The corruptions

Here is a summary of the corruptions which have been practised against the sense of the Reading by Arab religionists to suit their own purposes:

  1. A’kiffin wa-roka’is-sujud in 2:125 and 22:26 was made to mean bowing and prostrating physically when, in fact, it signifies humble oneself consentingly to God’s sanctioned system.
  2. Sol-laa-ta wa-atu-zakaa is not ritual prayer and wealth tax. It means we are to uphold our commitments and keep them pure.
  3. Sol-laa does not refer to ritual prayers. Its meaning was corrupted to become rituals. The Reading encourages personal commitment through deeds.
  4. Thor-iffin is not walking around or Tawwaf around the stone idol in Mecca but the meaning is groups or throngs of people.
  5. A’kif-fun is not a retreat to a house or to a mosque, but to hold strongly to God’s system or bayta. Wa-antum a’kiffun fi-masaajid’ in 2:187 means and when you are devoted in the consented decrees.
  6. Bayta is not a physical house belonging to God..
  7. Masaajid are not buildings but the consented decrees.
  8. Masa-jidil-lah are not God’s mosques but the consented decrees prescribed by God in the Quran.
  9. Masjidil-Harami is not ‘sacred mosque’. It is the sanctions of the God’s consented decree prescribed in the Quran.
  10. Bayti-ya is not My house, but it is My system. Noah used this word to refer to his system of belief. God uses the term bayti-ka on everyone of us to signify that He removes us from our system to His system after manifesting the truth to us.
  11. Hurumun is not the pilgrim’s garb. The word in 5:1 was twisted to perpetuate the invented Haj pilgrimage of the Arab religion. The word Hurumun simply means restricted or forbidden.
  12. U’mrah is not a visit to the Arab land, but is to promote the deen according to God’s consented decrees or the mas-jidil-lah as prescribed in the Quran.
  13. Haj is not a yearly pilgrimage to Mecca. It is to take the challenge: (1) to the system (2) to deliver the message until it is accepted in society (3) to promote the sanctions of God’s decree and (4) in the path of God (see: 3:97, 2:196, 9:19 and 4:100).
  14. The accepted sense of many words from the Reading has been severely mutilated to suit the rituals of the man-made Arab religion. The worst distortion of God’s word is in 2:196. The perception of the meaning of almost all the words in that verse has been distorted. The verse gives a guideline of how and what a person should do when he or she takes the challenge to promote God’s guidance until it is made acceptable by the masses – but it was distorted to reflect as pilgrimage to suit only for men.

For the Muslims who believe the Reading is the word of God, their duty is to:

  1. Find the path to the System (bayta) and take up the challenge (Haj) to promote what has been sanctioned by God in the Reading to establish the peacefulness or the true Islam.
  2. Uphold commitments (Sol-laa), keep them pure (zakaa) according to God’s laws (sha’iral-lah) and to promote (ya’muru) His consented decrees prescribed in the Quran.
  3. Take the challenge (Haj) and promote (or i’mara-ta) the sanctions of the consented decree (masjidil-Harami) and strive (jahidu) against the idol-worshippers (mushrikeen) and the rejecters (wal-kafireen) who bow and prostrate to stones, rocks and wood (and in this case falsely attribute their practice to Islam).
  4. Not violate decrees or upset the harmony in the sanctioned system (baytal-Harami).
  5. Live according to the sanctions in the system and uphold their obligations.

As we look around us, religious system has been the most powerful tool in enslaving people’s mind; it instils fear, cultivates disorder, separating people, bound in hatred, myth and superstition – a condition which is in the temporal interests of a small ruling elite. Today, our civilisation is living in a deteriorating world and people have tried to solve the world’s ill in many ways at all levels – sadly they failed to look at the problems where it exists – in organised religion.

14 Responses

  1. Peace Aidid, and all other readers who use thier reasoning – as God commands.

    Having read some of your book I agree with the analysis. It’s shocking when you first realise it – like someone has punched you in the face. What we regard as Islam as practised and preached by the majority is actually akin to paganisim – unbelievable. However it makes perfect sense. Once you start listening to mens opinions and interpretations without reasoning things out for yourself then you’re asking for trouble. Ask yourself – is it what God is saying or mere mortals? The Christians fell into this trap when they rejected what their Bible says and instead took their priests as gods and went on to believe that a man was God or one of three in a trinity. And you can watch videos on debates between Muslims and Christians where Muslims say how silly it is for Christians to believe this, as there Bible clearly shows the complete opposite. However, Muslims have fallen into the same trap without realising it. Perhaps some do, but they refuse to believe it. One reflects on verses in the Quaran where God says that the majority of people will not believe and are pagans. How big this majority is only God knows – 60% , 80%, 99% ?


  2. Salam ,
    I have had the same shosking experience as yourself when I 1st get a copy of aidid’s arab conspiracy against islam. It took me sometime to analysis and finally understood the thru concept of DEEN prescribe by god . Never the lest I felt lonely as there isn’t anyone that I could refer further as a friend that I used to refer matters pertaining to summission has pass away. Hope to prolong this relationship as there are still more question that need answers in my mind.

    Aslam tu lirabbil alamin

  3. Salam to you Br. Suhaimi,

    Thank you for the comment. When God decides to reveal His truth to His servants their initial experience could be fear or shock (the example of Moses in 28:31), but I strongly believe people whose heart are sincere with God He will reveal the truth to them to make them understand His scripture to lead them to His path (42:52-53).

    Prophets and messenger went through social rejection from the beginning of time and some were killed because they decided to be the first to commit to God’s way of Life. They never feel lonely because they knew God is always with them. Keep reading the Quran and observe your commitments as it will protect you from falling in sins and evil and it is the greatest way of remembering God (29:45) and spare some time during the night to read the Quran as frequent as possible so that God will reveal to you His heavy message (73:4-5) to clear your mind.

    There is no known history in the Quran of any Prophet or messengers except for Jonah who were able to make thousands of people believe, not even the last prophet. So don’t worry about others as long as you follow the golden rule in God’s system that: “No burden soul will bear the burden of another” (6:164, 53:36-38). Abraham once said, “People keep on idolizing those idols only to maintain each other’s relationship in this life. However, on the day of resurrection they will disown each other, and curse one another.” (29:25)

    Aidid Safar

  4. Salam ,
    I thank You aidid for your advice and will heed to your advice of reading the quran as often as possible, may GOD will make me understand more of the reading

  5. mental Bondage is the most outstanding work I have ever read.Any follow up?

  6. the mental bondage is very relevent information very easy to understand for normal peopl thank you very much for your help for the future muslims world

  7. great job for the muslim world will change mind of muslim people

  8. Peace Aidid reading 33:40 would mean that Muhammad did not have any children?

  9. I don’t know if he has any children or not – are you his son? When I read the same verse I know he is not my father – but a messenger of God and the Final prophet.

  10. Salam Br Aidid.

    You really clear all the years of my suffering. You may think I’m trying to be funny. Please listen and bear with me. What I’ve experience in my life was, when ever I want to do my prayer, something or some what disturb within me, like discouraging me to do the prayers. Never so call perfect or complete 5 times. Fasting I can only do the “normal” fasting the first or second day. Thereafter for no reason, I will fall ill until the rest of Ramadan and that have been going on for years. I get into trouble with the Muslim community, offending them with question. Example in our last part of our prayer we will salam both prophet Ibrahim and Mohammad. But why in azan, Ibrahim name is left out. Sometime I will joking said that you cannot sell Gillet in Arab country. The offering of the cow during Haji festival, I will say to them, you are torturing that animal. Actually, you should slaughter your personal cow character. I actually disagree with all the ritual as its call. I do not want to bore you with my lengthy story. I read Quran many time, of course the translation or tafshir, something is telling me there is a key word or verse in it, and I am still searching. I don’t know what is it and it has been bugging me.
    Aidid, your writing clears some of my unanswered question and suffering. I will download your book; hopefully it’s not block in my country. Good work and thank you for the pain killer.


  11. A most exellent and thought provoking website, a site designed for the thinking people,

  12. Excellent website. Nice to know that I am not alone. I have always questioned the practices ever since i was 7+ years old. 10 years later, i find the truth. God bless you and everyone with a clear and logical mind. :)

    As for those who are still holding on to your pagan worship, all i wanna say is ‘Good luck with that’. Indeed Satan is very deceiving.

  13. salamun alaikum ,, Its been more than 3 years since I last state my comments. Could you please elaborate your understanding of the word al rahman and al rahim.

    Shuhaimi Zainal

  14. The most wonderful book I’ve read in my life.

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