To readers of translations

For those many who have rejected the Hadith books written by men, this book represents another step in their journey on the path of God.

But the Devil says: ‘I am waiting for them on your Straight Path and I will mislead all of the without exception’. It would be inefficient of him to waste his time waiting for people who are already on the wrong path.

Those who have read the Reading may be able to recall the verse in 7:16-17:-

He (the devil) said, “Since You willed that I go astray, I will always skulk on Your right path to mislead all of them. Then I will come to them from their front, from behind them, from their right and from their left. You will find the majority of them are unappreciative”.

If such people are gratified with what they understand from the translations without any careful study or verification, they are likely to be frozen along with the translator’s personal understanding and beliefs which – as a rule – are taken wholesale from the very Hadith books the reader has rejected.

The only way to know about the true Islam is to read the Reading in its purity and use it as the criterion to judge the religionist’s teachings. Do your own research to discover the distortions in the translations and put your trust in God. He is our only protector.

Do not accept anything that you yourself cannot ascertain. Your hearing, eyesight, and your heart each of them will be questioned about it. (17: 36)

Thus, if you are unable to verify, stay away from organised religion. Live a full life. The moral rule to attain a peaceful life in this world is to believe with the unseen God and be an upright person for your own good. To qualify, all we need to do is to be observant of the natural laws, lead a virtuous life by doing good deeds and do what is obvious as a normal human being. God created men and women with basic instinct to understand what is good or bad. When He says ‘honour your parents’, we don’t need any rabbis, priests, monks, or mullahs to tell us how to honour our own parents.

Lastly, ‘The God our Lord needs no one‘ – including the rabbis, pope, ayatollahs, priests, monks, mullahs, theologians or religious scholars, saints, and spiritual leaders who think they know what God wants. These are names that we have invented – our forefathers and us. These names are clusters of walking time bombs – ready to explode at anytime or place. They follow nothing except conjecture and their own opinions about the one God. God never placed any power in them. It is people who make them what – and who they are. If we exercise our right to put them in power – they will remove our right instantly – then say – “if you speak against us you are an apostate”, or “you are an infidel”, or “you are doomed“, and render you to be stoned to death by a true believer.

Thus, we need only God – not morons. Is God alone worthy to be followed or these earthly gods who need the guidance themselves?

Think about this carefully. Why should we be a member of any organised religion when we can be what – and who we want to be – by ourselves? What if you a peaceful man or woman who is truthful, kind, caring, sincere, humble, compassionate, charitable, steadfast, and loving individual – does it matter to God if you are NOT a member any of these clubs? Must you call yourself a Muslim or a Jew, a Hindu or a Christian, a Buddhist or a Bahai?

When we reject these earthly lords – are we rejecting GOD? Not at all! We have made the best decision in our life to severe the relationship with these flagitious gods and return to the true God who created us. We have more reasons to believe in Him as it opens the possibility of His system playing a role in our life. He promised that if we believe in Him alone and be committed to do good deeds and uphold our obligations sincerely, He will liberate us (men and women) as frontiers of peace on earth and endows us the ‘Peacefulness’.

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  1. An arrogant piece of writing that challenges the pillars of Islamic religion.

    I applaud you Aidid! Bravo!! Bravo!! If this book doesn’t make one stop and think I don’t think anything will.

    I particularly like all the challenges that you issued to the “priests” of all religions and the advice “Do something useful for once!” How deliciously arrogant!

  2. Khalid, I am saying it again, your religious belief is not found in the Quran – including your “Pillars or Islamic religion”.

    The Islamic “priests” are the source of corruptions. God called them dogs, donkey, and liars – and you should continue to serve them – at least it makes my book relevant.

  3. Why was the Quran translation cut short on Aidid Safar’s website? Will it be completed? It will be a shame if it is not.


  4. “Are they waiting for the full interpretation thereof? The day its full “interpretation” comes, those who had ignored it from before would say, “Indeed, the messengers of our Lord have brought with the truth. Thus, can we find intercessors to intercede for us? Or, can we return to do a different deeds than the deeds we used to do? Indeed, they have lost their souls and their own inventions did not help them.” (7:53)

  5. (7:50-52) The dwellers of Jahannam will say to the dwellers of Jannat “Give us something of the life-giving resources or the provisions bestowed on you by Allah.” They will reply: “Allah has made these things Har’am for the K’afireen – who made their Deen into a play and a pastime and who were deluded by the attractions of physical life. They rejected Allah’s laws and did not reflect seriously on the fact that one day they would have to confront the consequences of their deeds. That is why they have been deprived of Allah’s blessings. We had given them a Book clearly explaining Our Laws which was a blessing and Rahmat for those who believed in it. But they rejected it.”
    (7:53) The fact that they do not believe means that they are waiting for the consequences of their deeds to come before them in visible form. When the concrete results of their deeds come before them they will cry out in despair: “Allah’s Rusul did come to us and warn us. But we did not take them seriously. Are there any intercessors who will intercede on our behalf? Or is it possible that we may be sent back to act differently from the way we acted in our earlier life?” This will not be possible. They had earned this ruin for themselves. They have been forsaken by whatever they had fabricated.

    It’s still a shame some fantastic work is not completed. Thank you for pointing out the verses.


  6. Noah’s message to his people:

    “You shall not “Serve” except God (11:26) and he said, “I have proof from my Lord” (11:28) – and he don’t have to reveal the proofs to them. Perhaps that’s the reason his people refused to believe him. Noah however, never felt ashamed…….. when his people were drowned.

    Hood’s only message to his people:

    “O my people, serve God. You have no other god besdies Him. You are only inventing (11:50) – and the people knew he cannot produce any proof – and for that they have prefered the idols they invented (11:53) Hood never felt ashamed……… when God wiped out his people.

    Saalih’s message to his people:

    “O my people, serve God, you have no other god besides Him – because He is the One who initiated you from the earth and settle you therein. Ask forgiveness for your idol-worship and repent” (11:61) – Saalih had only one proof from God…. “a camel” – and that was not good enough for his people to repent – they needed more than a camel. When his people were punished by God – Saalih never felt ashamed………

    Shuib’s message to his people:

    “O my people, serve God alone, you have no other god besides Him, and do not cheat when you measure or weigh. Give full measure and full weigh, equitably. Do not cheat the people out of their things, and do not corrupt the earth” (11″84-85).

    Shuib did not recite or translate God’s scripture – he reminded his people by his wisdom and commitments of good deeds.

    When the people refused to repent and reform God punished them …… and Shuib never felt ashamed…….

    Moses showed only few signs to Pharaoh (11:96) – but when God drowned him because of his disbelieve – Moses did not regret or felt ashamed.

    Aidid Safar will not be ashamed if the people refuse to repent and to reform after reading his “incomplete translations”. But he knows many civilizations were annihilated in the past because they rejected the truth.

    Surely the hour is coming – sooner than we think.

    Our modern technology is helping us to see the signs and they can be in our area at anytime – while we are playing or asleep:

    God is able to pour upon mankind the retributions from above them and from beneath their feet – and He has allowed the people to divide themselves into different religions so that they suffer the tyranny of one another.

  7. Selam brother

    Thank you for the verses. What I get from this is our actions and deeds is what matters rather than rituals. I believe Aidid Safar’s work is extremely valuable to this world inorder for people to reform. As you said it is not however, his fault if they don’t. May Allah bless you all with long life and health so you can continue the good work.


  8. all what you write, that is what i’m thinking since long time ago but i afraid to question it.

    in my country(malaysia), it is very sensitive to discuss about any religion or faith openly especially Islam. Majority of muslim here are learned Islam by the wrong way. they believed blindly without studies. they believe just b’cos the religionist scared them. the malay religionist learned from other religionist and their too learned from forefathers and so on whose are arab religionist.

    religion(Islam) became tool of politicians in malaysia. what you said about religionist, that’s right. they use religion to acheive their political will. bot side either the ruler or opposition.

    What you wrote about sol-la( ritual pray), I have not do it since few years ago.

    sorry for my broken english but can suggest me what al-quran with english tranlation you used so i can get it for my further studies about the real Islam or way of life by god.

    thanks for your time. i feel better since 2 days ago reading all your writing here.

  9. Salamun Alikum Br Syafiq.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. If you put your trust in God He will strengthen you belief no matter where you live.

    I know it is not easy to discuss about you belief in a country where the majority of the population are Muslims – but I know in Malaysia you can discuss with many people in your languange here: or

    Perhaps you can ask the members in these forums to suggest a good translation for you.

  10. Salam

    The forum has moved to

  11. Thank you Sir

  12. peace be upon you too

    thanks…im not alone. remember my name Aidid. i have something to reveal to the world. but it takes time. i believe God creates science but man invent religions. it makes sense now what i think about cosmology.

    The Last Frontier is coming.

    i never believe how the Moon can be separated become 2 to hands of muhammad claimed by some hadith.

    when i was 13 i study at religious school. my religiuos teacher states that any muslim who believed apollo 11 landing are syirik because Moon is the 7th sky, only muhammad ever reached that far during israq mikraj. so i say that means Allah live at Mars. he slaped my face.

    my religious teacher also said that the western kafir build the fake bones of dinosaurs to confuse Muslims( arab religion followers). dinosaurs never mentioned in Al Quran. its very funny how the the religionist cover up their stupidity. this is the real mentality of arabs. but it get worse when their spread ‘Islam’ to my forefathers about few hundred years ago.

    i just solved the last puzzle. thanks for the links. but can you give me any blog, websites or forums in english?

  13. I know quite a few blogs in English – but they are in dispute among themselves and many behave as if each one of them wants to receive the scripture individually. Among the many I find the member at are discussing about the Quran in an orderly manner. I believe the blog is in India. However, there is nothing like learning from the Quran by yourself and let God be your only “Teacher”.

    Learn from the Quran that no one can guide anybody except God – only He knows best who has strayed from His path – and He knows best who are the guided ones. In our journey to His path always pray to Him to increase our knowledge – and once we get some of the knowledge from Him we must have the strength to uphold it (20:112-115).

    Do not get involved in dispute with anyone about God’s revelations – and that is exactly what is happening in most blogs.

  14. I agree with Aidid’s point above about not getting into dispute about God’s revelations.And I suspect its because there may be a clash of egos among certain people.

    I agree that the best thing you can do is study the Quran for yourself to discover the truth. I have learnt a lot over the past three years since I started along this path, and I am still continuing to learn. This is better than being a slave to peoples translations/interpretations. Just figure things out for yourself to the best of your ability. You may not end up agreeing with other peoples interpretations, but at least you will not be blamed for following them blindly without thinking for yourself.

  15. I concur with you Faisal. Those who truly believe in God and the hereafter need to pray for God’s blessing to give them the knowledge and wisdom so that He guides them – NOT through others who need the guidance themselves.

  16. I have read your translation of the first two Suras.

  17. Salam Aidid. I have been reading your writings off and on since being directed to this site from Malaysia Today. Indeed, I am in agreement with the thinking that it is only what you do and not the rituals that you carry out that make a difference. I am an environmentalist at heart and believe we are to serve God by being good stewards of this planet which is truly a miracle that it exists at all in such a condition that is so very conducive for our life. The extremists who kill each other for being different in their thinking about religion have totally lost their minds and are blind to why they are on this planet. Perhaps they should go to some distant corner somewhere and find the quickest exit from this plane.

  18. Salam to you Isma, thank you for your comment. As for the extremists don’t worry about them because this is what the Quran teaches us:

    “O you who believe, you shall worry only about yourselves, you are not harmed by those who go astray so long as you are guided. To God is the ultimate return all of you – then He will inform you of everything you did.” (5:105)

    Your question: “Where is Aidid from anyway?”. My answer is simple. Aidid Safar is not important and there are many of them around the world. You too can be Aidid Safar.

  19. Salam Aidid,
    An individual Muslim own a Quran. That Quran is for you and have no bearing to next to you. Even its the same Quran. It guide your life on this planet as God command you saperately. You control your own life and not others. Quran is your personal divine guideline in this God Kingdom. Cherish BISMIMILLAH HIRRAHMAN NIRRAHIM and you will understand and shall be understand.

  20. Thank you for your observation Al-Patih.

    “Proofs have come to you from your Lord: If anyone sees – it will for his own good – and if anyone turns blind – it will be to his detriment; I am not a guardian over you.” (6:104)

    “We thus explain the revelations to let them know what you have learned. We clarify the revelations for those who know.” (6:105)

    “You shall follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. There is no god except He. And disregard the idol-worshipers.” (6:106)

  21. Salam Aidid,

    Agreed with you and to varify further.

    Alif, Lam, Meem.(2:1)

    This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah (2:2)

    And who believe in what has been revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what was revealed before you, and of the Hereafter they are certain [in faith]. (2:4)

  22. Salam Aidid,

    I have read your book, Mental Bondage more than once. I sit down and think. I have visited other God only websites with great interest, but your book is very thought provoking.

    It seems that this book settle my thinking of something not right in “Islamic teachings” all these years.

    I really support your effort to re-evaluate our perspective of Al-Quran message.

    I have one question, just to get your opinion.

    1. Solat, as per your opinion, is actually a pure commitment, and not 5 times daily prayer as per traditionalist teachings. But, I have known some people (I mean good people), who have ability to heal patients, sickness, throw out genies from the patients body. This people, read some verses from Al-Quram and perform solat hajat and few days of fasting. The patient relly heals and back to normal.
    In this case, do you think their success is not because of their solat and fasting?

    Hope have some opinion from you.


  23. Salam to you Ihsan, many Christian priests can cure chronic cases in front of a large audience. I see them performing on the religious TV network everyday.

    Perhaps they have a better formula than those who perform the special pyayers and fasting. Ironically, when they get sick – they never consult another priest.

  24. Salam Aidid,

    Yes, it’s true.

    Maybe we always see on the wrong side of all these phenomena. What we see as something magical, but it’s only the happening of science or scientific in nature and these science are actually power from Almighty God even to micro or nano level. Sadly that we interpret it wrongly or we still not yet have the right technology to discover it.

    God gives technology to human beings from time to time. Example, as what what people thing it’s strange for the past hundreds of years ago, but becomes normal in this 21st century.

    The more we think and understand science in correct way as what Quran says, the more we feel the power of Almighty God, but the more we submit ourselves to the imams or priests, the farther we are from God.

  25. Salam to Ihsan & others,

    I can put 400 books into my pocket. Do you believe it? How I do this? Did I use some magic or adacabra?

    Actually I bought some e-books (electronic book) from and save it on my kindle (some electronic device to read e-books). Wherever I go, whatever I do and whenever the time, I bring it along with me, so I can always read one of my 400 books.

    (Most of my e-books I got freely from internet included Aidid’s books)

    Do you believe the water (H2O) can be transformed to fire/flame? Ask NASA. How their space shuttle works? When I ask same question to some ‘religion experts’ their answered only GOD can do this. They never learn water electrolysis.

    God teaches and motivate us to design a concept of vehicle into outerspace. But the arabs never invent even a rocket to replying God’s challenge although the Quran is written in their language.

    Try to ask to imams, ulama’ s or Arab religionist, which direction should we point to perform ritual prayer when we step our foot on the Lunar surface?

  26. Salam Syafiq,

    The problem in the so called Muslim world today, is none other than very poor misinterpretation of the Quran. We are very poor in almost everything. Economy, politics and science and technology.
    While others, do research and race to outer space, we were given promise to paradise if we bomb the so called infidels. Very sad situation indeed. Even this crazy people even bomb and killed their own fellow countrymen in the fish market. Others invent everything. We cannot invent our own bicycle. We cannot even create Twitter or Facebook.

    We don’t say Western countries are 100 percent perfect. It’s not about muslim or non muslim. It’s just that we “Muslims” never knew exactly what Quran means. The most basic that we knew, is if we read the Quran (whether we understand or not), we will get reward. That’s all. Not necessary to know what’s the meaning. Anything ask the imam or traditionalist ulamak. Even among ulamaks, there is never the same fatwa. Very contradiction with each other. Ulamak A said this. Ulamak B said that.

    We never care to dig deep inside the meaning of the Quran. We failed to grasp the true message of the Quran in every aspect, be it life, philosophy, politics, economy, science or even metaphysics.

    From my point of view, Aidid Safar has done a very great job and research in his effort to find the true path.

    While we should put Quran as highest priority in our daily lives every minute by minute in true sense and meaning, this traditionalist imam put Quran just as needed at certain time, certain period and certain ritual activities. That’s why their ‘dust’ of mindset put Quran eventually as an archaeological artificact.

    Aidid Safar’s effort is to wipe out the dust of their mindset, and put Quran in the highest order and level in the society.

    Nevertheless, my opinion is, not to depend/rely on Aidid Safar’s effort alone. I believe brothers and sisters, we all have the capability to extend the path/route beyond his effort, if we put a bit of extra effort to dig or dive deep into the oceans of Quranic horizon and find the pearls of knowledge.

    Quran is really an open system for humankind, not the so called “hadeeth” that makes our lives more difficult and very stressfull. See what happens in the Muslim world today. History speaks for itself.

  27. Thank you Br. Ihsan and Syafik for the comments. It was decreed that the majority of people no matter what you do – will not believe. But we must continue to strive in our own way to create the awareness.

    As for those who truly believe in the hereafter, God will make their chest wide open to the true “Peacefulness” or “Islam” because they are willing to follow the guidance from their Lord. But to those whose hearts are hardened against the message of God – it will be too late for them to discover they were in total loss.

    My book could not have been successful if not for the insight understanding of the Quran by some of my friends. It is wrong to think that the author of “Mental Bondage in the name of God” knows everything about God’s Book – he is still learning and always will.

    “Most exalted is God – The most Powerful”. And do not hasten with the Reading before the inspiration is made clear to you – and say – “My Lord, increase my knowledge.” (20:114)

  28. Not only it work for space shuttle, someone, invented to do welding in US. Mine you, Prophet Zulkarnian and Daud had done it. But then, this ancient technolgy were buried or loss somewhere. Due to some smart Arab prefer the 500,000 hadis, hard disc, floppy dis or slip dis then Quran. Sigh.

  29. Salam,

    When Almighty God planned for Adam to become a leader on Planet Earth, other beings such as Malaikah protest. They said, there will be killings on the Planet Earth. This means that, there are humans before Adam. **** Note : Adam is not the first human being created *****

    When the Malaikah protest, they don’t mean killings of either dinosaurs or mammoths or other beasts. What they mean is humans. Humans already exists during Adam’s lifetime and before, but they might be less intelligent. They are scattered throught the universe.

    Almighty God Knows everything. He had given Adam knowledge. So meaning that Adam is a very intelligent man from other Planet and ready to dominate the Planet Earth.

    The Malaikah became humble and accept God’s commandment, except Iblis. Iblis is very arrogant beings as he feels his characteristics are of higher level than Adam.

    But, Adam as the intelligent human being, was ready to rule the earth and use it’s resources and the last human being before the saah comes.

    So as we read in Quran, God test whether we are truly humans by serving God and we must pass the exam as human, else if failed we will only become stone or rocks with our soul trapped in world of hell in the hereafter and crying with pain forever.

    For those who serve God well enough on Planet Earth, in the hereafter, or after the whole universe is renovated by God and replaced with new worlds or universe, then whoever pass the exam, the souls will be created into human beings of higher level and higher intelligent. Everything is in neutral state with no problem of sickness, old age and other negative aspects.

    We will be the in very sophisticated environment forever. God promise that in Quran.

  30. Salam,

    God gave us freedom of choice so we wouldn’t call him some controlling dictator. The reason the Devil fell (whom we call Satan in today’s culture) was because he didn’t like that God had control.

    Satan wanted complete power himself so he rebelled thinking he would beat God in some way, shape or form. God created us because, well, one He loved us and two because He wanted to give us the option to follow or not. If He intervened we would hate him.

    The life given to us for this moment is about of choice. We can choose either God’s path or Satan’s path.

    If we follow the Quran 100%, we always follow God’s path. Talking about prophet knowledges, I do believe King Solomon learned from The One God to invented some advanced technology to reach any places; supersonic turbofan jet (Quran, 38:36).

    But the different is King Solomon use it for his reign not for commercial airliners as Boeing and Airbus are doing today. Once again, the arabs, ulama’s, scholars, and ‘religion expert’ failed to discover the real meaning of 38:36. And right now, their are so busy with ‘hadeeths’ that have no value of knowledge for human sake.

  31. Sorry, not different but difference.

  32. Assalamu’alaikum dear Brothers,

    I am sooooo happy to find this blog.

    Brother Aidid, I am especially grateful that I found your book “Mental Bondage”.

    Thank you for shedding light for all of us who are ready to hear the truth.

    God bless you forever and ever …

    I will probably write more later … for now, just let me bask in my appreciation of the “good news” you have brought about the suffocating religion I’ve been brought up in.

    Thank you.

  33. Salam to you Rania,

    Thank you for your good words. Mental Bondage is only the beginning of “Islah” for the enslaved muslims around the world. But if they refuse to think outside the box – it is only for their own detriment.

  34. I thought the description used by Rania about our religion being ‘suffocating’ was most apt. Hits the nail squarely on the head!

  35. Bro Aidid, first and foremost, thank you for the enlightening work you have shared. I find it very appealing against what i’ve learned thus far. I do have a question along with this mail. I noted that you answered one of the mails in the following “I concur with you Faisal. Those who truly believe in God and the hereafter need to pray for God’s blessing to give them the knowledge …”. May i know in what context (and how) did you mean by ‘pray’?

  36. How do you pray when you invoke God to say the following:

    “My Lord, increase my knowledge.” (20:114)

    Please look at the example of those people who possess intelligence:

    “In the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for those who possess intelligence – who commemorate God while standing up, sitting down, and lying on their side. They reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth. They say, “Our Lord, You did not create all this in vain: glory be to You: so spare us the agone of hell.” (3:190-191)

    The prayer continues to 3:194 and their Lord responds in 3:195.

  37. You know, i have once, been rejecting hadith. I’ve been searching for truth too. For years now. I questioned all the practices that my people’ve been doing over time. And I found out that they’re just following what their former did. It’s just the tradition that should not be included in religion. Even Muhammad (p.b.u.h) too warns about who invent practices not from him:

    Had told us Adam bin Abu Lyas, had told us Syu’bah, had told us Amru bin Murrah, I heard Murrah Al-Hamdani said, Abdullah said: “The best word is kitabullah and the best guidance is Muhammad shallAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam, and evil acts is new things, “then he is quoting: ‘(What is promised to you will surely come)’ (Surat al-An’am: 134).
    Shahih bukhari No. 6735 (lidwa numbering)

    Now please answer me if you’re on the way of Truth:
    1. There will be many peoples visiting your blog everyday/month. They’ll be realized themselves, and they felt free escaping the “mental bondage” of which they didn’t need to pray 5 times a day anymore, because they can pray whenever they want. Let say if some of them didn’t pray anymore. Some of them keep listen to the flow of the world. Some of them made hedonism as a part of their life. And some of them never bow or prostrate to Him anymore to glorify Him. How can you yourself sure by freeing them from the so called “mental bondage”, could lead them to a better creation? Do you expect them to bow and prostrate by reading quran themselves? Do you expect all of them to be as better as yours? How if they interpret the quran different than yours? who is the man firstly responsible ‘freeing’ him and didn’t teach him anymore?

    2. You knew that quran was revealed by God to Muhammad. I read from your follower blog of how he wrote and slander, most of Muhammad’s companion was unfaithful based on [36:1-7]. Did you even know who’s the one that compiled quran? is it Muhammad? No! it’s his companions ordered by abu bakr and finalized by uthman (God bless them)! So, how can you be sure that what are you reading today is God’s Word revealed to Muhammad if you yourself rejected his companion? (tell me if am wrong) Yeah, you can always use [15:9] as how we too use it to protect it’s authority. Tell me you’re not slandering his companion, because if you too do, then should you know that most of quranic verse was memorized by his companion and all written over separate pieces, scrapes of leather, thin flat stones, leaflets, palm branches, shoulder blades, etc. You too know that Muhammad was an unlettered (ummi) [7:158]. Do you think quran straight revealed down as a book?

    3. If you successfully brought happiness to people by freeing them from the so called “mental bondage”, how can you be sure that it’s their true happiness? even got a new car is also happiness, new life is also happiness, even they felt happy because they didn’t need to bow and prostrate anymore? You too know that we human aren’t noble except just for the best of stature [95:4]. How can you make yourself sure that your follower can bow and prostrate to Him to glorify Him? Can’t you see how the other creation all bow and obey to Him and His Order?

    Can’t you see yourself how your follower on the top comment talk about nonsense and full of materials. And didn’t quran really teach them of how this worldly life is just an amusement ? [6:32] Didn’t quran teach them about how chasing all this worldly life is nothing for the afterlife?

    In Islam we mustn’t follow the faith blindly. I taught myself that from [17:36]. I too believe that religion is man-made but it must be based on Al-Quran and As-Sunnah. Without religion, who’s then to guide billions to bow and prostrate to Him? Do you expect through all this century, they themselves read quran and taught themselves? Even God Himself told that He approved Islam as a religion [5:3].

    Just because you didn’t learn the science of Hadith, shouldn’t mean that you want everyone to reject it. Even Imam syafi’e himself made a claim: “When you found something in my book which is different with Hadith, then, hold that hadith and leave my opinions.” (an-Nawawi, al-Majmu’ Syarah al-Muhazzab, [1/63]).

    If you think we worship ka’bah, then how did even on our rug got a picture of ka’bah and we can still step on it? Because simply we didn’t worship it, but God! But all you do is just putting assumption, doubt and interpretation so that people can follow their own heart!!! If you believe in Satan existence, would you happy if your follower tend to be less pray to Him anymore?

    And answer me if you think you are on the way of Truth!!!

  38. Bro Aidid, after understanding (hopefully) the message, where does it go from here? I think you need to further expound on how we should lead our daily affairs (another book maybe). For example, do we now still ‘mengucap’ the syaadah (as how it has been pratices/trained) in its full length ‘No God other than God and Muhammad is the messenger of God’ or should it be just, No other God than God? How about more understanding on the practices of ‘tahlil’, the current practice of marriage (solemnisation process), religious gathering (what is best for us to do), etc. I’m referring to the everyday activities besides striving to be a good person and contributing to society

    Again, in another comment by a reader, it is well and good that we release ourselves from the mental bondage but i think, it doesnt stop here. For society to flourish and continue to interact, more guidelines would be helpful..

  39. When people are so used to ask their mullahs what and how they should conduct their daily live – they will freeze when you tell them to stand on their own feet.

    I am not a mullah – so I cannot solve your problem. And I am not going to tell anybody what they can or cannot do.

  40. From my point of view, it appears to be a trend that when someone with a clearer view than others speaks his mind, that person becomes a leader that others look to. I observe this was a risk the prophets through the ages went through. People elevate them to a higher status and some regard them as holy. There is a tendency to stop thinking for themselves because they found someone with a better mind than their own. The best will take on the challenge to think for themselves and strike out on their own to carve their own paths armed with strong self belief and confidence. At the risk of advocating heresy, I read that Buddha stressed confidence as a critical achievement for those seeking truth and happiness.

  41. Yes Isma, confidence is important …. Quran mesage is very crystal clear enough. but still some people just can’t believe it is the only LAST message from GOD.

    it’s simple. if God say this and that in Quran, that’s it. No objection. but if we “dare” to say some thing that God never mention, and we say that it’s God’s command and put it in our daily rituals as submission to God, that is why we see nothing but full of confusion and frustration among muslims, even though we have volumes and volumes of books of religion. We always here “is this really islamic… that thing confirm islamic principles……how do i pray daily? how do i pray in space?”

    So God already give us Quran as guideline and we are suppose to read and think about His message. God never make Quran as something that make humans confuse each day. Quran is for everybody, every human on this planet earth regardless of their beliefs. Not only for muslim. If we put Quran lower than other man made kitab, then other people start to burn and hate Quran. It is not Quran that matters, it is our behaviour towards Quran.

    These are facts we see today in or muslim world.

  42. okay then. Do whatever you want as long as you didn’t make any accusation or big assumption toward other believer. I’ve got no more offense than that. If you accuse people for putting Quran lower than other book, then I hope you know that you’re wrong.

  43. In the debate about this matter in academic line, there is no such thing as word “accuse” others or accusation or assumption to others. No such thing as who is wrong and who is right.

    Historically can you say “This ulamak accused other ulamak ….”
    or can you say ” … Albert Einstien accused the theory of universe is static…”

    In the above post you said ” I questioned all the practices that my people’ve been doing over time. And I found out that they’re just following what their former did. It’s just the tradition that should not be included in religion. ”

    and then you said ” There will be many peoples visiting your blog everyday/month. They’ll be realized themselves, and they felt free escaping the “mental bondage” of which they didn’t need to pray 5 times a day anymore, because they can pray whenever they want. Let say if some of them didn’t pray anymore…”

    you said again ” But all you do is just putting assumption, doubt and interpretation so that people can follow their own heart!!! If you believe in Satan existence, would you happy if your follower tend to be less pray to Him anymore?…”

    you said ” Can’t you see yourself how your follower on the top comment talk about nonsense and full of materials…” (Who is nonsense?”

    last you said ” In Islam we musn’t follow the faith blindly….” (Then who is actually blind in your mind?)

    Well… do you think you yourself “accused” others especially Aidid Safar and others blind and nonsense? ….. or just your argument?

    In this open debate can we say ‘accuse’ as the last line of defense?

    I don’t think the Professors will say this student accused other student’s thinking and make him fail in his exam due to accusation….

  44. accusing other believer as stone worshipper.

  45. Newrehmi,

    Not only worshipping stone but also gold, silver and bronze. The earth is not flat.

  46. Newrehmi

    Kaabah is man made. Don’t you realise, when you bow and prostrate, you are bowing and prostrating to Earth! GOD creation.

  47. How are we muslims going to save the world if we find it so difficult trying to save ourselves? I salute Aidid for showing a (or more correctly to say ‘the’) way.

  48. Salaamun Alaikum guys;
    Indeed the Quran= e Best HADITHS=e Best TAFSIR=e Best STORIES…GOD commanded us to use IT as a judge..n HE detailed ALL,COMPLETE, n HE left NOTHING behind…so if its NOT mention(esp Rituals) then one have to ask oneself..where’s that PRE-definations/teachings comes frm: obviously frm our early age learning/brainwashed by our self claimed our parents/forefathers…e Quran is for us to e language dat one understand,for us to learn,verify,think,examine,relect,study at’s one best capability..If GOD permits,HE’ll guide,chose,explain,teach n HE will make it clear,for those servants whom have trust/believing in HIM w Certainty whilst SERVING HIM alone…HE did not create us except to SERVE HIM..n “We did not send any Messanger before you EXCEPT that We inspired him that; there is NO GOD but ME,so serve ME”(21:25)…Serve GOD,that is the Straight Path!!…all the previous messangers served ONLY GOD,e ONE unseen GOD dat created EVERYTHING on earth n in e heavens. Individual is guided for Oneself, and individual is NOT a guardian/sponsor over any one,thus individual Will go back to HIM alone when the Saat comes…to be able to stand alone w GOD alone and to feel at Peace,dat is my personal best feeling by HIS permission…IF HE permits to be able to do this,learn more,do more,abstain more in my servitude for GOD.
    Thanked GOD,by HIS mercy and permission,abled to meet you pak man last few yrs back…tks for sharing/exchanging your

  49. That Pre-definations/understandings, e “picture” that we have in our mind is Pre-programmed and being thought as the way we are brought up in our early days of learning frm our forefathers.And we assumed is to be e truth without us actually asking,questioning,reflecting,pondering,and more often; we Never use our intellectual minds,our common sence! Worst of never judge by e Quran that MOST claimed to believe but in matter of fact..we never believe.We just accept is as e truth(e teachings of our forefathers or claimed leaders) whereas it is NOT cos also e Devil definately will make it “pleasing” and make it appear to be e Truth and he adorned our works.Few of this example(6;43/8;48/10;12/29;38)…then all these good works etc will be Wasted/Nullified as MOST set-up partners(2;217/3;22/5;53/6;88/7;147) and many more examples in e Quran itself.
    One have to Reflect and verify w e Quran,prior to that: Empty that Predefinationed mind and come in as “zero” then GOD permits HE’ll make it clear,start afresh, clear that mental blockage. If the glass is already full,one can never pour more liquid into it,dont mix e liquid though: EMPTY it first..then e taste will be different GOD permits.
    Is all abt that INDIVIDUAL and GOD alone: even if there’s Differences in understanding: its ok…cos if GOD will HE cud guide ALL, if GOD will,HE indeed cud make it one nation…but its not e case..have NO fear w e rest of e humans,have FEAR only w HIM,and put ur TRUST w HIM alone…individual save our individual soul,cos one cud NOT guide even their loved ones.All power belongs w HIM alone and HE’s e ONE that Judges us,NOT humans.
    Peace be upon you guys.
    Praise be w GOD,LORD of the well informed.

  50. Dear Aidid
    I just came across your book a month ago. I totally agree with the contents. For many years I defy the teachings of the religionist thru my logical thinking. However thru you, I am provided with evidences from the Quran to support my logic. Thank you Sir.

    In your concluding presentation, our duty is to ” FIND THE PATH TO THE SYSTEM…….”. Would you like to share that with me, please?

  51. Salam Musafir, the literal meaning of chapter 3 verse 96-97:

    Surely the initial (first) system (bai-tin) was established for humanity – the one with convictions (bi-bakata) it was blessed, and a guidance for the world. (3:96) In it, there are profound signs about the status of Ibrahim. And whoever enters (or subsscribes) to it – he is secured. And it is for Allah – over the people to take the challenge (Haj-ju) to the system those who are capable finding towards it the ways. And whoever disbelieve – thus – surely God is in abundance from the universe.” (3:97)

    The message is simple. The system is for those with convictions. The system is blessed and it provides guidance. In this guidance we will find the clear signs about Ibrahim’s status (he was made the Imam for all mankind (2:124-131). Then Ibrahim together with his son, Ismail purified God’s system for those who are dedicated, and humbling themselves consentingly.

    Whoever enters or subscribes to this system they are guaranteed of security. It is the duty for mankind irrespective of their color or race to take the challenge to find their way to this system. If anyone disbelieves – God couldn’t care less.

  52. ……. to take the challenge to find their WAY to this system. Thanks for sharing Aidid. End of conversation. Now, how do i go about to put a big smiley here?

  53. Salam..
    Kalau ikut kisah Nabi Nuh.. orang yang akan selamat dari bencana adalah orang yang naik bahtera/sistem.. yang lain semua akan tenggelam/binasa/sengsara.. sama ada mereka sedar atau tidak..
    bila ajal/ketetapan tiba.. kematian/bencana/hisab..

  54. SALAM DEAR Newrehmi, as you said:

    “Even Imam syafi’e himself made a claim: “When you found something in my book which is different with Hadith, then, hold that hadith and leave my opinions.” (an-Nawawi, al-Majmu’ Syarah al-Muhazzab, [1/63]).

    but Allah (swt) says:
    “In which hadith after this will they believe?” (7:185).

    “What is wrong with you? How do you judge? Do you have another book which you study?” (68:35-36).

    “Is it not enough for them that We have sent down unto thee the Scripture which is read unto them? Lo! herein verily is mercy, and a reminder for folk who believe..” (29:51)

    “Shall I seek other than God as a source of law and judgment when He is the One who has sent down the Book to you in detail?” (6:114).

    “And be steadfast in the commitments because it stops from lewdness and evil.” (Quran 29:45)

    thats all it is….

    Ya Ilahal kawni ya sanadi…
    O Lord of the Universe, You are my support…

  55. Outstanding! This is a breath of fresh air for anyone who reads this piece. I came to this conclusion nearly ten years ago after learning how to read the Quran in Arabic. It was then that I discovered the Holy Scripture stands alone and needs no assistance for any human being. We are all creations in transition. Our struggle is to overcome ourselves and our base instincts to be better human beings. With compassion and care, we must assist each other in this effort.

  56. Does anyone think surah such as Al-Azhab needs more clarification?

  57. Peace, A great website. However, The more Quran alone (true islam) that is studied and debated then the more confused people become.

  58. This prescribed way of life is simple in terms of living a life. But nobody can figure out salat. I reject and will never return to hadith. But mind you I am confused as before.

  59. the quraan is a book in which it is clearly stated at the very begining as a book in which ther is no doubt.the prophet (may peace be upon him) is refered to in that very same book i.e the quraan,that in him,the prophet ,is the perfect example.following the quraan alone,without a single hadith will never allow you to construct 2 units of prayer (salaah).that alone tells us that the tradition of that prophet is of absolute importance.yes,there are many fabrications of hadith,but men have spent their entire lives in search of authentic and completely reliable hadith.the hadith is even categorised into sahih,which means strong,with a number of different narators,or daeef,meaning weak,with breaks in the chain of narators.

    however today we find that muslims choose simply to ignore or not accept hadith on account of it not suiting their needs or wantsif they cannot fathom or understand a miracle of the prophet,they simply strip hi, of these noble and fantastic feats…..yes,every manm has the obligation of searching for truth in his religion,but to search blindly would take one further away from the truth.the best way to gain allahs pleasure is to follow the lifestyle of our noble prophet s.a.w,and this cannot be done by simply reading the quraan,and not seeking transloation and explanation of verses from the sayings of the prophet….keep in mind dear muslim brothers,the quraan itself only was compiled more than a decade after the prophet passed away,does this now mean that the quraan cant be trusted?by all means no!!!the compilers were of utmost piety,and honesty,and it is the likes of these very same compilers that we received hadith… not follow silly comments like hadith is not needed

  60. “God sent down the best “hadith” a scripture that is consistent and it repeats. The skins of those who reverence their Lord shudder therefrom, then their skins and their hearts soften and readily accept God’s message. This is God’s guidance – and He guides with it whoever He wills. But the ones who is misguided by God can never be guided.” (39:25)

    “Woe on that day for those who disbelieve. Which “Hadith” after this do they believe?” (77:49-50)

  61. Shalom/Salam

    All Malay readers of translations are welcome to my site dalam bahasa melayu with the same


  62. Peace Beninoah. I think you did an excellent job. I will write to you from my other ID. Thank you.

  63. Aidid and all – i’ve read what has been written and i think its a fantastic job done. I’m more skewed to the fact that, this book has made and allowed humankind to think. I would like to pen down what i’ve thought about and listen to what others have to say about it.
    I hypothesize that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had actually introduce ‘no religion’ to Mekah. Imagine a ‘city’ full of idol worshippers and he has been tasked to draw away the people from this believe. He introduced ‘the deen’ instead.A very simple ‘religion’ where there is no religion. All the people have to do is to believe that there is only one Almighty (Allah) and not the many idols. For everyday life, and over a period of time, the guidance from the relevation was introduced.

    But i think over time, somehow or rather, humankind tends to reverts back for a ‘source’ to pray ( as example seen with Prophet Abraham).

    And because of this, for ‘Muslim’ ulama to spread this teaching to the world, they had to use some form of reference. Coupled with the, presumably political influence by certain quarters, the idea of Kaabah was instituted (along with all the other physical practices that could have been inherently brought over from the idolatry period).

    But going back to the root of Islam; Islam is easy. Wouldnt it be easy if all mankind were to JUST believe that there is only one God. It would also be seen that God is fair to all (all mankind) and not that you are wrong in your belief if you are muslim, buddhism, Tao and what have you in this world.

    Truly, the mere existence of religion (whatever it may be) has created division, distrust and disunity to the world. What good is any of this religion when it goes against what God had proclaimed for his world ~ that for his people to live life in the best way possible; peacefully.

  64. Salamun Alaykum

    How would one answer the following questions by others:

    Are you a Muslim? Because saying yes would mean to the masses you believe in the five pillars.

    What religion do you follow? I know from your blog Islam is a Deen.

    Do you follow the Quran? Yes we do, yet it associates with people who follow the five pillars.

    Your book is an eye opener.


  65. Dear Aidad.
    Thank you for your work. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I come from a non Muslim background and plan to study, and put into practice, the REAL meaning and teaching from God in the Qur’an
    As I don’t read or write Arabic, do you recommend ANY of the English translations of the Qur’an ?

  66. […] To readers of translations […]

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