Total freedom

Each individual is given total freedom to choose the path he or she wishes from the day God gives us life until the day He takes it back. It is our right and responsibility to choose wisely. There are two basic options:

  • A way of life for God as ordained by Him (deen-nil-lah), or
  • A way of life which is not for God (Thoghut1)

God does not impose His deen on anyone. He describes the Reading as the criterion between right and wrong. He has said that the Reading is fully detailed and He has not left anything out from it. Strangely, many think of Islam as a religion bereft of choice and full of compulsion. But they are confusing the Arab cult which masquerades as Islam and the guidance outlined in the Reading for a peaceful life. The choice to follow God is completely left to His servants: ‘there is no compulsion’. It is in this spirit that the reader should apply his or her logic and wisdom when discerning whether a particular way of life (deen) is true in origin or not. How you choose will determine whether you travel first class or coach in this life and onward to the life hereafter.

There is no compulsion in the way of life (deen). However, now [the difference] is made clear between right and wrong. Therefore, anyone who rejects the virtual idols (Thoghut) and believes in God, surely they hold to the strongest bond that will not break. God is Hearer, Omniscient. (2:256)

There is no creature on earth nor birds that fly with wings except they are nations just like you. We did not leave anything out of the Scripture. To their Lord they will all return. (6:38)

Those who believe in God and His messenger are called to focus sincerely and consent to God’s prescribed way. The Last Prophet was made to declare:

Say, “My Lord advocates justice. And be upright in your centre of attention by consenting fully, and invoke Him sincerely as a way of life (deen) the same way He created you that you may return.” (7:29)

Whatever good happens to you is from God2. Whatever bad happens to you are the consequences of your own deeds. (4:79)

In other words, whilst a person is given the total freedom of choice in charting their way of life, God stresses the distinction between right and wrong, and there the golden rule applies: God advocates only justice.

1 The word Thoghut means idols. It includes humans 7:194, prophets and messengers 3: 79-80, religious leaders 9:31, imam or mullahs 39:3, the dead 16:20-21, statues 2:93, personal property 18:42, ego 25:43, jinns 6:100 and also by following a religion 30:31-32.

2 The Arab religionists teach their followers everything in life is fated or predetermined by God. When a man jumps from the tenth floor or wraps his body with a bomb – they say it was predetermined by God. There are cases after being caught by the police – they tell the court that it was predetermined by God that the girl was raped. They also say it is predetermined that those who follow them will be poor in this world but they will be rich in the hereafter. It is laso predetermined that those in power in Islamic states including the ayatollahs should stack the oil money in Swiss banks under their personal names.