This book argues that :

  • religion is – of and by itself – a crime
  • the Qur’an calls men not to religion but to live full lives
  • today’s ‘Islam’ is an outgrowth of the pre-Islamic Arab tribal cults
  • while ‘Islam’ is against idolatry the Arabs actually promote it
  • much of the world’s hostility towards ‘Islam’ is justified
  • Interpretations and translations of the Qur’an are designed to protect the Arab tribal cult (see the consequences)
  • Even in this day and age, the iconoclast’s job is far from done

This site built to provide easy reading and discussion about the e-book titled “Mental bondage in the name of God” written by Aidid Safar.

You can download the full PDF (for free) from Aidid Safar where you wil find with few other interesting PDF about Islam.

You can also purchase the published version.

Thank You

mental bondage in the name of god

6 Responses

  1. About Mental Bondage In The Name Of God

  2. Good work, Aidid Safar

  3. Weldone, the world really needs many Aidid Safars

  4. idid Safar and Aastana: NOT Qur’anic Islam
    By:Mubashir, Canada
    Date: Friday, 13 July 2012, 1:21 pm
    Aidid Safar and Aastana: NOT Qur’anic Islam

    In recent years we have seen some serious nonsense being passed off as “Qur’an based Islam”. One of the most egregious is the book “Arab Conspiracies Against the Quran” by Aidid Safar (a pseudonym). He even had a “translation” based on the artificial Arabic he invents in his book. More recently we see “Aastana Research” by Qamar Zaman. Let me make this very simple: 1. Aidid Safar, Qamar Zaman, and those who follow them believe that a historical conspiracy changed the meaning of key Arabic words, and in the process corrupted our understanding of the Quran. 2. For this to be true there would have to be a requisite etymological discontinuity, which we DO NOT find. 3. Thus their conspiracy theory is disproved. To understand the term requisite etymological discontinuity we need to remember that

    1.Arabic existed prior to the revelation of the Quran.
    2.Arabic is connected to and a part of a larger family of languages such as Syriac, Aramaic, Hebrew, and others.
    3.Most Arabic word have their cognates (root relatives) in these other languages
    4.The other languages are interrelated AND HAVE HISTORIES that pre-date the Quran.

    So, let us assume someone in the first century AH decided to change the meaning of a Quranic Arabic word. While such a person or group might – conceivably – be able to ride all over Arabia eliminating evidence of the old meaning, THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO AFFECT OR ERASE the cognates of that word in all of the languages related to Arabic. This failure would leave a set of obvious language breaks between the “revised” Arabic and the rest of the linguistic web to which Arabic belongs. This language break (etymological discontinuity) MUST BE PRESENT for the Aidid Safar / Qamar Zaman hypothesis to be true. It is a prerequisite for any such hypothesis. It is not present. Thus the hypothesis is false.

    G. Waleed Kavalec


  5. Peace and blessing brother Aidid, although I understand that salat is not mentioned in the reading but would appreciate if you could translate Surah 62 verse 9 for me. Kind regard

  6. fantastic points altogether, you simply gained a
    brand new reader. What might you recommend about your publish that you just made some days in the past?
    Any positive?

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