Abraham’s status (maqami ibrohim)

The word maqam appears in the Reading a few times. Since the Reading explains itself, we just need to look at all the pertinent verses to understand the meaning of maqam. The religionists say the meaning of maqami-ibrohim is the footprint immersed in the copper cast opposite the stone structure. If that were true, how would they explain maqama-robbuka or Your Lord’s maqam in 55:46? Can it mean the footprint or station of your Lord? The same word is used again in 79:40. In this passage it is written as maqama robbihi which means status of their Lord.

The verse breaks down thus:

wa-am-maa    and surely
man-khor-fa  those who fear
maqama       the status
robbihi      of their Lord
wa-nahal     and they refrain
naf-saa      themselves
'anil-hawa   from their lust

When translated, it can be rendered:

And surely, those who fear the status of their Lord, and they refrain themselves from their lust. (79:40)

Perhaps the Muslims should ask their Arab masters whether they translate the same verse as:

And surely those who fear the footprints/station of their Lord and they refrain themselves from their lust.

Such primitive thinking is an insult to our intelligence.

The same word is mentioned in 17:79 as an assurance from God that He will raise anyone of us to a higher status upon fulfilling certain commands. And it is this same word which is used in 2:125.

Wat-ta-khi-zu min-maqami Ibrahim (2:125)

Take from the status of Abraham.

maqaman mah-mu-dan (17:79)

Raise you to an exalted status.

Maqam therefore simply means the status or rank of a person. It is not a place.

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