How the religionists do the ‘Sol-laa shuffle’

Let us see how the translators are forced to jump from one meaning to another for the same word or the derivatives. I call this The Sol-laa Shuffle.

Form Occurs Explanation
Solaa 3 In 75:31 and 96:10 stated as ritual prayers
faSol-laa 1 In 87:15 & 108:2 stated as ritual prayers.
YuSol-laa 3 In 2:27, 13:21 and 13:25 stated as must tie or connect the relationship with God
Sol-lee 1 In 9:103 stated (with regard To the Prophet) as supplicated or said a prayer for the people, not ritual prayer
tuSol-lee 1 In 9:84 stated as ritual prayer (Do not pray over the hypocrites)
faSol-lee 1 In 108:2 stated ritually pray to your Lord, but in Arabic faSol-laa lirobbika means ‘uphold your commitments for Your Lord.’
yuSol-lee 2 In 3:39 and 33:43
(a) In 33:43 it is means God and the Angels ‘blessed’ the believers. Nothing about ritual prayers.
(b) But in 3:39 it is stated as Zachariah doing the ritual prayers.
Sol-lu 1 In 33:56 stated as the People must Solluu or honour the Prophet. Nothing about ritual prayers.
YuSol-lu 3 Once in 33:56 and twice in 4:102.
(a) In 33:56 stated as God and the angels blessed the Prophet for the word ‘yuSollu’.
(b) In 4:102 the same word is stated as ritual prayers.
YaSilu 5 In 4:90, 6:136 (2), 11:70, 11:81, 13:21 and 8:35 stated as people who connect a relationship with God.
muSollan (sing.) 1 In 2:125 stated as a place of worship, not person who performs ritual prayer.
muSolleen(plur.) 3 In 70:22, 74:43 and 107:4 not stated as places of worship but people who perform ritual prayers.
Sol-laa ta 46 No ritual methods in context.
Sol-laa tee 20 No ritual methods in context.
Sol-laa tu 1 In 62:10 stated as ritual prayers.
Sol-laa taka 1 In 9:103 stated as meaning the Prophet’s ritual prayer makes the people happy. The Reading clearly says that no burdened soul will bear the burden of another. So how can this be?
Sol-laa teka 1 In 17:110 stated as meaning perform your ritual prayer in a moderate tone. But today, the noon and evening prayers of the Arab religion are performed in silence.
Sol-laa tuka 1 In 11:87 stated as the prophet Shuaib’s ritual prayers (in the context of them being able to change the economic system).
Sol-laa tahu 1 24:41 is said by the Arab religion to mean that the birds of the air perform their ritual prayer. Think about that one for a moment…
Sol-laa tehim 5 6:92, 23:2, 70:23, 70:34 and 107:5 are stated with the sense: you can trust those people who perform the ritual prayer, and they also make others understand that the people who perform the ritual prayer will always fulfil their promises in 70:32-35. Experience tends to show otherwise.
Sol-laa tuhum 1 In 8:35 stated as meaning their ritual prayer is nothing but controversy and rebellion.
Solaa-waatee 3 9:99, 2:238 and 23:9.
In 9:99 stated as: their good deeds will take them closer to God and also the ‘Sol-laa-waatee’ (ritual prayer?) of The Prophet. Another illogical statement. If we give food to a hungry man how does that take us closer the Prophet’s ‘ritual prayer’?
In 2:238 stated as meaning we are supposed to safeguard our ‘ritual prayers’ Sol-laa-waatee.
In 23:9 stated as meaning, “They observe their ritual prayers (sola-waa-teehim).” Here the religionists and the u’lema say they can fulfil their promises by performing the ritual prayer, they also say they are trustworthy because they pray ritually. What do you think?
Solaa-waa-tun 2 2:157 and 22:40. 2:157 -were there any consistency – would need to be rendered thus: as ‘upon them shall be ritual prayers from their Lord’, whereas 22:40 renders the word as churches. Some Arabic experts say Sol-laa-waatun in this context means oratories. What in the world is an ‘oratory’ in this context?

This twisting of one root word in the Reading yields many differing definitions, some of which are totally unrelated to the root word. No Arab priest today can provide any logical explanation for this inconsistency. They just regurgitate the Sol-laa Shuffle as a knee-jerk reaction to any challenge on the subject.

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