Wildlife conservation becomes pilgrim’s garb

A brief examination of 5:1-5 concludes the following:

  • We are to fulfill our covenant with God so that we do not prohibit any food except that enjoined on us. We are not to permit the hunting of game during the restricted period.
  • We are not to violate God’s decrees (sha’iral-lah) or the restricted months (on hunting), or the guidance (about hunting), or the indicator (on hunting) or the harmony of the sanctions in the system when seeking the grace and pleasure of God. When we are permitted, we may hunt. We are not to be provoked by the enmity of those who would prevent us from upholding the consented decrees sanctioned by God, and we are not to aggress. We are to co-operate with each other in righteous deeds and piety and not to co-operate with those committing sins and aggression.
  • The people asked what was permissible. We are to tell them, “Everything that is good including that which is caught by trained dogs.”
  • Prohibited to us are animals that die by themselves, blood, the decaying meat, and food dedicated to other than God. The prohibition includes animals strangled to death, animals struck dead by an object, animals that have met their death by falling from a height, animals gored to death by predators, food dedicated to idols and food distributed by lots. These are the only restrictions about food sanctioned by God. Those who follow strictly to the limits, they will enjoy peacefulness, and He has called it without imposing more than what He had sanctioned Islam.
  • Lastly, all good food is permitted, including that served by the people of the previous Scripture.

All these five verses are about food, including the meat of wildlife. Performing the pilgrimage or wearing of the pilgrim’s clothing (ihram) is not a food item or related to food. That subject is simply not there at all. How the religionists could squeeze out pilgrimage and a non-existence state of sanctity of wearing a religious garb from these same five verses is an exercise in religious stuntmanship surpassing almost all other religious fakery.