What is in the ‘Bayta’?

People do not realise that simple words like fi-hi (which means inside it) bi (which means with), ilaa (which means to or towards), minal which means (from the), and li (which means for) and a few others have had their meanings twisted or ignored in certain contexts by the gatekeepers of the Arab religion. These words are often appended to a verb as a prefix, but they make a lot of difference. For example, people fail to think carefully of the significance of fi-hi (inside it) in the following context:

Inside it (fi-hi) there are clear signs (ayatun bai-inatun) about the status of Abraham, (maqami ibrohim) and whoever enters it is secured. And it is the incumbent duty of mankind to take the challenge (Hajuu) to the system (bayti) for those who can find their way. And whoever disbelieves, surely God is self-sufficient, above any need of the worlds. (3:97)

The words fi-hi mean in the context, ‘in the bayta there are Clear Signs (ayatun-bai-natun) about the status of Abraham (maqamu ibrohim) and whoever enters it will find security’.

If the word bayta truly meant a house then, logically, we have: ‘In the house there are clear signs about the status of Abraham’. Can the religionists or the u’lema prove to the world that there are clear signs about the status of Abraham inside the cube structure standing in the middle of their mosque? No, they cannot. But what they will show us instead is a piece of copper in a gilded cage standing outside the house where their imagination apparently left a footprint.

The baytien in 3:96-97 refers to a system, not a house and we can find in this system (baytien) the clear signs (ayataun bai-inatun) of Abraham’s status (maqamu ibrohim) who was totally committed to the deen. Whoever embraces this system is secure. All humans are expected to take the challenge (Hajuu) to the system. They must try and to make their way to it.

For the sake of argument, if the word bayta actually meant a physical house and the Haj meant pilgrimage we would be confronted with a very serious problem. Each and every one of the 2,000,000 people who perform the ‘pilgrimage’ today must squeeze into the house to observe and sanctify the spot where Abraham stood for his ritual prayer. If this is the case, then the house the religionists have put up needs major reconstruction. It will also mean that if the number of Muslims increases, they will have to renovate God’s house in order to accommodate the new faithful. As it stands, God’s present ‘house’ can comfortably hold a couple of hundred at most.

That’s right. All the Sunnis and Shiites from every corner of the globe would have to squeeze into the ‘Ka’aba’ to achieve security. This is both illogical and impossible, but this is exactly what happens when we take the magnanimity of God’s ideals and equate them with the pettiness of people’s physical world. The result: an idol smack in the centre of a house of worship.

The religionists say those who worship God through images or icons are the pagans and idol-worshippers. Though quick to condemn and criticise others, the Arab religionists have never considered that they themselves do exactly the same. They also say the followers of other religions are pagans and idol-worshippers when they walk around their stone idols in their temples or around their temples. They do not pause to realise they are doing the same. The Reading tells us that it is not that their eyes that are blind, but their hearts.

Hindus, for example, walk seven times in an anti-clockwise circle around a lingam – or stone idol – at the centre of their temple. Hindus have been doing this for much longer than the religionists.

The fallacy of the religionists’ claim that the word bayta means a house is totally contrary to the concept of serving the Lord of the Universe. Each time a word in the Reading is twisted, it renders the message absurd. In a further case, they insist bayta means a house and we have what the religionists themselves call the Forbidden House when they refer to baytil-Harama.1 The question is why they make it a mandatory for everyone to go to a forbidden house.

To conceal the conspiracy they continue to distort the meaning of the word Haram to become sacred. The non-Arab Muslims around the world had never confronted the religionists with a simple question: how did a rock structure renovated as recently as 2003 become sacred? Which part of the building is actually sacred? They will soon discover it is not the square structure proper that is sacred, but the small black stone (or Hajar aswad) worshiped by their forefathers, that is sacred. The word Hajar aswad used in reference to the black stone is nowhere to be found in the Reading. But the religionists say it is part of Islam.

The Arabs have successfully reinstated their true stone deity of black basaltic rock as the focus of worship in Mecca to carry the torch of their forefathers’ religion, a pagan community.

1 i.e. what ‘Muslims’ call the mosque at Mecca.

17 Responses

  1. The Ka’ba is the qiblat for muslims to pray..God said in quran at surah al-baqara…(search for ur self) and also the turn seven times is we call it …doing haj.

  2. Good, please continue worshiping it.

  3. The imortant thing I learnt is that you have to get rid of any PRECONCIEVED IDEAS you hold. Anyone reading any of the distorted translations, having not known anything what Muslims do would never determine that we must pray ritually 5 times a day. The details for the ‘pilgramage’ are vague at best and yet if the Quran claims to be DETAILED and CLEAR and UNAMBIGUOUS, then one is left in confusion. It can only mean that there is no such thing as a pilgramage – unless one believes that God is lying.

  4. Could you eleaborate on the subject of “bayt and buyut” as I tend to disagree because I don’t quit grasp your understanding.

    I can be wrong, but if you look at the tenses then for instance “The most frgile of HOUSES (buyut) is that of the spider’s HOUSE (bayt)”.

    This is my understanding. What don’t I see that you see. Please help!

  5. Many people cannot comprehend how we should commit ourselves to the teachings of the Quran even it is evidently clear the word “solaa” appears in many passages of the Quran pointing us to do just that. Thus, I can understand why you – including many others who refuse to drop their baggage behind cannot grasp most of the things I have written in Mental Bondage.

  6. Salam Bro Aidid ,i had a discussion on the ayat ka;ba and need some of your pointers on the question below.Quote by the other gentlmen.and also What is the meaning of those words with the dot next to it

    I am more into a conclusion that KA’BAH is BAIT AL-HARAM, wish is also BAIT AL-‘ATIIQ which is BAITULLAH, coz I seen the connection with these verses
    • AL-HADYU reaches MAHILLA- (2:196)
    • HADYAN reaches KA’BAH (5:95)
    • HADYAN MA’KUFAN reaches MAHILLA-nya (48:25)
    • The MAHILLA- to BAIT AL-‘ATIIQ (22:33)
    • KA’BAH is BAIT AL-HARAM (5:97)

    Verse 2:196 dan a 48:25 stated that Al-hadyu reaches its mahilla-. connecting it to verse 5:95, so its mahilla- is theKa’bah. according 22:33,its mahilla-up to Bait al-‘atiiq.

    So KA’BAH is BAIT AL-‘ATIIQ, accordingt o verse 5:97 ais also BAIT Al-HARAM.

    So what is your translation version or Aidid Safar on the verse above according to me is inter connected and self explained?

  7. What is the root word for the words “Hadyu” and “Hadyan” and what is the root word for “Mahilla”?

    There is no such word as “Baitullah” in the Quran just like the word “Allahu-Akbar”. These words were invented by the enemies of God.

    Please provide me the proof from the Quran that the words “ka’ab” and “Bait” mean the same thing.

    I suggest you better read my book throughly. Its free of charge.

  8. Yes I did up till now I managed to understand it.But sometimes I have problem understanding the root words of a certain words where I can search the meaning from Lanes to understand it more clearly.I have read your book and Alhamdulillah is an eye opening accept on the halal thing…..

  9. When you have a problems of understanding you should not make conjectures about the message of the Quran.

    If you think Lane can provide you with the right guidance you should stick to Lane’s work.

  10. Well I am in stage of understanding the message ..where in any statement that I made a conjecture on the Quran.Pls advised

  11. Can I have your please comment on this two verses please.

    verse 17 ayat 93
    verse 12 ayat 23
    verse 66 ayat 11

    Your input is very much appreciated.

    Tahnk you

  12. Dear Aidid…
    You said above [….just like the word “Allahu-Akbar” These words were invented by the enemies of God.. ]….

    Are sure this word [ Allahu Akbar] is not in the Quran ?

  13. Why don’t you check yourself and tell me the sura and verse number.

  14. Dear Sir,
    Many people are still sarcastic with the defenitions on byta. No wonder it is only thier reluctance to give up the influence of their forefathers ideologies. undoubtedly that is deep rooted in the minds of the followers. Moreover it is not easy to free from such influences. but friends try to free your mind from all sort of pre conceived ideas, interpretation provided by the ulemas, mullas and so on. and stick on to your own instict, and once you get the real meaning and convinced then light up your thoughts according to that line and length. I beleive no body needs super natural intellectual ability to conceive these ideas but certainly one needs passion and intimacy towards TRUTH. Any sort of mediator, symbol, preisthood will definitely downgrade and defeat the basic idea of TAWHEED.
    Then how would Ka’aba stand alone from the rest of the stoneworship dieties.
    Wa Salam. May Allah help us

  15. I dont know what to say. Part of me wants to believe the work of Aidid here but part of me wants to disbelieve. I want to get rid of all my pre-conceived notions (that i was brought up with in a sunni family back in Pakistan) and i want to start afresh.

    I have already rejected the notion that hadith books are a source of law in islam and that one needs to be a member of a sect and do taqleed. This is all BS.

    Aidid..i look forward to reading your book before commenting any further.


  16. Congratulation and have a happy journey like others. Seek God to guide you and He will show His path.

  17. Common sense would tell us a cubicle made of stone cannot be God’s house. It also contradicts the Muslims’ own contention that God has no need of anything. Moreover, a study of ancient Arabia, its people, customs and pagan beliefs will tell us that this practice of circumbulating a stone cubicle and kissing a stone embedded in one of its corners is remnants of pagan worship.
    How can the Muslims be so blind? Hard to believe that 1.5 billion people failed to use their brains, including the educated classes.

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