Religion is not from God

The intention of the enemies of all the prophets throughout history has been to deceive the people and to retain power. It is very simple. This is the basis of all the ‘religions’ around the world today. Of course, not everybody in each of these religions is consciously doing this. Many are sincere. However, dupes make the best deceivers because they genuinely believe their own propaganda. At the top levels, the leadership understands the game plan. The Reading describes the existence of human devils and the jinn devil as being the common enemies who will invent and narrate lies to spread falsehood in order to divert people from God’s guidance.

We have appointed for every prophet enemies from among the human devils and jinn devils who will invent and inspire each other fancy words in order to deceive the people. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their invention. (6:112)

If we look around the world today, this verse is particularly relevant to the Jews, the Christians, and the adherents of the Arab religion. Falsehood (based on ‘extra information’) abounds in these religions. It masquerades as the ‘extra’ enlightenment, a helping hand to further explain God’s message – as if God’s message were full of riddles containing hidden meanings. In reality, there is no such thing as the extra explanation or extra enlightenment to God’s Scriptures. If God had wanted to reveal it, it must be in both the Torah and the Reading. Conversely, if it is not mentioned in these Scriptures, it means someone has created a new tradition and added to the words of God.

It is most unwise to heed the ungodly. As has been said before, for those who claim to hold to Islam and believe in God, the Qur’an is the default authority on earth.

The Children of Israel conspired against Moses after God’s Scripture was revealed to him. They abandoned God’s consented decree to follow the religion of Judaism. Moses did not know anything about this Jewish religion. The Jews have written volumes of books for themselves instead of following the Torah alone. The Reading censures this in no uncertain terms:

The example of those who were given the Torah and then failed to study it, is that of a donkey laden with books. Miserable indeed is the example of those who reject God’s revelation. God will not guide the wicked people. (62:5)1

Out of His mercy, God sent Jesus to them to re-establish the original law. However, they could not accept him because doing so would have undermined the foundations of their own power since he was committed to demolishing the religion. In the end, they conspired against him and continued to promote Judaism for themselves while inventing Christianity as a new religion for those not blessed enough to have been born Jewish. Later, God revealed the Scripture to Muhammad. Again, his enemies abandoned God’s decrees to devise the Arab religion.

Obviously, Muhammad did not know anything about Sunnism, Shia, Ahmadiah or Wahabism the religious sects that follow anything and everything under the sun except the Reading. Instead of following the Reading alone, those who claim to be following Muhammad have – like the Jews – written volumes of books and laden themselves down with them. It would seem that the only lesson people learn from history is that people never learn from history.

Today, billions of people are devoting themselves to religions. All religions share common features. Whatever the details, the most important commandments are:

  1. Thou shalt worship.

  2. Thou shalt ritually pray according to thy priest’s teachings.

  3. Thou shalt pay the caretakers of thy religion.

  4. Thou shalt believe that we alone have the Truth.

There will be a mass of further detail, but this takes care of the general landscape.

The Lord of the Universe in His wisdom has warned us about religion and its caretakers. The objective of religion is to cheat people and to divert the innocent from the path of God. All religious teachers share one common aspiration: they espouse a false system and then collect financial tribute from their followers.

O you who believe, the priests and the religious scholars cheat the people out of their money, and they divert everybody from the path of God. (9:34)

As an example, it is very common these days for the funeral rites to cost as much as four or five thousand pounds (depending on the kind of religious experts you engage to perform the rituals). However, these priests and religious scholars cannot guarantee the dead man will get to Heaven (which is, inescapably, the stated objective of all religions). We also see that there is an array of religious rituals for new-born babies, yet our own eyes bear witness that many of these ‘religiously’ blessed babies grow up to become anything. No priest or scholar can guarantee a ‘religiously’ blessed marriage will not end in divorce. Those who follow religion will surely fall prey to the designs of their religious priests on their wealth sooner or later.

People expect value for money. Unfortunately for them, when they follow a religion they are buying a one way ticket to Hell through their religious teachers. There is no such thing as a right religion as far as the Lord of the Universe is concerned. He is not interested in any religion. Rather, He has repeatedly insisted on an orderly way of life based around good deeds.

The Reading gives a simple solution but a forceful message for mankind:

Follow those who do not ask for any wage,2 they are guided. (36:21)

Religion is big business, and people who manage it need not have any specialised skill except to find ways of how to invent lies in the name of God. The Reading says those who collect money in the name of religion are not guided. In many passages of the Reading we are told all bearers of good news who propagated the good values of life declared openly: ‘I do not ask you for any remuneration, my pay comes from the Lord of the Universe3’ (refer to annex). Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and the rest of the messengers said this to the people.

By their actions, the religionists and their scholars do not believe the Reading when it quotes Muhammad correctly where he says:

I have not asked you for any wage, my wage comes from God, He witnesses all things.” (34:47).

Ironically, those in the elite club of the staunchest hypocrites and disbelievers impose the ‘good example of the Prophet’ on everyone themselves do the opposite. That is the reason why the Reading says the priests and religious scholars are cheating the people out of their money. If all people can sincerely consented to the Qur’anic injunction not to follow those who ask you for a wage, surely the shackle that is binding them will be removed instantly. The priests and religious scholars will disappear overnight.

People should focus their full attention on doing good works. Their money and time could be put to better use attending to parents, neighbours, relatives, orphans and the poor, in being humble and speaking and treating people amicably – as the Reading directs. That is what life is about. This is Islam or peacefulness. Islam is not about religion. People are recognised by their deeds, not ‘religious faith’.

1 The Qur’an states that the texts delivered to the Jews and the Christians – the torah and the injeel – are now themselves corrupted, ref, 2:59 and 15:12. God assured His reminder is protected only in its original language (ref 15:9) – not the translations.

2 This is with regards to paying people who claim they can guide others to the path of God. In 42:13 the Qur’an says nobody could bring anyone towards God except God Himself. In 28:56 IT states the Prophet cannot guide those whom he loves including his wife and children.

3 See annex of this chapter.

10 Responses

  1. A good intruding reading there:

    Religion is big business, and people who manage it need not have any specialised skill except to find ways of how to invent lies in the name of God.

    Today, in a sense, no religion on this earth is an exceptionj to this, it seems.

  2. “The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counter intuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what’s true.” – Carl Sagan

  3. But there is dangerous side effect to this idea. There is no doubt that all major religions have been shaped by political and cultural imperatives which have nothing to do with the core message of their prophets. And those ‘additions’ are what have led to most of the pain and suffering generated by religion. However, remove religion from the equation, and those distortions and manipulations will remain intact, unmoderated by of the original precepts of the belief system. This is especially true of Islam. We appear to have reached a tipping point, where the political and cultural objectives of the extremists have come to outweigh the message of salvation and righteousness prescribed by the Prophet in the Qur’an. Muslims now sit upon a razor’s edge, in danger of falling to the wrong side of the blade, where no true religion exists and all that is left are the screamers who exploit the masses to obtain personal gratification in the form of blood-lust and hate. It is as if these leaders suffer from an addiction to power and violence, and their physiological response to killing and maiming their perceived enemies has replaced religious fervor with a new and destructive kind of euphoria.

  4. really i appreciate these topics

  5. Humans do not like to believe that they have been made fools of; well we have been, so perhaps we should deal with it once and for all.

  6. Good morning. Your article is very well written. I enjoy reading it.
    Religion wants POWER and MONEY.
    To me religion wants to control people.
    Write to me.
    Where are you?
    Can I come and visit you?

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  8. Again, another well written article. It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth. Everytime I see a Ustaz talking about religion, I feel disgusted. Many of them ask for payments for the talks. But now we know, guidance is free and easy, it’s more of refraining paganism and coming to the correct logic of things. Thank you.

  9. Religion is quite clearly not from God but from man as it serves man more than God. For example, religion has so many restrictions that are enforced by man which seems ridiculous. Also, there is the absolutely crazy punishment for disbelieving and questioning which surely must be because some person somewhere feels threatened. All these are strong indicators that religions is an invention of man that came after the first messages were revealed.

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