Abraham did not know anything about Mecca

It is easy to prove false the claim of the religionists that Abraham was given the responsibility of building a house for God in Mecca. Firstly, there are many verses in the Reading to show Abraham and Ishmael had never been to Mecca (see chapter twelve). Secondly, if the house were the focal point for mankind as a place to serve God, then all the prophets subsequent to Abraham failed to fulfill their obligation to go there. Lastly – and most crushing of all – is the fact that the Supreme God does not need a house. The idea is ridiculous.

By definition, a house is a place where people live. However, the idea of God’s house came from the religionists after they had manipulated the following passage. According to them the meaning of the verse is:

We then designated the house for mankind as the place of assembly and security. Use the station of Abraham as a place of ritual prayer. We gave instructions to Abraham to clean My house with Ishmael for the people who encircle it, retreat in it and for those who bow and prostrate physically to it. (2:125)

We now need to break the verse down into parts and to show how it was manipulated to give validity to a tribal system of idolatry.

Firstly the religionists would have it that:

God showed Abraham the house.

In order to utilize this statement for their own purposes, the Arabs either built this house (or utilized an existing pagan temple, of which there were many) to complete the illusion. This they made the center for their re-vamped religion.

Having twisted the meaning of the word bayta, they then insisted that the word masha-batan as ‘a place of assembly‘. Masha-batan literally means ‘providence‘ an alien word to Arabs or their scholars. In the Reading ‘assemble’ or ‘assembly’ is derived from the root H SH R or Hashar. The root generates other verbs yah-sha-ru, uh-shur, hus-shira, yuh-sharu, hasher, or mah-shu-rotan and never as masha-batan. For meetings the Reading uses the word maja-lisi also not as masha-batan.

After giving a wrong notion to the word masha-batan they then manipulate the words maqaam and muSollan (which, in fact, indicate Abraham’s status and his commitments) to mean:

Use the station of Abraham as a place of ritual prayer.

To add credence to this assertion they carved a pair of footprints from a copper block and displayed it in front of the square stone idol. This, we are told, represents the station of Abraham. These footprints are taken as signifying a place of assembly for the performance of the ritual prayer. This level of idiocy and illusion is not even worthy of a bad Hollywood film.


For mankind to encircle, to devote to it, and to bow and prostrate to it.

So the people follow: they bow, prostrate, and encircle the stone box. Their rituals do not help them see God because the huge door to ‘His house’ remains closed. The religionists call the square stone house baytul-lah or ‘God’s house’.

It is perplexing to note that it has a door that the occupant never opens or closes. If the case is that God does not use doors, then why is there one? This can either mean He has never left His house, or it could mean He is not there. But let’s suppose the premise were true for a moment: God lives in a glorified porta-cabin. Shouldn’t the bounds of decency dictate that a house of God should be built for every mosque in the world, preferably from imported Arabian rock?

This is how the religionists fooled the people into worshipping idols made of rocks, granite, wood, copper, brass, black cloth and Arabic calligraphy. They teach the people to cry loudly, ‘O God here I come, O God here I come’ as though God were hard of hearing, focusing their full devotion to the idol resembling a house in the centre of their mosque. God has already told us that He hears what is in our hearts. These are nothing more than comical pagan rituals. The impact of manipulating one verse has distorted the whole concept of serving the One God as dictated in the Reading.

Somehow, millions feel a great exhilaration at performing this procedure. Yet, there are also thousands who do ask themselves privately ‘Why are we doing all this’? Yet they dare not abandon this practice. They will find that the answer to that question will elude them for as long as they put their trust in the religionists instead of God.

When we read the passage from 2:125 according to the intended message it says:

And when We designated the system as providence (bayta-masha-batan) for mankind and security. Take (learn) from the status (maqam) of Abraham who was committed(mu-Sol-lan). We contracted Abraham and Ishmael to cleanse My system (bayti-ya), for throngs of people (thor-iffin), those who are devoted (a’kiffin) to it, and those who humble themselves consentingly. (wa-ruku’is-sujud).

The disillusioned religionists changed the meaning of eight words from this one verse alone to denigrate Abraham – the chosen man – who was supposed to lead all the people on earth to God’s system. Translators are forced to accede to the erroneous application of these words although just two verses – 2:125 and 22:26 – form the entire supposed Qur’anic basis for this whole category of manipulated lunacy. The net result from the distortion is that millions of people believe that Mecca is the centre for the Islamic world:

  • The ‘system’ (bayta) is centred around a square shaped stone made from the mountain rocks standing in the centre of a mosque in Mecca, similar to stone idols erected in many of the temples around the world.
  • The ‘providence’ (masha-batan) became a place of assembly. So the people from all over the world assemble in Mecca.
  • The ‘status of Abraham’ (maqami-ibrohim) is a smaller idol in the form of a pair of footprints in a copper block mounted in a cage some ten metres from the door of the stone cube.
  • The ‘committed man’ (muSollan) is a place of worship. The stone idol is the focus.
  • The ‘throngs of people’ (Tho-iffin) is the religious rite of walking around the stone idol seven times in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • To ‘devote to’ (a’kiffin) means visit and pay homage to the stone cube.
  • To ‘humble themselves by consent’ (roka’is-sujud) is a series of choreographed movements of bowing and prostrating to the stone cube.

The religionists say that according to 2:125, God showed Abraham the house. They then advance two verses ahead to say Abraham and Ishmael built the house of God. Nobody notices this simple fraud. The question that begs to be answered is: how did God show a house to Abraham in 2:125 and ordered him to cleanse it and then, later (in 2:127), make him raise the foundation of the said house? With this level of gullibility being requisite for membership of the Arab idolatry club, is it any wonder the ‘Muslims’ are in such a poor state in the world?

This is, of course, yet more Arab trickery. In fact, 2:127 means: Abraham elevated the foundation from the system, but the religionists twisted it to mean Abraham raised the foundation of the house!

They have eliminated the word min al (‘from the’) appended to the word bayti completely, which changes the whole context of the passage. To illustrate, we will break 2:127 down to its component parts:

wa-iz       : and when 
yarfa-'u    : established
Ibrohimul   : Abraham
qo-wa'ida   : the foundation
minal-bayti : from the system
wa-ismail   : with Ishmael

Literally, it says: ‘And when Abraham established the foundations from the system with Ishmael’. This is more consistent with the context when the subject is read from 2:124. Even if the religionists insist that the word bayti means ‘the house’, Abraham could not be raising the foundation of a house which was already there. The word minal simply means from the. When it is prefixed to the word bayti it means from the bayti which means from the system.

A ‘system’ is a way of working, organising or doing something in which you follow a fixed plan or a set of rules. For example, if a situation or activity has a system, it has a sense of orderliness or good organisation. People sometimes talk about a system to refer to the government or administration of a state. When they think that it is too strong and has too many rules and regulations they oppose the system. Those who observe or uphold the system are committed to live in an orderly way within the prescribed rules of the system.

In other words, they live ‘by the system‘ or in Arabic ‘inda bayti‘ which is exactly what Abraham utters in 14:37.1

The religionists somehow wanted us to believe that the word inda bayti-ka means near Your house. To follow this reading to its logical conclusion, all the people of the world should live near God’s house. Just try to group the entire Arab race from Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Saudi together in one place for one week and see what happens! If one were to add the Shiite population, the fireworks would really start to fly. There would be no need for the Americans to invade any more Arab soil – they could just walk in and take it because there would be no one left alive to oppose them!

The religionists are ignorant of what God says about the settlement of human beings on the earth:

O My servants who believed! My earth is spacious. Therefore, serve Me alone. (29:56)

When read as one subject, 2:124-127 give the meaning that Abraham and his son Ishmael were committed to God’s system. Both of them established the foundation of their commitments from a System – not from a house made of rocks in Mecca or anywhere else. As a matter of fact, neither the father nor son had any knowledge about a square stone structure attributed to God. It is just a figment of the primitive Arabs’ wild imagination. The message conveyed by these verses is, in fact, that Abraham and Ishmael were the first to establish the foundation from God’s system.

Let us see how the Reading uses the word Bayta to refer to it as the providence in His system for mankind. In some cases, the system works according to what we do with our work.

1 Abraham said, “My Lord I have settled my progeny in this barren valley according to the sanctions of your system. Our Lord, this is to let them observe their commitments. Therefore, make throngs of people incline to it, and provide them with fruits that they may be appreciative.” This is a repetition of Abraham’s request in 2:126: “My Lord, make this a peaceful land, and provide its people with fruits; provide for those who believe in God and the Last Day”. God replied, “I will also provide for the disbelievers. I will let them enjoy for a while, then commit them to retribution of Hell, and a miserable destiny.”

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  2. The argument is totally valid,. I will add something more. 1.5 billion say their prayers 5 time a day. If it is the house of god then what will happen when mankind go out of the planet earth. Their wont be any cube or stone to who’s direction mankind will say their prayers. So, the concept is earth bound and Islam will be become earth bound as well. What will happen then??
    So argumentatively, it has been concocted.


  3. It seems that the caretaker of the Arab religion in Malaysia are the expert in solving this kind of problem. Go to my website and read the article about “How to pray in space”. Have fun.

  4. I liked your book. I saved it on my PC and have read it twice in a week. I think your argument is valid in most places but there is something I wanted to point out – the word that you read as “Masha-batan” is actually “Matha-batun”. I am currently writing something on verse 2:125 and interpret House not as a physical house but as God’s covenant with Abraham. Your analysis proved useful there but if you want more Muslims to take your work seriously then you must show that you know the Quran in reality.

    I am not saying that your analysis is not genuine but it suddenly stopped convincing me when I detected this fatal error. As a published book, your work should be as error-free as possible and this is quite a serious and cripling mistake.

    I wonder how you would explain “matha-batan”? I am eager to learn. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  5. Sheeba, thank you for your comment. The word “Masha-batan” used in 2:125 is a Paradigm of trileteral active aorist of dual and not plural. This can be found when we use the paradigm of “Yaf ‘alu – Yaf ‘alan and Yaf ‘alun.

    I am glad you are writing about the word bayta in verse 2:125 as “God`s covenant with Abraham“ and I hope it can make more sense than mine.

    I never said my book is free from error but I made it very clear that mankind should not serve except God.

  6. Thank you for your reply, brother.

    I understand that it is not plural. But the consonant is ‘tha’ ث and not ش “sha’. I *think* (and I may be wrong so please correct me) “matha-batan” means ‘represents’ so the verse should read as (if I use my understanding and interpretation):

    “And remember We made the Covenant which represents safety for the people; and take ye the Stance of Abraham (over monotheism) as the (standard) way to obey God; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma’il, that they should sanctify My Covenant for those who are guardians of human rights, and those who prevent divisions, and those obey Me humbly”.

    The Covenant refers to the one in Genesis Chapter 17 where Abraham and his son sanctified the covenant through circumcision.

    What do you think of my humble attempt?

  7. Sorry I don’t share your understanding because the word “mi-shak’ (covenant) and “ma-sha-bat” are two different words. I mentioned in my book I have based my observation on facts from the Quran “Alone” and presented the literal translation for it. If I have made any mistake then I am responsible only to myself and nobody will be made to answer for me on the day of Judgement.

    Please take note I have refrained myself from making comments about your work or anybody’s else work regarding the Quran.

  8. No problem. I understand. I was only trying to discuss your work with you and offer another explanation. But its quite alright if you don’t want to discuss it.

    Just one clarification: I am not interpreting Matha-bat (which I read as ‘represents’) as Covenant. I am interpreting Bayt as Covenant because in classical Arabic Bayt also refers to oath that men take by placing one’s hand over another’s that has become standard practice in Sufism and has given rise to those under oath as ahl-al-bayt. You explain bayt as system which is quite like covenant.

    Anyway, I am sorry if I seem to be sound over-excited :) It is just that I was reading on the same thing and am corresponding with a lot of people who have offered alternative explanations.

  9. First of all if you study BIBLE and QURAN you will come to conclusion that God made covenant with Abraham p when Ismael p was 13 years old. Isaac P was not yet born. The God promised to Abraham P that he will make him father of many nations. Prophet Muhammad P is from the lineage of Abraham P who was legit Prophet and given responsiblity of the covenant. He conveyed it with 100% perfection by memorizing QURAN. and today over 10 millions Muslims around the world memorized it word for wor. So no one can mess around with words of God. Past nations failed to uphold the covenant and also twisted the words of God. They disobeyed Prophets and Messengers. They also killed them. They attributed Porno stories to them. One group avoid Sharia by twisting the scripture and other turned Jesus P into their God and used his dead body for their savlavtion.
    All available writings today are from Humans who can not be trusted exept the preserved Speech of Almighty GOD in fhe form QURAN. Which is recited in every mosque since the day the Prophet recieved and he taught his companions to carry it. The oral tradition is still maintained. I studied it I trust it 100% as compare to what all other religions offers.

  10. Muhammad P did not have any agenda other than convey what was told to him by The God Almighty. He managed to do it.

    The God commanded him to uphold the faith of Abraham P. It states in the Quran, the God is telling Muhammad P say to the people

    Say, “Indeed, my Lord has guided me to a straight path – a correct religion – the way of Abraham, inclining toward truth. And he was not among those who associated others with Allah.” Quran 6:161

    He not only conveyed to Arab and Non Arab but also People of Book the decendent of Abraham P from Isaac P. (Jews and Chrisitans).

    Say: “O People of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: That we worship none but Allah. that we associate no partners with him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah.” If then they turn back, say ye: “Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to Allah.s Will). Quran 3:64

    Muhammad P died in 632 AD and left Quran and his examples recorded in the authentic hadiths. He told to people, He is done with his responsibility. Now it is up to people to uphold the faith of Abraham P by obeying Muhammad P as commanded in the QURAN or ignoring him and wait until the day of judgement.

    I choose to obey God and accept Muhammad P the last and final messenger from the lineage of Abraham P.

  11. Mr. Aidid Safer, Salaam Alaik
    I did Hajj may be in 1998, anyway I can’t understand Muqam-e-Ibrahim (foot prints) and other rituals. Really you are brave Quranic Scholer.

  12. Thank you for your comment Sir.

  13. Dear Aidid, thanks for your valuable research and a great book written on this subject. I would appreciate if you could translate the complete Quran and give us access to that. Thanks once again.

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