Moses and Jesus did not worship God

According to the Reading, all the revealed Scriptures stress one singular important message: that mankind is to serve no other than Him. The history of Moses is vividly described throughout the Reading. Jesus the son of Mary was sent to the same community to confirm what had been revealed to Moses.

And We gave Moses the Scripture, and made it as guidance for the Children of Israel, saying, “You shall not take other than Me as your protector.” (17:2)

The Reading tells us in various places that the Children of Israel violated their covenant (having pledged to uphold it) after they had distorted the words of God, and that many of them disregard parts of the Scripture. Moses left his people in anger after they refused to enter the Holy Land designated to them. Finally, the land was forbidden to them and they wandered in the wilderness for forty years without Moses. (5:25-26).

They created the religion of Judaism and called themselves Jews. Anyone who reads the Bible will know that they built synagogues as the houses of worship and created the priesthood system. They introduced rituals, worship and offerings as their way of life and falsely claimed that God ordained it. The Reading says the Jews say Ezra1 was the son of God, but God did not give any power to him to promote His deen. As a mercy, God sent Jesus the son of Mary to demolish the religious system created by the Children of Israel; supported him with the Holy Spirit and demonstrated many miracles to prove that God sent him. He said:-

I come to confirm what is with you from the Torah, and to permit for you what was prohibited you, and I come to you with signs from your Lord. Therefore observe God and obey me. Indeed, God is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serve Him. And this is the right path.” (3:50-51)

They were not able to accept any messenger who came to them with commandments contrary to beliefs they had concocted for themselves. They were arrogant and rejected – and even killed – some of God’s messengers. This is the picture that emerges from their history in the Reading.

In reality, neither Moses nor Jesus required their followers to worship the Lord God. Today, the people who disagree with the Jews’ rejection of Jesus are virtually worshipping the very man whose message was to observe and serve the One God. Although Jesus was supported by few of his contemporary, they invented a religion and started a new version of priesthood system; when all that is required of them is to uphold the commandments preached by Jesus:-

Subsequent to them, we sent messengers, and then we sent Jesus the son of Mary. We gave him the Injeel, and we placed in the hearts of his followers kindness and mercy. As for the priesthood system that they invented, it was never been decreed for them. They were only required to uphold God’s commandments, but they did not uphold the commandments – as they should. Consequently, while we will grant the believers among them their due recompense, the majority of them are wicked. (57:27)

God places kindness and mercy to those who follow the teachings of Jesus and He never decreed for them any priesthood system. It is human weakness that they need to worship something, whether it is the Christians deifying Jesus or the Jews deifying themselves and their own ‘chosen’ status. Both of these perversions of truth have their cousins in the religion created by the Arab religionists, the enemies who took and twisted what the Last Prophet was given to deliver to mankind.

According to the Reading, the Jews conspired against God, Moses and Jesus because they wanted to remain in Judaism claiming that they are the chosen people. Naturally they cannot accept anyone into the Jewish fold unless they are born of a Jewish family or from the descendant of the Children of Israel. They knew Jesus was the son of Mary; the promised Messiah but they insisted to denounce him. To fulfil the need of non-Israelites – they created a fairy tale that Jesus was crucified on the cross and he was raised from the dead after three days and three nights. It was the religionists’ idea to promote Jesus had to die for the sins of others. Interestingly, the word Christians or Christianity is not found anywhere in the four books of the New Testament. Today, the people who subscribe to the religion of Christianity cannot say with certainty whether Jesus was the son of a man or the son of God or even God Himself. However, we know from the Reading the facts about this man:

Because they said, “We killed the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary the messenger of God.” Nay, they never killed him. They never crucified him. But they were led to believe that they had. Those who dispute in this matter are doubtful thereof. They have no real knowledge. They follow only conjecture. In truth, they never killed him. (4:157)

The followers of the Christian religion were led to believe that Jesus was killed and crucified. Anyone who reads the last chapter of all the four Gospels will discover the event leading to Jesus death creates many doubts. He was missing from the tomb after the second night; this is against what Jesus have said about the signs of his death. When confronted, all that the Christian priests can say is: ‘you must have faith’. But faith based on inconsistencies, or against logic or through rhetorical propaganda does not prove anything. It is a side-show at best and a pernicious blight on humanity at worst.

Jesus true mission was to abolish the priesthood system when he said he would destroy the temple. He was committed to carry out the mission and that was his service to God. He did not come to the world to show people how to worship God. Logically, those who claim they are the true followers of Jesus should be the ones who commit themselves to complete his job, at least detach themselves from priesthood system.

When the Reading was revealed it did not teach people how to worship God – but it clearly says ‘serve God alone‘. It is, therefore, strange – not to mention downright blasphemous – to construe ‘abd2 (ta’budu) as worship accompanied by sets of physical movements: facing a certain direction (or a statue or a wall or a stone building or image) and walking around a stone structure, and so on. These are simply pagan worship rituals, created by people to simplify what they cannot comprehend.

The ideal concept of Islam, an ‘abd is a servant who serves (na’budu) his Lord by fulfilling the prescribed covenants through his commitments. He does not fulfil his commitments by worshipping. His deeds (‘amal) are the service, or ibadah. The verb na’budu means ‘we serve’ and ibadah is noun signifying the service we render when we uphold our commitments consentingly.

And strive3 in the cause of God with true striving. He is the one who selected you without imposing hardship upon you as the deen, the principle of your father Abraham. He is the one who named you Muslims (those at peace). Thus, the Messenger will be a witness to you and you will be witness to the people. Therefore, uphold the commitments and keep them pure (Sol-laa-ta-wa-atu-zakaa) and hold fast to God. He is your protector, the best protector and the best supporter. (22:78)

This is the service that the servants of God must render to serve Him. Strive in His path with the true striving. Abraham is the common factor in all scriptures and people are expected to commit themselves they way he committed to God’s deen. In the New Testament the Jews pretended they were the seeds of Abraham but Jesus said they were lying because Abraham never worship His God. The act of fulfilling these prescribed covenants and striving to further His cause through their commitments and keeping them pure is Sol-laa-ta wa-atu-zakaa.

Therefore ya’budu is not worshipping but serving.

1 In the Old Testament Ezra was a Persian from Babylon whose main objective was to protect the interest of Artaxerxes, the king of kings of the Persian kingdom. He commissioned Ezra as the chief priest for Trans-Euphrates continent including Judah and Jerusalem. He was given full authority to create religious laws, taxes, rituals, and worships. His laws were sanctioned as sacred including death penalty for apostates, banishment, confiscation of property and imprisonment. In the New Testament Jesus condemned the teachers of the law of the Pharisees or Farsi and said, ‘unless the people denounce the Persian influence there will be no salvation for them.

2 Arab religionists insist this word means worship. But some sincere translators do translates this word as ‘serve’.

3 The religionists abuse the word Jihad (strive) Qur’an to instigate their followers to kill other people.

15 Responses

  1. I actually, in full of my awareness, has read your article (Moses and Jesus did not worship God). i hereby found that, you actually, in whatever reason, in my side of thinking, is that you are writing all this only for your own comfort, and to those who are in line with you.

  2. You are not compelled to believe what you read here – and let no man stand in judgment upon another, lest the judgment mirror back upon the man. Live in your comfort zone and then wait… and I am waiting along with you.

  3. Thank you sir for this eye opening article. Just want to pointed out that the reference 54:27 does not point to the translation as above. I’m using to refer to the Reading. May God guide us all to the right path.

  4. Thank you Shaful. Yes it was a mistake on my part. It will make the corrections as soon as possible. Thak you again.

  5. No problem sir, glad to help for the benefit of other readers and searchers of the Truth.

  6. The stories from Bible and Quran about people originated from Adam and Eve is the biggest fairy tale ever told. Did the offsprings of Adam and Eve breed by incest ?

  7. Abdul Iblis….. Quran are not fairy tale but…..people that read it failed to understand. Adam was not the first person.on earth…but he was the 1st person that transform or manifest himself into a complete human being…he became a pure soul. Where all creatures bow to him except you..iblis.

  8. I afraid that one day, there will be no more people to bow and prostrate to Him by all this liberal thinking. Are you sure without religion, the kids who born after your death will open the book, interpret themselves and pray? How if they become more liberal than you? Yeah, of course all by God’s Will, but who are preaching to them about His Word? Will you keep their heart to be humble toward God?

    No! by your interpretation, they will love to be free!! it’s human’s nature!!! A man does not reflect to his religion!! Islam is Islam!! All this misconception toward Islam was all done by the misbehavior of it’s practitioner!!

    So, even muslim themselves didn’t follow what the religion taught, did you expect those who live and born without knowing things about religion, to obey God??? Will there be a school for the freethinker? Will there be a school of quranic self interpretation? Please have a taught for everything not just for yourself aidid. You’re not the only one that believe in God, but by the way you judge is just like you could scan through all the people’s heart. Correct me if am wrong.

  9. newrehmi, you sound like an alarmist. Aidid is not a prophet and he is not leading people astray as you believe. He is just a human being who has thought things through and through and is speaking his mind through the medium of a blog. What appears to alarm you so much is that the things he has thought so much about is Islam. It seems to me you are very worried that after thinking about Islam he is now airing his views and that is wrong to you. You know, that is the core of what Aidid is talking about, the self imposed mental bondage that you want those who profess Islam to adhere to. And your alarm arises from seeing Aidid telling others why they should not undergo mental bondage. Its about freeing or not freeing your thinking. Do you think Allah wants humans who are under mental bondage or who are not under mental bondage? Aidid tells us we have a choice! You seem to believe we don’t, but that is your choice!

  10. of course I know that he’s not a prophet, because in 33:40 itself God has made a claim that muhammad is the last prophet. Then, how about the accusement of stone worshipper? How about his accusement of all meccas and madinas is stone worshipper? How about all the assumption/accusement by his follower that Muhammad companion was unfaithful? didn’t al-hujaraat taught them something? Since birth, God already has gave us the free choice to either make good or bad deeds.

    But if he interpret it as religion should not exist, then how do you expect your kid or your family or their descendant to open quran, read and interpret it themselves? have you make a solution other than banning religion from the world?

    Mental bondage? How did I myself didn’t feel it that I was in such a bondage? Who said that I am in a such of mental bondage? Solah is not a ritual! Only those who felt hard to pray could give a thought like that. Did you think that Muhammad (p.b.u.h) didn’t taught any of his companion on how to pray? Did you think that Muhammad leave his companion to interpret quran themselves without any teaching? Will you accuse accuse Muhammad’s companion as an idol worshipper too?

    I too believe that religion was a man-made, but as long as it’s all based on quran and al-hadiith, should it be good. But of course, there’re people that following faith blindly. Since kid they’re being taught blindly. But I believe, that one day, they will reach a matured point to think things by themselves.

    I ask you a simple question: Do you prefer religion not to exist in this world? If you prefer it, then I believe in that world will be no more school teach about how to pray, about quran and etc. So, that day, how did you prefer that everybody will open quran, read and interpret it themselves? How if they interpret it differently than your interpretation? they too could claim the same way you claim, perhaps their interpretation is worse than what you interpret. And I afraid, without religion, one day, will come a time where people didn’t use quran anymore as a guidance, they start to forget about God and nobody teach them about God anymore. Do you agree with me?

  11. You are obviously an intelligent person and I assume knowledgeable about Islam. The only reason I wrote Aidid is not a prophet is because it seemed to me you were crediting him with the influence of a prophet who could cause so much change. The kind of change you don’t like, such as our children abandoning the quran and prayers. I don’t claim to fully understand Aidid but I’m quite sure he is telling us to understand the quran better and not as you wrote to abandon the quran due to, and I have to quote you, ‘all this liberal thinking’. On that point alone I believe you misunderstand the point Aidid is trying make.
    I also believe Aidid is saying the problem (and this is due to mental bondage that many muslims might not even be aware of) is in how muslims fulfil their duties. When I ask around, so many are not willing to change their thinking. I tend to agree that actual deeds are far more to be desired than mouthing lines from the quran as carried out during the long accepted practices of prayer. I also further believe that the best deeds we can perform are based on the highest level of knowledge that we are compelled to master. I believe we are placed on this planet to make a difference and that all this is from the quran. Now, do you agree on that with me?

  12. Yes I agree. But after all, should you know that, no matter what our next generation achieved later, I just afraid that they start to forget about God. Even in verse [29:64] itself was told that this worldly life is just nothing but an amusement. How did you define “a difference that we could make upon this planet”? is it by piling more and more higher building? I believe in [30:9] has supposedly told us better about the people who are greater strength and plowed earth more than us.

    An hadith recorded
    By God’s sake, not poverty which I fear will happen to you, but I fear the world is presented to you as it is presented to them before you (people of the past), and you compete to get as they compete. Thus the world destroy you as it destroyed them.

    Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim

  13. All religion claim to worship God. All people claim their religion is the correct one. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc. In so called Islamic religion, there are 4 school of thoughts in Sunnis…then Shias … Sunnis kill Shias…shias kill Sunnis…Not killing in war zone, but in the mosque!!!! Some Muslim country banned Shia religion even though Shia are Muslims …also perform hajj. But Sunnis have hadeeth, Shias also have hadeeth…so why kill each other??

    Then…chaos about Burqa, Purdah…which is not even mention in Quran. What’s the problem?

    So if we say something….they say. we follow our our parents and great grand parents for thousands of years.

    If you don’t believe Christians you forget God and want comfort by not attending church sunday prayers, if you don’t believe Judaism, you forget God and want comfort by not attending Synagoue, if you don’t believe Sunni/Shia religion you forget God and want comfort by not attending Mosque…

    Forget God is not about aldutery, drinking, stealing only… but forget God is to put priest, ulamaks and even Hadith higher then Quran message. And then whoever kill and bomb other people in the name of God…also forget God. Are suicide bomber really remember God? Who are these so called Jihadis, claim to destroy the infidels, but they themselves live, work, eat and drink in the western world.
    Some people, send youth here and there and bomb themselves in the name of God, but they themselves are like a mouse hiding in the big and luxury home.

    Imagine, war and killing in the name of God?????? So angry with the Israelis, you kill and suicide bomb yourself and your own people in the fish market and backyard…stupid!!! If these Jihadis really want paradise, then the whole muslim go straight to the border of Isreal and have war with them. If Jihadis are so angry with all Jews, then are you suppose to kill them everywhere? Some Jews convert to Islam, you want to kill them because they are jews?? So what kind of bad Jews mention in Quran?

    For so many years, muslim pray to God, to Down with USA, down the Israelis and yet we see these monster of the state of Israel still arrogant and kill palestinians day by day. So why God still don’t answer muslim prayers even thousands and thousand in front of Kaaba, the stone rock????

    All these thinking and mindset, shows they really forget true God message in Quran, God message in the Injil and God message to Moses, God message to all prophets.

    God message in Quran is all about peace, justice, respect, kind to all.

  14. I and you believe in God. If God didn’t reply to our prayer, it didn’t mean He didn’t heard it. He know what is the best for us. Did you ever try to put your feet into their shoes?. You don’t know how the war looks like from the first person view. When He sent disaster, it didn’t mean He didn’t heard the prayer, nor He being cruel. But to test who among the believer are better. [29:2] But, we’re not the one who will judge them, ok?!

    We all know that live is a test. [67:2] What do you expect from a life? If you saw your parent being killed in front of your eyes, will you make your own law by killing them yourself?

    Hatred breed another hatred. Even you could look back with an anger when someone hit your shoulder. So, what can you expect from a war? Thus, don’t make so much assumption to another believer. Haven’t al-hujuraat really taught you something yet? Don’t tell that you’re not mad if someone take your hand or leg from you.

    And don’t make an assumption from what you didn’t know. Because your mouth could be a witness of what you said in life, later in the Day of Judgement.

  15. you said ” But after all, should you know that, no matter what our next generation achieved later, I just afraid that they start to forget about God ” and then you said ” But to test who among the believer are better. [29:2] But, we’re not the one who will judge them, ok?!”

    ha…ha..pity…you merry go round in your life. aidid safar and whoever understand his mindset are very focus and confident in their journey while you yourself just cannot decide which path to go. you will never understand this blog till the end.

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