Abraham’s commitment

There is nothing new about people upholding the commitment to do good deeds as in the way of life prescribed by God in the Reading. It is not an innovation of the Last Prophet. Mankind has been enjoined to observe its commitments from the time of Abraham. God called Abraham the ‘committed man’. He served the one God by upholding his obligations through God’s prescribed Way of life or deen-nil-lah.

Wat-taqizu min-maqam-mi Ibrohim-ma mu-Sol-lan. (2:125)

Take from the status of Abraham the Committed (2:125)

Please note the word ‘Mu-Sol-lan‘ in this verse. It refers to the state of being of an active participle. For instance, Salam is peace, Muslim is the state peace of an active participle, Muslimin for many men and Muslimat for many women. Similarly, Sol-laa is to commit, Mu-Sol-lan is the singular proper noun. Mu-Sol-leen is the plural, Mu-Sol-leemat refers to many women.

Abraham settled his offspring on a barren valley and he wished for them to live according to God’s prescribed sanctions in the system so that they too could uphold their commitments – or Sol-laa-ta.

Rob-bana inni askantu min-zuriati bawadi ghoi-ri zar-ghain I’nda-baiti-kal mu-Harami. Rob-bana li-yu-qimus-Sol-laa-ta. (14:37)

My Lord, indeed I am settling my progeny in this valley without vegetation by Your sanctioned system. My Lord, let them uphold their commitments. (14:37)

Those who wish to be right with God are told to commit in similar fashion:

Say, the truth has come from God, and you shall follow the principle of Abraham, a sincere monotheist, he never associated any idols with God. (3:95)

The religionists and the u’lema would do well to meditate on the following verse which Muhammad was told to say, revealed in plain Arabic:

Indeed, My Lord has guided me in a straight path, the principle of Abraham, the sincere. He never was an idol-worshipper.” (6:161)

There is no doubt that after such a declaration, any form of idol-worship is completely out of the question.

6 Responses

  1. salam Aidid,
    “Indeed, My Lord has guided me in a straight path, the principle of Abraham, the sincere. He never was an idol-worshipper.” (6:160)
    is suppose to be in (6:161).
    may Allah bless us, every one. keeps on proving. the truth shall prevail and revolution may come. thank you.

  2. hi Aidid,

    i thank you for your works, no doubt it has helped a lot of people. i myself have re-read a few times and recommended to friends. i do not know if this is proper to ask such a question, forgive me.
    refering to 14:37, be it a valley that is barren or uncultivated, it gave me a picture of an area where there are no settlers. so how does one carry out the commitments where only one’s family is residing in that area?
    yr kind response is very much appreciated.

  3. Three hundred years ago Halifax in Nova Scotia was a virgin forest – but with God’s blessing – today it is a big city because the first settlers were committed to prosper the land. Do you think Halifax is what it is today because the people were doing the Red Indian dance facing Mecca?

  4. hi aidid,

    tnx for the prompt response.
    however its not the state of the land that was gnawing at me, but whether there were any other settlers already there prior to Abraham. Would be difficult to carry out the commitments if there were no one else to do it to.
    And i dont think one can achieve anything facing Mecca, apart from weak knee joints, if u’re implying i am one of those that do.
    anyway once again i thank you for yr earlier prompt response.

  5. Salam Jeff, I wouldn’t want to speculate if there were people in the area before Ibrahim started to say “My Lord, make this a peaceful place and protect me and my children from idol-worship… and so on….. but surely he pledged that he will live “By a system that was sanctioned by the Creator” or “A’in-da-bay-tee-ka -mu-harami” with the hope that his descendants and other people who who are attracted to his way of life observe their commitment to such system.

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