God u’mrah to humans

When you tell Muslims in the language they could understand that ‘God gives life to humans‘ they will totally agree with you. But as soon as you tell them God u’mrah to human, they will get into a trance. As far as they are concerned u’mrah means only one thing, it is the off-season visit to their holy shrine in Mecca. That is how their religious scholars and their priests shackled their minds. Their masters will say something in Arabic and it becomes divine and ‘Islamic‘.

From the same root word ‘amr (life) we see that God is forever performing the act of u’mrah (giving life) to humans so that they remain alive or m’amuri for a certain period of time which, in turn, is the ‘umur or age when the life expires. Thus, the word u’mrah cannot be translated as holy visit because these words come from the same root.

However, should He decide to stop a life from prospering, He says at 35:11 wama-yu-‘am-maru min mu-‘am-marin which, literally, means ‘will not continue to give life (yu-‘am-maru) from the life (min-mu’am-marin).

To illustrate the point, here are two more examples:

Huwa ansha akum minal ard was ta’mara-kum fi-haa fas-taq-fi-ruhu som-ma tubu ilai-hi (11:61)

He is the One who created you from the earth and gives life (ta’mara-kum) to you in it. Therefore, you shall ask for forgiveness and repent. (11:61)

La-‘amru-ka in-nahum lafi-shak-ro-bihem yak-mahun (15:72)

By your life1, surely they are intoxicated in their wandering. (15:72)

1 This is where the root word ‘Amr is found. It generates many other derivatives including U’mra without losing the same essence of the meaning.

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