’amr means life

The word u’mro-ata that is commonly referred to as the u’mra is a derivative from the root word ‘m-r where the apostrophe represents the ‘ayn consonant, a laryngeal without equivalent in any Western language.

The root word ‘amr arising from this root refers to the life of something. In the Reading, this word is used to refer to a continuous act or response carried out with a purpose. For example, if we want to give life to a barren land, we have to develop or cultivate it until we see the result. The Reading uses a’maru to denote this.

2 Responses

  1. Again, meaning is use.

    If you choose to propose a signification for a word in the Arabic language, or a syntax thereof, which you believe to be different from that used by the Arabs at the time of revelation, then you must provide the necessary texts dating back to the centuries immediately proximate to the Quran’s revelation with which you can demonstrate your proposed syntax, or vocabulary, in order to give your above statements any sense of validation.

    Otherwise, the above statements are purely subjective and hold no weight.


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