Ownership claim

The Reading remains simple and straightforward. The reigning confusion is entirely man-made. When people take the revealed words and alter their meaning to suit their situation, it is no longer true. The religionists promoted their invented Arabic religion and not the Islam that was revealed to the Last Prophet. This was done in order to support their claim of ownership over the Reading and declare themselves the rightful caretakers of religion. Nowhere else in the world do we see such temerity. One wonders then, by extension, if the Devil converses only in Arabic.

Today, people who wish to serve their Lord by subscribing to God’s way are driven into the complexities of the Arab religion. In other words, the religionists have set themselves up as the conduit pipe – a saviour and messenger no less – by which to reach God.

It is required of any subscriber to God’s prescribed way of life (or the deen-nil-lah) to believe in the One God. The faithful know this and they know that God had revealed the Scriptures through many prophets to guide mankind. Somewhere along the line we have ceased to be vigilant against the enemies of God who are always waiting on the sidelines to derail us from God’s path.

A student of the Arab language has to contend with the mullahs’ interpretation to serve the invented Arab religion which, as has been indicated, is not part of the Reading and examples are provided in this book that show how the interpretation of certain, simple words in the Reading have been distorted to meet the requirements of this contrived man-made religion.

Sincere people who seek the grace and pleasure of God have been divided into violent conflict and hateful sects1 under the mantle of the Arab religion. They fight and disagree over almost everything. As the supposed keepers of the Muslim faith, they bear poor testament to the privilege.

The religionists continue to make fools of everyone by making them expend sizeable amounts of money to journey to the Arab soil so that they can walk in circles around a stone box. If it were not so catastrophic it would be laughable.

1 Ahmadiah sect is officially declared apostates by the Pakistani Constitution. Many of them are killed and their mosques burnt down. In Pakistan, Bangladesh and India Sunnis are killing the Shiites – vice versa. The same is happening in Iraq everyday. Shiite followers are jailed without trial in Malaysia under the Sunni government and Ahmadiah are official declared apostates.

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