The significance of Abraham’s status

Let us see the significance of this man from the passages of the Reading.

Whose way is better than the one who peacefully focus for God while doing good deeds, and follows the principle of Abraham the sincere? God has chosen Abraham as a beloved friend. (4:125)

Indeed, Abraham was a nation of being faithful for God in sincerity, and he was not among the idol-worshippers. Instead he appreciated God’s blessings. God guided him to the straight path. We endowed him with goodness in this life and in the Hereafter he will be with the righteous. (16:120-122)

Thus, who would then forsake the principle of Abraham except those who fool themselves? We have chosen him in this world and in the Hereafter. He will be with the righteous. When his Lord said to him, “Be peaceful” he said, “I am peaceful for the Lord of the Universe.” (2:130-131)

When Abraham was put to the test by his Lord through certain words, he carried them out. God then said, “I am appointing you as the forefront (imam) for all mankind.” (2:124)

A good example has been set for you by Abraham and those with him. They said to their people, “We disown you and your idols you set up besides God. We reject you and you will see from us nothing but enmity and opposition until you believe in God alone.” (60:4)

Abraham was sincere in his commitment to observing God’s laws and he regarded idol-worship as the enemy. His focus was people’s consent to God without intermediaries. God did not appoint Abraham as imam to lead the people into rituals and worship. He was appointed to provide an example of a person committed to the service of God alone. In the context of the Reading the word imam simply means an independent and progressive leader who can lead the people by stimulating their intelligence, striving towards a condition of collective well being while observing the limits of sanctions in God’s system. He can also have a strong influence on people with his intelligence or power.

Abraham led his progeny and the people to prosper in a barren land, which they made productive. He was against all forms of idol-worship and rituals and wanted the people to free themselves from the bondage of dogma. He was willing to sacrifice his life to take a stand against the idol-worshippers. Today, we are witnessing an Arab culture that has reversed the process.

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  2. i absolutely agree. In fact, pondering upon the Reading, I believe it is meant ONLY for those who are able to think, use their AQL, as mentioned in the Quran. It is a reading to show a human how to live a peaceful way of life. In fact, I’m very certain that the prophets were men who were wise and often think and ponder a lot, and use rationale and their intellect. They also surrounded themselves with companions who had high levels of intellect, often those who were also successful in other areas of life, those who felt something else was missing and was seeking the meaning, and they all found the answer through understanding the Reading and upholding their covenants by serving God through their good deeds. Its so simple, there doesnt need to be any bending and chanting involved in the process to serve God. Because God exists around you, within you and beyond you. Traditions and occult practices are detested by God and we aught to take a step back, look at that poor fool bending forwards and backwards 5 times a day, and ask ourselves, does any of this physical regime matter, if our mind, hearts and deeds remain unpure? When we pose this question to the ulema, they call us kafir, and heedless but Nay, it is them who are distorting us from the Truth! Islam means peace and being a Muslim means beaing a peaceful human. Not to gossip, slander, back-bite, name calling or judging others even though they routinely bend about 5 times a day (or more). For the thinking mind, its appaling. I’d rather remain isolated in my own little bubble and have less friends because I refuse to be labelled as a particular race (my ancestory is javanese and chinese) and every day when I meet someone new they never fail to question ‘ Awak ni melayu ke, cina, ke..sarawak?/ Are you Malay, chinese or sarawakian?’ And this is meeting on the first encounter. What difference would it make if you knew my race? So that you can judge me? And then they usually go on to ask my religion. This happens on a daily basis in my life in Lumpur land. It shows that conformists end up being judgementalists and I really cannot tolerate that. It’s as though we are living in a 1st class facility country with 3rd world mindsets. The sheeple continue to impose their beliefs upon others and are a pretty nasty bunch if one doesn’t agree with their narrow, wayward thinking. Petty issues become major issues for these poor people. They become materialistic, hijab is now the biggest fashion trend (its odd that these ladies wear hijab yet their face is covered with 3 inch makeup and their clothes are so tight they almost look naked example Rozita che Wan). they contradict themselves constantly. they start living in lies, being promiscuous (atas tutup, bawah buka), consume alcohol/drugs secretly, get involved in bribery, and these very people call themselves upolders of the Muslim religion, Islam. The very same gimmick that they continue to use to gain mind control over the sheeple, they continue on by accrediting ‘HALAL’, btw Jakim is the highest form of Halal certification recognized the world over, because oh, you know.. they claim to be the Most Holiest of them All. But in actuality we know that and the Islamic Banking system is the biggest form of marketing deception created by the Ulemas. And now, the Pagan Arabs continue to make Billions yearly by their faithful sheeples to bow down to the Black Stone. sigh. wow. 1 Billion sheeples is definitely a huge market. As anyone can guess, Islam is a trending cult thats rapidly influencing the masses to be everything the Reading described as.. the HYPOCRITE.

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