The consented decree is prescribed

In their grand plan, the religionists first twisted the word masjidwhich means the consented decree to become physical mosque.

They then twisted the same word appended with a suffix lah (meaning God). The word masa-jidil-lah in the Reading simply means God’s consented decrees. There are many similar cases when a suffix is added to a word in the Quran. For example deen-nil-lah refers to the way of life prescribed by God. But the religionists twisted it to become God’s religion.

The innovators of the Arab religion impress upon the world that the Lord of the Universe assigned the religionists the job of breaking up bits off a mountain to create blocks and build a ‘house’ in Mecca, then a mosque and then, finally, to declare them sacred. Furthermore, since the ‘holy water’ didn’t flow the way it was meant to, God had the modern-day Arabs install a water pump beneath these ‘holy’ places and declare the water sacred too.

According to 9:97: the Arabs are staunchest in disbelief and hypocrisy. The religionists cannot erase this statement from the Reading. It has been prophesised in the Reading that whatever they do, they will claim their intentions are good, but the truth is they are wicked people who are preventing others from following God’s consented decrees or the masa-jidil-lah.

The Reading has proclaimed in 6:38 that the Book is fully detailed and God did not leave anything out of the Scripture. Distorting God’s Scripture is an act of wickedness. We have seen how the religionists abused the Reading and their wickedness is exposed:

Waman adhlamu mim-man mana’a masajidal-lah aiyaz-karor fihas muhu wasa’a fi-qoror-biha. Ulaa-ika makana lahm aiyad-khulu-ha ilaa-qor-iffin lahum fid-dunya khizyun walahum fil-akhirati a’zabun a’zim. (2:114)

Who is more wicked than those who prevent other from God’s Consented Decrees (masa-jidil-lah) by mentioning His name in it and persist in obliterating it? It is they, who should not be enganging in it, except those who fear humiliation in this world and severe punishment in the Hereafter. (2:114)

The conspiracy is uncovered. The wicked people in this verse are preventing others from God’s consented decrees in the name of God. The religionists have corrupted God’s word – or His kalimah in the Reading – to create the fake Arab religion. And they use God’s name too.

Those who do not consent themselves to God’s decrees are not suppose to prosper or give life to the consented decrees as a way of life or deen.

Makana lil-musyrikin ai-ya’maru masa-jidal-lah shahidin-na a’la-anfusihim bil-kufri. Ulaa-ika habithod a’ma-luhum wafin-nar hum qorlidun. (9:17)

It is not proper for the idol-worshippers to promote God’s consented decrees (masa-jidal-lah). They witness their own disbelief. They are wasting their deeds and they will abide in the hell-fire forever. (9:17)

The word ai-ya’maru means to give life or to promote.1 Surely, we cannot give life to a physical building. But people can promote or give life to what was decreed by God as long as they focus on the consented sanctions prescribed by God, the Quran calls it masjidil-Harami.

The only people who deserve to give life to God’s consented decrees are those who truly believe in God and the Last Day and those who uphold their commitments and keep them pure.

In-nama ya’muru masajidal-lah man amana bil-lah wal-yaumil akhiri wa-aqor-mas Sol-laa-ta wa-ataz zakaa-ta (9:18)

Indeed the people who deserve to promote God’s consented decrees (masa-jidal-lah) are those who believe in God and the Last Day and those who uphold their commitments and keep them pure. (9:18)

It is apparent that the ‘masajidal-lah’ is not a building. Rather, it is the consented decree by God. Only those who have consented themselves to this decree are the right people to give life to – or promote – the decrees. This prescribed decree does not demand they perform any worship or ritual prayer at a specified location or in a house of worship. Those who consented themselves by commiting to its values are the deserving party in promoting God’s consented decrees by spreading the good news.

According to the Reading, God created everything in the heavens and the earth, and all His creations are consenting to His deen or orders willingly or unwillingly in peace. So there is no need for God to wait for humans whom He created to start building mosques from rocks, wood, cement or stone and then say, “These buildings are God’s house.” God is already the owner of all the minerals, metals, wood and stone in the world.

1 see chapter 12.

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