Guidance becomes animal offerings’

The word hadya in 5:2 refers to guide, show, lead or point out. The root word hada means guide, and hudan is the guidance. The religionists did not expect that their mutilation of simple Arabic words in the Reading would eventually be uncovered. The word Hadya appears in the Reading many times. The word hadiiya in 7:186 and 25:31 shows that its meaning is guide.

Man-yud-lilil-lah fala hadi-ya lahu wayazaru-hum fi-dhog-yanihim ya’mahun (7:186)
Whoever goes astray, God will not guide him (hadi-ya lahu). And He will allow him to wander aimlessly. (7:186)

Wakazalika ja’alna likul-linabiayan ‘aduwon minal-mujrimin wakafabirob-bika hadiiyan mahjur’. (25:31)
We thus appoint for every prophet enemies from among the criminals. Your Lord suffices as guide (hadiiyan) and helper. (25:31)

But when this same word – hadya – appears in 5:2, 2:196 and other verses, the religionists twist the word to mean sacrificial offering of animals as a religious rite in their Arab religion.

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