Zakat does not mean religious tithe

Most Muslims have been duped by their religious leaders to believe that it is their duty to perform the ritual prayers and pay the tithe or religious alms propagated by the religionists. They are told that the meaning of the first half of the phrase ‘aqeemus Sol-laa ta wa atu zakaa’ means ‘pray the ritual prayer’ and the second part means ‘pay the tithe’ (now erroneously called zakat). There are two reasons why they fall for it:

  • They are ignorant of God’s Scripture.
  • They believe that these human devils (whose only profession is to leech off and cheat the ignorant) have some sort of special knowledge in this regard.

We should be wary, however, since:

  • It is wrong to believe something without verifying it (see 17:36). We should not accept anything or do something if we are ignorant of the facts.
  • It is dangerous to attribute something to God premised merely on the strength of hearsay.

Bearing in mind that ignorance is no excuse, we will be held accountable for our deeds in this world. Serving masters other than God is a very serious offence and at a very deep level, we know it. There is no escaping this fact.

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  1. zakaa means purify by giving money/food etc to the poor.It has nothing to do with property tith collected by the mosque and Ulamas.That is a hadis requirement.
    By zakaa it means giving to the poor and nothing more and nothing less.You dont have to give to the Ulamas at mosques.Another translation for zakaa is alms. Wa atu zakaa means and give alms.

    Do we have an agreement on this ???

  2. Mr Pak Yeh,

    Please don’t pollute this blog with your religious belief. Show all the Arabic roots for the word
    Zakaa and its derivatives from the verses of the Quran to support your opinions.

  3. Where in the Quran does tell you to use root words. !!!
    Root words are an invention of linguistic philosophers. Philosophy is double edge sword. Its able to make or break a religion..
    In your case you are trying to break the religion.

  4. Aidid afar said :
    Mr Pak Yeh,
    Please don’t pollute this blog with your religious belief

    Mr Pak Yeh says,
    Mr Aidid Safar,
    Please do not polute all Muslims belief..

  5. Pak Yeh please look up the word Zakaa in the Quran. Let me help, here’s the link:

  6. Dear Aidid,

    I have read the eye opening book called Mental Bondage in the name of god. One of my concern is related to the word akbar. On one place you have mentioned akbar means BIG and at the same time you have used the same word as greatest (P 379) 25:52.

    I appreciate your clarfication on this

  7. Visitors are expected to put forward their comments ONLY after they have read and understand what they are reading.

    The admin reserved the right to remove any stupid comments.

  8. Sajid, there is no problem if you want to use the “greatest Jihad” or the “Biggest Jihad” for the word “Kabiraa” in 25:52. Which of the two make more sense to you?

    Please read 29:45 and think what is the best meaning for “Wa-la-zik-rul-lah-hee-ak-bar” to you.

  9. Pak Yeh, Anon ref is correct.

  10. Guys, Mulla’s manipulation of the word Zakat is very easy and simple to identify. Word Zakat and it’s derivatives used in Quran, doesn’t move out of it’s core meaning which is Purity (i.e., bringing/maintaining purity in our approach to abide His Decrees). Quran uses ‘sadaqa’ (noun) to mean ‘charity’ and uses ‘anfikoo’ or similar verbs to mean ‘to give’. It is most simple to grasp. Yet majority – fail to recognize or are not willing to give up their traditional belief or want to remain under the custody of their Monster Mullas – in other words they idolize their Ego or their Mullas – none can help them. Leave them alone… There will still be people who use their common sense. Let’s do our best help them. Truth will prevail regardless of majority’s disagreement.


    (1) “The majority of people, no matter what you do, are not believers.” (12:103)

    (2) “And the majority of those who believe in God are idolworshipers.” (12:106)

    God Bless them.

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