Worship of mountain rocks

The rituals that have been instituted around the man-made Ka’aba have developed in a peculiar way. The faithful bow and prostrate to a pile of rocks from the mountain; they encircle it seven times, proclaiming to the Almighty, ‘Oh God, I am here!’ increasing their volume as they near the ‘sacred’ stone cube. They kiss the idol, cry and wail to it. They do not deny they are worshipping their God through a stone idol. But to make it palatable they say it is ‘God’s house’.

The square rock structure in Mecca is constantly surrounded by thousands of people from all over the world twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. During the annual pilgrimage approximately two million people from all over the world worship it. This makes the Ka’aba the most successful idol on earth. In the following pages, we will demonstrate how the religionists conspired to change Islam – into a religion of idol-worship. In doing so, they have intentionally manipulated God’s word in the Reading and traded it cheap.

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  1. This is too hard to digest but somewhat makes sense. I must continue to read…..

  2. lol–to think i used to stress about and be sad i could not make it to the so called kaba/ankle

  3. NO Muslim goes there to worship the Kaba and No Muslim says the Kaba has anything to do with The Creator except a place made holy for people to visit and those who obey have no problem to do so for the sake of obeying the commands. It’s the same as why to we perform Ablution when we can just take a full body shower.

  4. Please translate verse no 2:158. Why there is name of two mountains. Thanks for replying!

  5. Please answer me if any one know translation of above mentioned, verse 2: 158.

  6. @hikmat. What is the purpose of going there and perform the rituals, including kissing a black stone which is likely a meteorite? This so called pillar of Islam is noting but remnants of pagan practices.

    Common sense alone will tell us that the concept of the Ka’aba being a ‘house of God’ is nonsense.

  7. Reblogged this on Shinubi Wang and commented:
    An interesting video on what the delusional Muslims do when they go on pilgrimage to Mecca.
    – Circumbulating a large stone cubicle they call the house of God
    – kissing a black stone embedded in one of the corners of the cubicle
    – shuffling between two large rocks
    – picking small pebbles to hurl at three stone pillars
    There is also a clip of delusional Jews standing in front of a wall in Jerusalem, rocking to and fro while chanting prayers. Guess it was included for comparing delusions.
    Wake up, people!

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