Ritual prayer is not in the Qur’an

God did not prescribe a ritual prayer to the Last Prophet or to any of the prophets before him.

The Reading has 114 chapters with 6348 numbered verses. No verse tells the people: you must perform a ritual prayer to God.

  • A ritual prayer is an act of worship. God never tells any of His servants to worship Him.

  • The revelation to the Last Prophet is not a new revelation from God.

  • It is not about religion or worship of God.

  • No priest of the Arab religion has ever said that the details of their ritual prayer can be found in the Reading. Their position is that seeking to obey the Reading alone is a non-starter since one cannot pray five times a day based on the Reading alone since it neither makes such a demand nor gives details of how this should be done. This is the testimony of the Arab priests themselves. They are very proud of their bowing and prostrating to the stone idol every day. They are very proud of the invented religion they promote.

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