Cleanse the system

Let’s break down the key part of 2:125.

wa-ahidnaa   and We contracted
ibrohima     Abraham
wa-ismael    and Ishmael
an-Tho-hira  to cleanse 
bayti-ya     My system

We can agree with all the translators when they say the word Tho-hira is to cleanse, but it is very difficult to understand why Abraham and Ishmael should clean a physical House.

Of course, today the King of Saudi Arabia (who calls himself Keeper of the Haramain) does clean the stone idol every year on the festival of Eid. He has become God’s janitor or house-cleaner.

In the Reading, Abraham was committed to serving God and he was against all religious and idol-worshipping practices. Tho-hira bayti-ya does not refer to Abraham cleansing a non-existent house. Rather, he was enjoined to cleanse the system from idol-worship. This is why Abraham rightly broke the idols – or to borrow the language of the Reading – he broke the idols with his right hand.