Cleaving becomes retreating

The next word in our study is a’kiffin. The word a’kiffin means hold strongly onto something, but the religionists insist that it means retreat to the mosque. In the context of 2:125 it reads as:

An tho-hira bayti-ya li tho–iffina wal a’kifiina wa-rukai’ sujudi

The root of a’kif-fin‘ is ‘-k-f or ‘akafa. Each time this word is mentioned elsewhere in the Reading it is always explained by the religionists and also translated for the non-Arabs as those who are devoted or holding fast onto something, for instance: 2:125, 2:187, 7:138, 20:91, 20:97, 21:52, 22:25, 26:71 and 48:25. For example:

Ya’-ku-fu-na ala-as-nam

Hold strongly to idols. (7:138)

Lannab raha alai-hi a’kiffina

We will continue to hold strongly to it. (20:91)

The word a’kiffina in 20:91 is the same word as in 2:125. But here it refers to the Children of Israel who idolised the golden calf.

They said to Aaron the brother of Moses:

“We will continue to devote (or hold strongly) to it.” (20:91)

The religionists have otherwise consistently translated this word as meaning to devote or to hold strongly onto something – except in 2:125. In this only instance, they tell people the meaning of a’kiffina in 2:125 is to retreat implying that it is good if the people retreat to the mosques. The religionists condemn other people who retreat to their temples to tend to their idols as idol-worshippers, but in their own case – when we are talking about devoting oneself to the square rock structure – they appear to have received a special dispensation from God.

How does the religionists’ physical ‘house’ differ from the physical ‘idols’ in the centre of other temples? Such is the hypocrisy of Arab religion!

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