The sanctions on food

The restrictions on the consumption of food are prescribed in the following verse:

Hur-rimat alaikumul mai-tahu wal dam-maa walah-mul khin-ziri wa-ma-uhil-la li-ghyoi-ril-lah bihi. Wal-mun-‘haani-qotu wal mutarad-diyatu wal-nathee-hatu wamaa-akalas sa-buhu il-la ma-zakai-tum wa-ma-zubiha ‘alan nusubi wa-antas-taksimu bil-azlam (5:3)

Prohibited to you the carrion, blood, the decaying meat, and that over which any name other than God’s has been pronounced. The animal that was strangled to death, and the animal that was struck dead by an object, and the animal that died by falling from a height, the animal that was gored to death, and animals partially eaten by beasts unless you rescued them alive. And those sacrificed to idols and those distributed by lots. All these are wicked. (5:3)

This subject (about food) follows on from 5:1 that allows the conditional consumption of wildlife meat.

In 5:2, the emphasis is on the need for strict observation of God’s decrees sanctioned in the system followed by the prescription of the limits or the parameters of those restrictions sanctioned in the consented decree with regard to food.

However, in the middle of 5:3 it says:

Today, the disbelievers have despaired regarding your way of life (deen-nakum). Do not fear them, but fear Me instead. Today, I have perfected your way of life (deen-nakum) for you and completed My favours upon you decreed Islam as the way of life (deen-nan).

In other words, with the limitations on food, the system is complete.

His servants must not impose any other restrictions to complicate matters.

People are reminded to be careful. The Devil will try to mislead us with additional prohibitions. All food (apart from that specifically prohibited) is allowed as long as it is good: The easiest way for the Devil recruits to deceive a man or woman is to make them obey a simple dietary restriction. For example, God designed some animals to be domesticated as provisions to mankind – this is His mercy and blessing. The same species of animals are also found in the wild. But the u’lemas and priests of certain religion tell their followers not to kill all living creatures including livestock. Hence, we see vegetarians all over the place.

Those who consented themselves to these invented restrictions are termed as idol worshipers simply because; they reject God’s blessings, His creations and the good things that He has provided for them. Some would say – vegetarians are defying the law of nature.

Fakulu mim-ma roza-qor-kumul-lah hala-lan thoyiban waskuru ni’matal-lah ainkuntum aiyahu ta’budun (16:114)

Therefore eat what was provided by God, permissible and good. Be appreciative of God’s blessing upon you if you are serving Him. (16:114)

If someone says there are more categories of prohibited food other than which has been detailed in the Reading, then they have attributed lies to God.

Wala-taqulu lima tasifu al-sinatukumul kaziba haza Halalun wa-haza Haramun litaftaru alal-lahi kaziba in-nal-lazi yaftaruna alal-lahil kaziba la-yuf-lihun (16:116)

And do not say lies, “This is Halal (permitted) and this is Haram (forbidden),” inventing lies about God. Surely those who invent lies about God will not succeed. (16:116)

This verse clearly says that those who impose restrictions beyond that which God has decreed are lying. No religion can observe the limits sanctioned by God in 5:3 including the Arab religion.

Food is the common prohibitions imposed by all religions. Obeying any restrictions beyond what was sanctioned by God is idol-worship.

9 Responses

  1. Salam Aidid, I refer to your translation or transliterationn of the passage:

    “Prohibited to you the carrion, blood, the decaying meat, and that over which any name other than God’s has been pronounced. The animal that was strangled to death, ……..”

    How did you come to get the meaning of ‘the decaying meat’ that every other translation says is ‘pig’? Really, really appreciate your reply. Thank you.

  2. Salam to you Isma,

    If you read the footnote on the translation page you will understand why.

    You cannot find the word Sol-laa translated as commitment in any dictionaries or Concordance. This includes other words I used in my book.

  3. Thank you. My eyes are opening.

  4. salam,

    what about fish and seafood? it is not detailed in the Reading. critics of Quran-only Muslims give this argument, so i would like to ask your opinion on it. thank you.

  5. “Permitted for you is the catch from the sea and eating therefrom as your delicious food…….” 5:96

  6. Quran has not come to tell you what to eat and what not eat. It is giving your parameters to form a strong Socio-Economic state based on Justice by upholding human rights. Quran has been misinterpreted beyond Mr. Aidid’s awesome discoveries.

  7. Regarding food or drink issue, it’s consider taboo for different cultures in this world. Some people eat dog meat, but not others that consider it to be a pet. Dog meat was never mention as haram in Quran. There are never cases of people dying because of eating dog meat.

    But …. if we simply eat for example one type of fish, maybe sea-porcupine or fugu (blowfish) in Japan where we cannot simply eat, without specialist chef who know how to remove the poisonous part in the fish body. Some example are poison from pufferfish, blowfish, balloon fish, toads, sunfish, porcupine fish, toadfish, globefish, and swellfish is known as tetrodotoxin. But, never mention in Quran.

    One thing that Quran says we must be not too extreme in everything. We must be modest. Even fruits we cannot over consume. Even halal foods we cannot over consume till harm our own body. God gives us “brain” to think and observe the biological dangers in our life.

    So … there are some “parameters” on everything that we do in this world, as Eesa, wrote above. Besides “parameters”, we should have good intention as benchmark by God in Quran.

  8. What about vers 6:145….flesh of swine for indeed, it is impure …… I went through English-arabic dictionery. Khinzir means Swine. Thanks for clarification!

  9. Any livestock meat can be contagious or contaminated through diseases especially cows, chicken or pigs. In view of the massive distortions of the meanings of words in the Quran I did not use any English-Arabic dictionaries as authority. Readers are not obliged to accept this fact.

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