people made the covenant with the Creator – they know at which point of time they receive the knowledge of the Quran and what they have promised to their God.

  15. I’ve read almost half of your book ‘Mental Bondage’ and I find it really interesting and it really sounds like the ‘deen’ God has chosen for us. The traditional version of Islam doesn’t sound like it could be from God. Also all the rituals like salat, sawm, hajj, zakat etc are as meaningless as anything because people are doing them like robots just because they think God commanded them. So it sounds perfectly logical that God didn’t intend for us to worship Him in the first place. He wanted us to serve Him.

    May God reward you for your efforts!

    I’m convinced there’s no salat, hajj, zakat ordered by God. But I was wondering what is your opinion about sawm (siyyam) because I dont think that’s covered in your book. Can you please just tell briefly what is sawm?

    Also, what does the start of the verse 5:6 mean? It starts with ‘Ya Ayyuhal Lazeena Amanu qamus salaata faghsilu …’

  16. Deeya, please bear in mind I did not write the book to convince anybody. It is my prerogative to write or not to write about the sawm – so please don’t tell me what to do with my book. I will not discuss about subjects which are not in my book.

    You are beginning to show yourself by asking stupid question “what is the meaning of Ya ayyuhal Lazeena Amanu”. So, read the book cover to cover like the rest before you come back to post any comment.

  17. Come on Aidid! Let’s not use the word stupid, ok? You had a rough day? Remember that we are only smart for as much as our Lord wants us to be.Thank you.( said with a big smile)

  18. Sorry musafir, yes – I had a rough day today and thank you for the advise:)

  19. Woah, that says a lot about your understanding of The Reading.

    I know you didn’t write this book to convince anybody which is why i did NOT say ‘you have convinced me’. I just said ‘I’m convinced’. And that’s totally different from saying someone was trying to convince me. It wasn’t my fault that you had a bad day. I was genuinely looking for your views because i mistakenly thought you were a nice person and I would get to learn a lot from you.

    And I also didn’t tell you that you should have written about sawm. It’s totally your prerogative to write about sawm or sex or whatever..I just asked because I thought you would have studied the topic of Sawm too considering your claim to have studied the Reading in great detail for years. I asked about the start of the verse and the part where it says ‘qamus salaata…’. If you have only studied parts which prove your point and not the parts which don’t, that’s a different matter .
    I thought it was God guiding me to your book. But I dont think God would guide someone to someone as rude as you 
    People with true understanding of God’s book are supposed to be humble, aren’t they?

    But anyway, even though your work is really commendable and I was really looking forward to your complete translation of the Reading, I think someone like you cannot be a genuine person. Is that the kind of effect The Reading has on people who claim to have understood it?
    Does The Reading make people bitter and harsh. Because if that is the case, I would better not study The Reading.

    I think God will still forgive me for being ignorant of The Reading if I’m at least kind and respectful to His servants i.e. my fellow human beings, rather than having indepth knowledge of The Reading and going around insulting people throwing bombs of arrogance on them.

    If you really wanted to expose the traditional version of Islam and were striving in the way of God to bring people back to the true path of God, you would at least be kind enough to reply properly. But anyway. Why am I even wasting my time talking to someone like you. I have got better things to do :).

    And I thought I had finally found the ‘truth’.

    Thank You for exposing yourself and for telling that your understanding of The Reading is just for the sake of proving your views, and not because you’re ‘upholding your commitments’ for God. Aqamatis Sol’lah, remember??

    Have a nice day, and if not, then please at least don’t spoil someone else’s day.

  20. P.S: I stayed up whole night till the morning for the last two days, gulping down cups after cups of coffee, just to read your book. I got my answer regarding the sawm (self-discipline).

    But my ‘stupid question’ still remains a mystery to me. I still have no clue what this would translate to:

    5:6 ‘Ya Ayyuhal Lazeena Amanu QAAMUS SALAATA FAGHSILU …’

    (I’m asking about the words in capital. I know ya ayyuhal lazeena amanu means O you who believe)

    So the question is not as stupid as Aidid thinks it is.

  21. Can anybody else help me regarding the question i’ve posted in the above comment? because aidid is too arrogant to answer my ‘stupid’ yet genuine question.

  22. The journey on which I embarked has been long and tedious, and I have had many painful and frightening encounters for which it seems I was ill-prepared and which it also seems I had to face alone. It has become increasingly laborious, unsatisfactory, and disappointing because what I sought to achieve seems never lived up to my expectations. This is the illusion – fear, anger, pain, and disappointment – with occasional fleeting moments of happiness. I fought for what I wanted, and, if I win , the prize never turned out to be worth the price that I had to pay. I put on a brave face, and others thought that I was enjoying life as they succeeded in convincing me that that they were too. I am taking a long rest.

  23. Deeya it is difficult to come to get the message if you still in the old paradigm and old horizon you had been heard since you were kid. You need to break up free and see from the distance so you get the shape of what you see, and don’t expect there will be a plain explanation and ask too much unimportant question because you want to like the explanation. Aidid is not wrong when he said stupid because most people are. That stupidity is people who always want and hope plain explanation but they afraid to open their horizon a bit wider.

    Now which regards your question I can give you a plain explanation but I guarantee there is nothing special in that verse….read back to 5:5 is only explanation of human (as biological machine) that need desire for FOOD and SEX and we need purity or cleanliness so we need to wash with water or whatever… on that. There is nothing special we already know about this………..but this verse 5:5 and 5:6 is the result of stupid question asked by the arabs that time that confused about simple things like : Can I eat food from that guy whom he have different belief?….this is really a stupid question right? my answer : just eat the food ! what can harm it be?

    BUT the creator of the book want to be polite and accommodate the other side of superstitious background so the result is like what you read now. The concept is easy that FOOD and SEX and marriage need to in proper manner…….you or human decide can come with the custom and agreed among their societies.

  24. I would like to add more just in case not satisfied, the 5:6 is expalnation from 5:5 and the commitment (SALAATA FAGHSILU) is the self cleanliness (self hygiene) so when you eat your food or ‘eat’ your wife (sexually) you better wash or keep clean. But sometimes no water can be found or some ill that prevent to take bath…so do something else…not necessary with sand…that is silly in modern days where easy to find tissue….this verse is again because of the silly question by the arabs, so it sound weird…………think when you asked by silly question the answer can be come like exaggerated.

    As you can see there is nothing about religious ablution or wudhu for praying….it just reasonable sense…..

  25. Back off Deeya. You may think that Aidid is arrogant, but he’s just being honest with his feelings. He did’nt call you stupid, only he feels your question is. You may feel hurt and angry right now. Get rid of that feeling otherwise that energy that you contain will have a negative effect. Or would you prefer words such as “……..and purify yourself….”.

    And you thought you had finally found the truth. Well, if TRUTH is presented right in front of you, are you prepared to accept the TRUTH ? Or do you have better things to do?

    Gotta go. Having a golf game in an hour. This game is more difficult to comprehend compared to what Aidid has presented. Cheers.

  26. If I may add my little piece following the well written comments above to answer Deeya’s questions. If I were Aidid I would want to know what is your understanding of the verse you were asking about. After all, you did show you know what part of the verse meant, so why didn’t you give your interpretation of the whole verse and see what Aidid thought about what you wrote? By now you probably know you are expected to use your own mind but you are choosing not to do that but instead asking for Aidid to use his mind and then you would give your comments on that. Doesn’t that sound, well, stupid? Were you trying to bait Aidid? If you know what I mean, that is?

  27. Deeya,

    Please check this out if you are still interested. The truth about soum by Dr. Qamar Zaman, english translation by Zubair Hussain. Thanks.

  28. Hey Aidid,

    I have a suggestion.. please help to publish your Quran translation is full.
    It seems that you have most of the verse translated already from your web. We just wanted a systematic approach towards your full translation of God’s words.

  29. peace to all.
    I wanted to know if there is any readings about Ramadan and if this is not the case then please hope one of you get to it because I begin to realize that maybe that too is corrupted and that it doesn t mean fasting a whole month. Hope to read something about it

  30. Dear Aidid,

    I am a freethinking person trying to discover the true message of God through Quran alone. I am reading your book: ‘Bondage of the mind’ and found your analysis on food restrictions.

    Quran (5:3)

    Restricted to you are the meat from the animals that die of themselves, blood, decaying (Khinziri) meat, and food dedicated to other than God. Also, the animal that has been strangled to death, the animal struck by an object, the animal that dies from falling from a height, the animal that is gored to death, the animal
    that is partially eaten by a predator unless you have rescued it alive, the food dedicated to idols and meat divided by means of casting lots. These are
    abominations. Today, the disbelievers are in despair about your deen. Do not fear them and fear Me instead. Today, I have perfected the deen for you
    and completed My favour upon you, and I decree Islam as the deen for you.

    The word Khin literally means rotten, stink or bad – Ziri means that you see.
    Khinziri does not refer to swine – a livestock that is part of God’s provisions to mankind (5:1 & 6:142). It is obvious the prohibition is limited to the nature and
    condition of the food – not the species of animals. It is illogical to imagine that God in His wisdom created swine and allows it to be domesticated and then prohibits its meat. Wildlife hunting is permitted – wild boars are not mentioned as prohibited game.

    I am not a native arabic speaker and after some research on the net I found this counter arguments:

    Argument 1:

    According to qur’aanic grammar, in the phrases “lahma khinzeerin” or “lahma alkhinzeeri”, “khinzeer” CANNOT be an adjective but can only be a noun. This has been discussed numerous times on this forum in the past. Please use the search feature for the relevant threads.

    A short explanation is as follows:

    For “khinzeer” to be an adjective the phrase has to have “AL” before both words or if “AL” is not before both words then both words have to have the same ending of “an” or “un”.

    For example:

    “lahmun khinzeerun” or “al-lahma al-khinzeer”.

    The phrases in al-qur’aan are as follows:

    “lahma khinzeerin” (6:145), and “lahma/lahmu alkhinzeeri” (2:173, 5:3, 16:115).

    Thus “khinzeer” in those phrases CANNOT be an adjective, and can only mean “pig”.

    Argument 2:
    Why would God only forbis decaying meat. Decaying fish or vegetables can be harmfull also.

    Can you help me with this dilemma? I want to find the truth.



  31. First of all, the title of my book is “Mental Bondage In The Name of God” – NOT “Bondage of the mind”.

    I have explained my understanding of 5:3 in the book – and I am not asking anyone to accept it. However, I am not sure which part of the pig is halal if only the meat is prohibited.

  32. Aidid,

    Thanx for your fast reply.

    I apologize for writing the title of your book wrong, don’t know how that happened. :-)

    I know you are not asking anyone to accept your book, and that it is my own responsibility to find out the truth. I also agree it doesn’t make sense to say only the meat of Pig is forbidden.
    One could argue that the fat of pig (used in many biscuits) and anything made out of the bone of pigs (such as gelatine) are halal, but my feeling says God would not make things so complicated.

    However the argument that “khinzeer” in 5:3 cannot be an adjective still stands, and I don’t have the knowledge of Arabic to counter this. Is it because pig is used symbolic for something decaying in this verse?

  33. Aidid,

    I would like to translate your book in Dutch.

    If you permit me I will send you my translation each time I complete a chapter.

    If someone else is already translating in Dutch I would like to help out.



  34. Salam Arshad,

    Yes you get my permission to translate Mental Bondage In the Name Of God to Dutch. Please let me know if you need the book in the words format so that it will be easier to translate. Once you have completed the translation I will make it available on my website and also this blog.

  35. Thanx. A word version would be great.




  37. Salam Br Diamondjivani, thank you for the suggestion. The Wright brothers never knew there would be supersonic engines after they die – so does Aidid Safar.

  38. Peace Aidid,

    For Sure, you have written very interesting and thought provoking book. though I’m curious to know more about your translation of Reading (4:1-2,)
    O mankind! You shall observe your Lord, who created you from one person, then created from her, her mate, then from the two of them He spread many men and women. You shall observe God whom you swear by, and regard your relatives. God is watching you. You shall give the orphans their due properties and not substitute the bad for the good, nor shall you consume their money by mixing their properties with yours. This would be a gross injustice. (4:1-2)

    and according to reading (2:31-35) the 1st person to be created by GOD is ADAM and ADAM had a mate/partner in (2:35).
    My question ,
    is ADAM a female ???
    I’m not here to repute or contradict anything , I’m just a humble truth seeker !
    Kindly enlighten me.

    Thanks :)

  39. Peace MASOOMboy,

    Adam was not the first human being – there were others before him who have corrupted the earth and shed blood among themselves. Please read 2:30 carefully and think.

  40. Peace Aidid,
    Another thought provoking challenge from you. One that has moved my understanding forward. Reading 2:30 I think must be with 2:31 to see that the angels could not speculate on what Adam would do because they admit having no knowledge beyond what had been taught them. Thus, what they were warning could happen if Adam appeared (or created) on Earth must be based on what had already happened before. Thus others had already corrupted the Earth as you surmised.

  41. Dear Isma & MasoomBoy,

    Yes, Other than the point of Malayik’s speculative statement as Isma noted, God used the word ‘Jaa-yilun’ in 2:30. Jaa-yilun is from root word ‘ja-a-la’ that can mean ‘to make/appoint/designate’ but not ‘to create’ (Arabic word for ‘to create’ is, ‘kha-la-ka’). So, it is obvious that to make/appoint/designate someone as a Khalifa (Leader), the community (to which he is going to be the Leader) should be already existing.

    Adam being first person to be created, is yet another baseless concept stolen from Christians/Jews.

    Quran doesn’t elaborate on such things, because it doesn’t matter. Quran’s sole purpose is ‘to establish and maintain a strong socioeconomic system of Justice’.


  42. Peace, So is hell literally a place of torment and fire or has that been mistranslated by the religionists?

  43. Peace Brian, I do not know if hell is a physical place or not until I see it. The descriptions of humiliations in the hereafter is enough to convince me about the day of assembly after death. Please read 19:66 to 19:72

  44. Salam aidid, sailor, isma, masoomBoy,
    With ref to 2:30, what i understand so far is that the energies knew the “khalifah” will spread evil and shed blood therein. No one can know the future except God. So it is safe to say that the energies witnessed such evil and bloodshed previously, enough for them to make a forecast to God about what will happen. This previous “evil and bloodshed” that happened may be such a magnitude that the energies remember it vividly, they might have a hand in quelling that unrest. Maybe a feud, a great war, in high society (high heaven?) that happened previously? There might be a clue in 38:67-69.
    Your comments please.

  45. salam diamondjivani,
    with the kind permission of aidid safar, i started a video series on youtube about excerpts from MENTAL BONDAGE. God willing I will cover all aspects of the book. my youtube channel is:

  46. It was an excellent job BoodskapDraer. Visitors can now visit your channel by using the Fav Site on this page. Thank you.

  47. Thanks Brother BoodskapDraer

    may God Bless you for your Efforts. and

    Yes !! Brother Aidid , Glory be to God , for Introducing you to Us in this Life.
    God Bless.

  48. Dear Manicwild,

    Please don’t start worshiping this new Aidi guy. Previously you worshipped Becca. Now you have a new god. Please go and see your doctor. You are obviously manic. I am tired of your antics. To you, your religion. To me, mine. I have surrendered all my pain at your deviant beliefs to Allah. May He guide you.

  49. I like your book on the section about paganism of the Kaaba and no prophet before Muhammad was sent to the Arabs. Do you know what is the consequence of no prophet was sent to Mecca before Muhammad? One have to break the mental bondage in totality from falsehood. You can study more about Quran 29:27 and understand that there is only one bloodline of Prophets. No man can claim prophethood unless he comes from this bloodline mentioned in the Reading at 29:27. PEACE.

  50. And We gave to Him Isaac and Jacob and placed in his descendants prophethood and scripture. And We gave him his reward in this world, and indeed, he is in the Hereafter among the righteous. 2927, hmmm isaac pbuh descendants not Ishmael pbuh

  51. Quran 29:26 (Yusuf Ali) And LOT believed Him, and said: Lo! I am a fugitive unto my Lord.
    Quran 29:27 (Yusuf Ali) And We gave (Abraham) Isaac and Jacob, and ordained among his progeny Prophethood and Revelation, and We granted him his reward in this life; and he was in the Hereafter (of the company) of the Righteous.

    If you read the Arabic Text word-by-word the Word “Abraham” does not exist in Surah 29:27 nor is the word “HIM”. If you read the passage in context or taken in isolation, then “HIM” refers to LOT and not Abraham as the earlier line is about LOT. So it is 100% referring to the Bloodline of ISAAC was given the Prophethood while Ishmael was rejected by GOD vide the Holy Scripture of the Hebrews. Book of Jasher also confirmed that Ishmael was cast out of Abraham’s family upon the demand of Sarah and approval from GOD. So the question is where did the prophethood come to Muhammad suddenly when Ishmael was not a prophet? Who said Ishmael was the forefather of Muhammad when Muhammad declared that no warner has been sent to Arabs? Hence Ishmael was not the forefather of Arabs. Is that precise and clear?

    Quran 34:44 (Pickthal)
    And We have given them no scriptures which they study, nor sent We unto them, before thee, any warner.

    Image of verse in Arabic

  52. Salam,

    I feel and think that this book (Mental Bondage in the Name of God) really give me a wide opening mindset.

    Based on the book, it seems that what we have been doing all these years as a Sunni muslim until now, are so wrong. Well to me personally, using my own brain (as given by God) the book is right to say that the rituals are really pagan in nature. Before I found this book, I already have been thinking that something is not quite right about Sunni teachings. I always argue with my families and teachers on some issues that they themselves cannot answer. So just follow the ulamaks.

    Nevertheless, As Quran says, we must do good deeds to humankind.

    Question : How about arranging the dead bodies to the graveyard? It seems that we follow hadith teachings all these years. In Quran it never tell us step by step guide on how to do this? Maybe anybody can give some explanation on this.

    Well, for Hindus, they burn the dead bodies. For Christians, Jews quite the same as Muslims in terms of dealing with the dead bodies. Maybe in China thay burn the bodies and then put the burned particles in the jar. So all these are based on respective religion.

    Maybe ths can be discussed ……

  53. The Genesis about Adam, and Hawa and the Tree of Knowledge and the Serpent are taken too literally and the allegorical meaning is lost. Kindly detail an interpretation so that we are clearly informed the context in which this was stated.

  54. Peace, rpremkumar2u, I totally agree with you. I note many times when what has been written is taken too literally and the allegorical meaning is lost is due to lazy and shallow thinking. Such thinking seems less prevalent among progressive communties enabling them to propel themselves forward and upwards. Lazy & shallow thinkers are domed to be locked in mediocrity & poverty when they are supposed to be saved by freeing their minds. Such is the curse of the mental bondage upon those who refuse to accept the true message.

  55. hye aidid

    i have read your book and i know its more like advising us to truth. thanks

    103:1-3 (asr)
    By time,
    Indeed, mankind is in loss
    Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

  56. Peace to you Aidid,

    I appreciate your effort to clean up islam. I would suggest you to try more to find the word meanings by testing them in all places they occurr in the Reading.

    If we read:
    (75:19) Then indeed, it will be for Us to explain it. (by-ya-nahu)

    So i think that the best translation method is by the Reading itself.
    If you make an error in a word it won’t match somewhere else.

    I have read in many places that the word “Salat or sol-la” means contact or connect or meeting.
    Try to put this meaning and see if it fits. To me it’s ok.
    Also in 62:9 for the congregation call it fits as a meeting(contact between many people)
    So finally i think that the only duty God asked us is to go to a congregation and speak in moderate voice 17:110 reminding of Him, specific time at noon 17:78.
    Also many places salat does not mean congregation of reminding God. Salat in 4:102 means meeting of people for war.
    Also you said: salat between people- to me means meeting between people.

    I wish you guidance and peace.

  57. I cannot seem to find anything written here on the veil for Muslim women. Any thoughts on this?

  58. Peace Snoopy Jnr. I have a video on that subject. You can watch it at:

  59. ASA, I like the way you explain the True Islam.I just want you to write Allah whenever you are writing instead he or his because its sounds like religious way which Me n u don t believe. I hope u understand what I m trying to tell u we believe one n only The God , Allah, who is not he or she. ALLAH is ALLAH. Thanks. Allah hafiz

  60. It is nice to share our views to strengthen other living souls across the globe with without image worship world population divided birth followed by death is known perhaps deep study may reveal rebirth is possible to some if not to all living souls new born attract many towards it and every one compares the child’s face body to the relatives of the departed souls we need to shape terror less life earth quake serious uncontrollable fever deaths floods draughts un curable human losses on various accountswillswallowsoulswardeatharedraged are multifiedby human egoism certainly creator won’t do this havoc or injustice

  61. Salam, I have just started reading your book, right now I’m reading God is not Arab…the problem I’m facing is the arabic words written e.g you have written badu-naa fil-a’robi 33:20 & 9:97-101 whereas in Quran it is written badu-naa fil-a’rabi next one is 9:99 it is written Sol-laa-waa-tee and in Quran it is as Sal-laa-waa-tee… please tell me if what you means is as what is written in Quran or something else… use of one vowel is changing the word from Sal-laa to Sol-laa because of this it is getting bit confusing

  62. Hadiqatun ka tarjama

  63. insha allah

  64. Greetings everybody. I have read Mental Bondage several times over and I had done due diligence on the contents to the Quran. In conclusion, I totally agree with the book.

    For the zam zam water being an R.O. processed water, that I could not verify. Anyway, it has very little significance to the main theme of the book.

    SALAT just means COMMITMENT and not SPECIFIC COMMITMENT which is accepted by majority of muslims to mean PERFORMING RITUAL WORSHIP FACING THE KAABA. The specific meaning of commitment in a verse depends on what was mentioned in that particular verse.

    Generally, during the time of Moses, the commitment mentioned in the verse relates to the Torah, during the time of Jesus, the commitment mentioned in the verse relates to the Bible and during the time of Muhammad, the commitment mentioned in the verse relates to the Quran. But it was NEVER a specific commitment that relates to RITUAL WORSHIP FACING THE KAABA (the biggest sin as it is BLASPHEMY for associating stone idol with God).

    ZAKAA just means pure
    MASJIDIL just means consented decree
    BAYTA just means God’s system
    TA’BUDU just means serve and not worship

    Abraham was never in Mecca to buiild the kaaba because of surah 34:44 and several other verses.

    According to surah 4:80-82, clearly states that:

    4:80 – follow Muhammad, the Messenger of God, who only follow what was revealed (Quran) to him by God.

    4:81 – There are those who pretend to follow Muhammad the Messenger by following the Quran but secretly did not follow him by not following the Quran.

    4:82 – God says, Why don’t they follow the Quran (refering to those in surh 4:81)? If other than God, there would be many contradictions (such as man-made hadiths)




  65. it makes so much sense to me, answered the questions in my heart, i thank u so much for writing this book.

    plz if u have an urdu translation i can give this book to my family..

    plz help

  66. Salam brother Aidid please please can we have the Quran translation in English on this site

  67. Not a suggestion

    I just wanted to ask your permission if I can print the pdf book on normal printer as few of my friends and family members cannot read from a screen.
    The original printed book is not available in my country


  68. Salaam brother Aidid,
    Just a thought, how about releasing Mental Bondage/ Quran in audio book (English version).

  69. Verses 2:196 to 2:200 are not reffered to in mental bondage while the subject of haj is dealt with.

    What is the significance of 10 days. What is Arafat. What is the sacrifice

    Please share the true meaning of these verses

  70. Salaamun Alaikum brother, Thank you for the great site. I just have a quick question any idea what happened to the real auth Aidid Safar? The reason I ask this is that the short biography on the publisher’s site of the book says that Aidid Safar was born in 1943 that would make him 75 years old in 2018….. and the author says that he intends to release a full translation of the Quran and you seem as you have no interest in doing this which clearly means you are not the real Aidid Safar. Don’t get me wrong you are doing great work but please be honest and confirm whether you are actually the author? and if you are the author when will you be releasing the Literal translation of the Quran like Aidid Safar said in the summary of himself? Peace and blessing of God on you and everyone who is on this path to the truth. Faraaz – Durban, South Africa.

  71. Assalamualaikum
    Dear Sir, kindly upload your owm Translation of Quran that must be pure from any sect.. also Make Android application of your work..
    Allah bless you

  72. Please can you lease release an Audio Book of Mental Bondage.

  73. Aidid is no longer active brothers and sisters. Y’all just have to find your own way.

  74. Salam Aidid.

    I met your book on the recommendation of a user on Twitter. As far as I can see, you are sharing your work for free. I mostly do my readings on my cell phone. As you can appreciate, reading PDF on mobile phone screen is not easy at all. If you don’t mind and if you have it, could you share your document in .epub format? Or if you share it in .doc format, I will convert it to epub format and it will be a much better reading experience on my phone.

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