Bayta is a system not a house

  • The religionists say bayta1 means a house. According to the Reading bayta in 2:125 means a system and the indefinite noun is baytin which is found in 3:96.
  • The words bay-yaa-ta and bay-yee-tu are used in 4:81 to inform us about a system being the norms of the enemies of all prophets to change whatever was said to them and God had systematically recorded (yak-tubu-maa-yu-bay-yee-tun) whatever they have invented. This is consistent with the information in verse 6:112 when it says: “And we made for every prophet enemies from among the human devils and jinn devils, who invent and narrate to each other with fancy words in order to deceive”. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their inventions.
  • In 7:4 and 7:97, the same word pronounced as bayaa-tan to mean: mankind will suffer from natural disasters by their own wrongdoings as a system. But translators said bay-yaa-ta, bay-yee-tu and bayaa-tan means during the night. It is obvious from the Reading that many communities went through disasters at any time of the day. Besides, the Reading uses Layl to refer to night and this word is not found in any of these verses.
  • A house is called buyut, which is found in 2:189 and the indefinite noun is buyutan, which is found in 24:29. The addition of the dual ending -an shows that the word relates to two.
  • In 2:189 the phrase buyu-ta min-thu-huri-ha is used to indicate a house to express do not enter the house from the back door which is an Arabic proverb equivalent to the English do not beat around the bush. The suffix ha after the word thu-huri signifies the singular form of the house representing the feminine gender in nature.
  • In 24:29 the word buyu-tan is a plural indefinite noun mean houses. ‘You commit no error by entering uninhabited houses wherein there is something that belongs to you. God knows what you declare and what you concealed’.
  • In 24:61 the word buyuti is mentioned ten times in a command spoken to many people to refer to their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers’ brothers, fathers’ sisters, mothers’ brothers, mothers’ sisters and friends. Each of them dwells only in one house at a time. The word buyuti refers to the house each of them owns.

The religionists claimed the word bayti-ya means My house and then wasted no time in naming a square block which they built in Mecca as baytul-lah, or God’s house. According to the Reading bayti-ya in fact means My system.

1 The religionists abused this word and made Mecca a religious sanctuary. They say the word buyut is the plural of bayt. The fact is that these words are used in the Qur’an to signify different things. Bayt and buyut are both singular.

5 Responses

  1. What about 17:93, 12:23 & 66:11?

    I’ve tried really hard to substitute ‘house’ with ‘system’ in these three verses.

    system from gold?
    her system, Joseph was in?
    system in the garden?

  2. Verse 17:91 – 93 people demanded to see some miracles from the messenger – possessing a “luxurious home” is not a miracle.

    (12:23) The Egyptians lived strictly according to their
    own system of the master and slaves. The governor’s wife was part of the system – and she abused the system by allowing her lust to seduce Joseph.

    (66:11) If you believe Pharoah’s wife was praying to be God’s neighbour in the hereafter – then, you are right the word “baytan” means house..

  3. That was a satisfying answer for me. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Honestly, I don’t know why I couldn’t see that from the beginning. Most likely it’s the ‘mental bondage’. Thanks for your clear insight on this issues. May we all benefit from this discussion.

  4. Peace Aidid,

    Did you ever finish a translation of the Koran?


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