The conspiracies

The list below shows twenty-eight crucial words in the Reading (although there are others) which have had their meanings twisted by the religionists to create the ‘Arab’ religion. The words are shown with their attendant translations:

Arabic word      Arab corruption            Fundamental meaning
Islam            Submission                 peacefulness
Muslim           one who submits            one who is at peace
Asra             journey                    captivated
Sol-laa          5 daily ritual prayers     commitment or obligation
deen             religion                   order or way of life
bayta            God’s house                a system
bayti-ya         My house (God’s)           my system
baytal Harama    God’s sacred house         the sanctions in the system
baytika-muHarami God’s Sacred house         your sanctions in the system
maqam            footprint                  status, position or rank
musol-lan        a place of prayers         a committed man
musol-leen       people who pray ritually   people who are committed
Thor-iffin       encircle the house         throngs of people
a’kiffin         retreat to the stone house Devote
sujud            prostrate physically       Consent
wa-roka’is-sujud bow and prostrate          humbly consenting
masajid          mosque                     consented decree
masajidal-lah    God’s mosque               God’s consented decrees
masajidil-Harami sacred mosque              sanctioned consented decrees
masjidil-aqsa    faraway mosque             proximity of consented decree
masajidi-lil-lah mosque belonging to God    consented decrees for God
Hurumun          the pilgrim garb/pilgrim   restricted
ka’aba           God’s house                ankles or lower foot
hadya            animal offerings           guidance
qola-ida         animal’s garland           hunting rules
u’mro-ata        a visit to God’s house     to prosper or to give life
Haj              the annual pilgrimage      to challenge or discourse
zakaa            paying of religious tithe  to purify, or keep pure

A quick perusal of this list leaves one incredulous. How on earth can the sense of these words have been corrupted to such an extent without people noticing? However, even basic research based on the Reading alone proves that the meanings of the words listed above have been deliberately distorted, misconstrued and falsified by the religionists with the intention of subjugating the deen to their lust for personal benefit and power; quite against the specific wishes of God and His messenger. A simple examination of associated meanings, which appear repeatedly in the Reading, should provide enough incentive for the true believer or scholar to undertake an examination of the Reading on the basis of personal and unbiased study, regardless of prevailing consensus. After all, the Reading is (to borrow the computer terminology of our day) the default document of the Muslim faith.

That a thinking person is equal to such a task is addressed in the Reading in no uncertain terms. This particular promise appears four times in a single surah alone:

Indeed, We have made the Reading easy to remember. Is there anyone who wishes to learn? (54:17, 22, 32, 40)

The fact is that the religionists have abused four key verses from the Reading to establish their claims. Having made these changes, the knock-on effect requires them to re-interpret other verses and words to retain the appearance of consistency. The end product is a reading of the Reading of God, which has become man-made corruption riddled with inconsistencies and fallacies. Clearly, the end result of such an onslaught has proven disastrous. Evidence of this is painfully apparent in verses: (2:124-1291; 5:1-5; 3:95-97; 9:17-20).

I invite the reader to accompany me on a journey of discovery to expose the conspiracy, using the Reading alone as a base of reference. As we go we should remember that the Reading is the only sure-fire revealed testament of God’s will on earth accepted by all Muslims.

The fundamental Reading principles from which we will proceed are:

The Reading is consistent and there is no contradiction in the book.

Why do they not study the Reading carefully? If it were from other than God, they would have found many contradictions therein (4:82)

The Reading is the best Hadith or message and it is consistent. The word Hadith is found in the following verses.

God sent down the best Hadith/message a Scripture that is consistent (39:23)

Which Hadith/message beside this would you then believe in. (77:50)

The criterion of this study is to find the meanings of each word found to be inerrant with other passages by using the Quran alone. In other words, contrictory meanings from other sources besides the Quran are discounted.

There is no priesthood or religious clergy in Islam. Thus the interpretations by scholars or priests are also avoided.

They have taken their priests and the scholars as Lords besides God (9:31)

No human can claim to be the sole authority of the Reading.

God Most Gracious, the One who teaches the Reading. The One who created the human being. (55:2-3)

Only God can explain the Reading since He wrote it.

Do not move your tongue to hasten this revelation. We are in charge of putting them together into the Reading. Once We recite it, you shall follow this Reading. Then it is We who will explain it. (75:16-18)

The Reading explains itself and provides the best interpretation, beyond that of any human.

They never come to you with any example, except We provide you the truth and the best interpretation. (25:33)

Since the study is based solely from the Quran, critics are welcomed to put forward their arguments by applying the same principle.

There is no ambiguity to be found in the Reading.

A Qur’an (reading) in Arabic, without ambiguity so that they may attain success. (39:28)

The majority of Muslims will be afraid to read what is written in this book because they think they are already on the right path – in the ‘religion of Islam‘ – a belief they have inherited from their forefathers who were effectively shackled by the Arab religious masters. This book encourages them to think, to reason, and to question in the way of the Reading. Reflect on the purpose of life and see the wonders of it – but Muslims are disassembled and they are being dismantled bit by bit right before their eyes. It is being done either by those who would seek to do them ill, or by those who would seek to protect them from those who seek to do them ill.

Obviously what they are about to read is a dramatically different idea about the Islam they profess. This study is based upon a document they cannot deny of its authenticity – the Reading in its original Arabic. My wish for them is – try not to be the groups of people described by the Reading:-

Surely for those who disbelieve, it is the same over them – whether you warn them or did not warn them – they will never believe. God seals over their hearts – and over their hearing and over their sight – are veiled. And for them – the greatest suffering. (2:6-7)

This study threatens the position of all Islamic scholars and cult leaders who promote rock worship, paganism, extremism, and terrorism in the name of God. I invite them to prove me wrong on the basis of the Qur’an alone. Crying aloud of Aidid Safar’s errors or making accusation that he created new meaning to the Qur’an without proving it from the Book itself is useless. That is the patriarchal behaviour of ignorant mullahs who think they can fool the people.

Sincere Muslims the world over must realise, the Reading teaches them to use their common sense. ‘God deliberately blocks His guidance from those who defy their common sense ‘ (10:100). The so-called religious experts are no better than any ordinary Muslims. They will not be guided unless God guides them. In His fairness God says He guides whomever He wills – men or women without injustice. A person is guided not because of his or her knowledge of the language – but by their wisdom and power of reasoning. However, the self-proclaimed experts including those who promote false doctrine of miracle discoveries in the Quran will continue to exploit and cheat innocent people who think they need their guidance. The Reading teaches us to verify information and use our common sense each time we hear something new. Do not follow the following example:-

Some of them listen to you, but when they leave, they ask those who are knowledgeable (experts), “What did he say”? This is how God seals their heart, and they follow their own opinions. (47:16)

Read the above verse again and think. It won’t cost you a penny to think. Therefore, read this book with an open mind – and think carefully. You are not alone – other religionists and their scholars have in like manner enslaved the minds of innocent people who follow them blindly including the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Bahais, or any other organised religions.

1 Eight words were distorted in 2:125 alone by the religionists to accommodate the rituals at the spot where the Arab god apparently lives.

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  1. Dear Aidid,
    you wrote “I invite the reader to accompany me on a journey of discovery to expose the conspiracy, using the Reading alone as a base of reference. As we go we should remember that the Reading is the only sure-fire revealed testament of God’s will on earth accepted by all Muslims” in your book under the subtitle conspiracies. visit where Dr. Qamar Zaman is doing a gr8 job in researching Quran (the work is in urdu). his views abuot hajj and salat are alike yours. they also have a blog at which is in english

    God bless you

  2. Peace!

    Meaning is use.

    A recurring argument which I have noticed to be in use almost exclusively by individuals of the Quran Alone movement – which it must be noted is a relatively modern argument – is the argument of words signifying significations other than those which they have acquired through linguistic use over the course of many centuries. I reject the validity of this argument, outright, based on the following two arguments.

    1. The first argument can be summed up by the mantra oft-quoted by scholars of semantics, and that is: “Meaning is use.” There can be no other way for a word to acquire a meaning other than by way of its being employed in speech or writing. Thus, the signification of a word can be known through only one of two ways. The first is that an individual must have heard that word being used in speech enough times to the effect that he can form a sound idea of how that word is used, and therefore, what it signifies. The second is that an individual can compile a corpus with enough entries of that word to the effect that he can form a sound idea of how that word is used, and therefore, what it signifies. Now, I accept the possibility that some Quranic words are used in ways which confer to them variations of presently existing meanings, or they can introduce new meanings altogether. However, such words must, I emphasise, must be used enough times to allow for that possibility. And if this is not the case, then the only significations with which we can use to understand the text of the Quran are those which the Arabic language itself admits. Thus it is my opinion that verbs and nouns which have only been used 2 or 3 times in the Quran, like zanaa, saraqa, khamr, and maysir, can only mean to fornicate, to steal, wine (or intoxicant), and games of chance, respectively, without modulation of the presently existing meaning. Furthermore, even if a word has been used enough times by the Author in such ways so as to modulate their signification, this is no way invalidates the use of significations which were already in use at the time of the Quran’s revelation. Thus, verbs and nouns like “salaah”, “islaam”, “sujood”, and “sallaa”, can be understood to mean “prayer”, “submission”, “prostation” and “to pray” – such an understanding cannot be invalidated, for such does the tongue entail.

    2. The second argument is that if the first argument does not hold true, then there can be no way of knowing which signification the Author intended in the use of any given word, hence, chaos, hence, no guidance, hence, eternal loss.

    Meaning is use.


  3. Well if you’re going to accept their authority, I think it would be prudent to do so. I also test the concepts of living speakers, hence discovering the vast differences even between Arabic language scholars.

    The point is NOT veracity but AUTHORITY. If I find a meaning ineffective, I wouldn’t care himself told me about it. The point is that I must make it effective in MY life.

  4. Reblogged this on Shinubi Wang and commented:
    The Arabic language was corrupted to hoodwink more than a billion people. It must be the greatest scam on earth and should go into he Guinness Book of Records.
    Equally amazing is that more than a billion followers of Islam do not even speak the Arabi language and they follow blindly what the con men dished out to them. This calls for scholarly research on human nature, gullibility and scams. How to fool more than a billion people!

  5. […] The conspiraciesIn “Islam” […]

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