The Qur’an (or the reading)

The first distortion is the religionist’s contention that it is not possible to translate the Qur’an into any other language because the attempt will change the essence of its meaning.

This is patently untrue, and is the first conspiracy hatched by the religionists to prevent the people of the world from understanding the word of God in their own languages. It also has the effect of making the Arab religionists the de facto keepers of the faith since all matters related to the Arabic language have to be referred to them. The inevitable result of this is that whatever they claim to be the correct interpretation has to be accepted as God’s truth. The net effect of this is the gradual and insidious replacement of God’s deen with practices of the invented Arab religion.

It is common knowledge that non-Arab Muslims around the globe daily recite five ritual prayers in Arabic. It is one of the idiosyncratic requirements of their Arab religion – a requirement that is not to be found in the Reading. TheEnglish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, African and other non-Arab speaking communities are told that they must ritually pray to an Arab god specifically in the Arabic language. This presupposes that God cannot understand any other language, which by itself defies logic.

The religionists deliberately erected a language barrier to exert their influence over their religion and, by extension, over the people who practice the Arab religion. As a result, they created the Arab and Muslim culture, as we know it today. They prevent the faithful from serving the Lord of the Universe by systematically isolating them from understanding the Reading. Eventually, all translations of the Qur’an have to undergo their censorship before they can be circulated as legitimate translations.

This book hopes to systematically explore and destroy all these illogical Arabic illusions. We will refer to the Reading, armed with a healthy dose of common sense and logic. This means that anyone and everyone – Arab and non-Arab alike – can check and verify the arguments presented. The Reading can withstand any scrutiny or criticism. It is truly God’s revealed word.

The followers of the invented Arab religion who do not use their common sense to discover the truth, or to question their priests, and who unashamedly call themselves ‘Muslims’ are the worst communities on the face of the earth today. God has condemned and humiliated them for their blind subservience to their obtuse religious masters. Their conspiracy is against the objective of the Lord of the Universe, the Creator of the seven heavens and the earth. It was through His mercy that He revealed His will to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus and the other prophets. Each of them, obviously, received the revelations in his own language and, to date, mankind has never been instructed to serve God in only one particular language. The true objective of revelation has always been to make life simple for everyone so that they could all serve Him.

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  2. Dear Aidid Safar, Salaam to you,

    My “real journey” started when I read your book a few years ago. Being unshackled, thank God, I now see things differently.

    Continuing my journey based on Qur’an alone I have a few basic questions with the same fundamental issue on my path. Please bear with me. How do we verify that the Qur’an is from God? Who actually did the writing down? Who compiled and how was the Qur’an compiled into what it is now? If God “communicated” with “us” then, why is “this form of communication” no longer used by God?

    I hope you will not send me off to do my homework because I definitely will but a bit of help from you would definitely help me a lot and is much appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Have a beautiful day.



  3. Salaam to you Iam,

    There is no way anybody can verify the Quran is from God or may have knowledge about the names of the scribes and the compilers.

    It is up to the individuals to accept or reject the testimonies of the Quran itself:-

    That scripture is infallible, a beacon for those who are observant – who believe the unseen, they are committed and from our provision to them they give – and they believe in what was transmitted to you, and what was transmitted before you – and they are positively certain about the hereafter”.

    (So, it is a matter of personal choice)

    “Believe therein – or disbelieve. Those who possess knowledge before it, when it is recited to them their chins fall consentingly.”

    As for the scribes the Quran says:

    “It is recorded in an honorable scripture, exalted and pure, written by the hands of the assigned who are honorable and pure.”

    (The question is – If God tells us the names of the scribes – and how the Quran was compiled – what are we going to do about it?)

    The Quran also says:

    “No falsehood can enter it, in the past or the future, for it is a revelation from God, most wise, praiseworthy.”

    If they claim that you have fabricated some lies and attributed them to God, then God is able to seal your heart, ERASE ANY FALSEHOOD – AND REESTABLISH THE TRUTH WITH HIS WORDS”.

    If God can seal the prophet’s heart, what is so difficult for Him to erase mistakes made by the scribes, then corrected them in His own way so that His book can be spread to mankind in its original form? Isn’t that is the purpose why the Quran was transmitted and that was what the last prophet said:-

    “Whose testimony is greater? Say, “God is the witness between me and you that this Quran has been transmitted to me in order to preach to you with it – and TO WHOMEVER IT REACHES“. (6:19)

    However, God assured us that He will preserve the Quran:

    “Surely We sent down the reminder, and surely, We are the One who will preserve it”

    Each time somebody ask me whether the Quran is from God or not, I like to take a short cut by quoting to them the following verse:

    “What if it is really from God, and you disbelieve therein? Who is worse than those who oppose it?

    Lastly, if we expect to get a respond from God the way we are responding to each other through the internet, then God cannot be “The God”. He explains how He responded to our call:

    “When overwhelming waves surround them, they implore God sincerely. Bus as soon as He saves them to the shore, some of them revert.”

    Aidid Safar

  4. Dear Aidid Safar, Salaam to you,

    Thank you so much for your kind clarification. I really appreciate it.

    I agree with you that it is a matter of personal choice. I believe it is intended that we are unable to do the verification (as simple as that). As we know it, even if it is clear as day and night that the Qur’an is from God those who choose not to believe will find reasons and excuses to remain defiant anyhow.

    I believe that the only way to verify that the Qur’an is from God is by “reading” the essence of the Qur’an and the only way to get the “essence” of the read is by completely (and sincerely – it is impossible for it to be complete if you are not sincere about it) committing to the read. The verification comes from the “peacefulness” that comes with the read and this is reinforced and re-validated over and over again by more “peacefulness” that comes as one goes deeper into the read.

    Strangely, it is difficult to lose this state of peacefulness for as long as we remain true and purely committed to the read. It is difficult to lose peacefulness when we discover and rediscover over and over again that the read is all about a true gift of a “full life” regardless who you are.

    The “peacefulness” that comes with the read is amazing. We may not verify that the Qur’an is from God but it is clearly not from humans who easily allow themselves to be misled to dwell in hatred endlessly hence incapable of “promoting” peace in such a beautiful and wonderful manner.

    Have a peaceful day Aidid Safar.


  5. Dear Adid Safar,

    You are right its a matter of beleif but you can verify its from God. It tells mankind the secrets of its origin and our life. If this wasnt from God, then the man who wrote this might have been God himself(Astagfiruallah). I just think we are very close to verifying it is from God, or actually i thinkm we have already verified it. God is differnent from his creation and by the way the Quran is wriitten, theres no other book liike it.

    20:4 A revelation from Him Who created the earth and the heavens on high.


  6. Thank you for your comment. The Quran says if it is from other than God they will find many contradictions therein (4:82). However when men tried to manipulate His words we can see how their personal understanding contradicts.

    Peace be upon you too.

  7. So ur saying that the Quran is the word of God but ppl just try to mainipulate the words? So thats why its a matter of personal chioice? I understand how ur saying that we need to read the Quran more and more with sincerity. I found out however how much overwhelming evidence God gave us in the Quran and the fact that the Quran has no errors. I understand what God meant by that He only knows the final meaning of those allegorical verses.

    Salam, Najir

  8. The message in God’s Book is clear and it is consistent with the message He revealed to Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad that “You shall not serve except God” – and this can be done anywhere in the world. All messengers tell the people the same thing. Idol worship in whatever form is a gross offence (31:13) and God will NEVER forgive anyone, who knowingly or unknowingly falls into idol worship (4:48). Of course people will strongly deny this even to God (6:22-23). If you are sincere God will guide you to His path to remove you from your system of belief to His system of belief.

    Aidid Safar

  9. I am very interested in what is written in your website. However, I have read somewhere else that the Koran was compiled sometime after Muhammad’s death and it was based the the recollection of what he had repeated to his followers. Is it possible therefore that what is written down may have been influenced by their own thoughts/intepretations? I am not trying to be insulting. Although a born Christian, I find myself drawn towards the teachings of Islam and I would like to find out more.


  10. I got into trouble about my way of life of peacefulness (my deen of Islam) when I trusted the scholars and Mullahs who taught me about Islam from sources from “somewhere else”. When they teach me they will use the Arabic language twisting their tongue to simulate the book to make me think that it is from the Quran when it is not from the Quran and they claimed they are from God, when it is not from God. All the Islamic scholars and Mullars around the world do this – and they invent lies and attribute them to God – with full knowledge. No Muslims can escape from their evil plans.

    About the Quran or the Reading. Nobody should take credit about the existance of the Quran except God. The following verse says the last prophet wrote the revelations:-

    “As for the disbelievers they said, “This is an invention that he has fabricated with the help of some people”. Indeed they have uttered a great slander and falsehood. They even say, “These are tales from the past “THAT HE HAS WRITTEN DOWN” and were dictated to him day and night”. Tell them, “The One who knows the secret of the sky and the earth has revealed it (to me). He is forgiving and merciful” (25:4-6)

    Nobody knows the whereabout of the revelations that was written by the last prophet. But all Islamic scholars and the Mullahs claim the last prophet couldn’t read or write – and that is why we have tons of grandmother stories from them.

    The above verses did not tell us whatever was written by the last prophet must be the original Quran and it should be the mastercopy. Somehow the Quran that we have today says:

    “Indeed this (Quran) is a reminder. Thus, whoever wills shall take heed. It is recorded in an honorable scripture which is exalted and pure – WRITTEN BY THE ASSIGNED HANDS ” who are honorable and righteous.” (80:11-16)

    Since God is not interested to tell us the names of those who were assigned to write the Quran – I don’t think we will be questioned about it. The names of those people are not important because even if they made mistakes the Quran says:

    “No falsehood can ever enter it, IN THE PAST OR IN THE FUTURE for it is a SIGN from God, most wise and praiseworthy”. (41:42)

    Readers should know the Quran is just a book of reminder from God. We learn from the Quran that there were many people who refused to believe the reminder and they questioned the last prophet “How do you know the Quran is from God”. The prophet never tried to convince them, instead he was inspired to answer simply, “What if it is truly from God and you reject it”.

  11. The Admin has moved the Malay Translation of Mental Bondage to on Jan 10, 2011.

  12. Salaam,
    Perhaps if we check this web site, we can understand more about the Quran. There may be differences in interpretation but I see alot of similarities too and perhaps there are grey areas that can be made clearer. Salaam.

  13. I want to read your article in that you mention that flesh of swine is not prohibited.

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