Islam is one of the most abused and misunderstood words today. Islam effectively means peacefulness – accomplished through the observation of orders (which is the deen) – a providence from our Creator revealed to all prophets and messengers so that mankind will enjoy an orderly way of life in the grand design of His creations (which is God’s system). This, however, is not the image called to mind when one hears the word Islam. True Islam is intended to be a life of blissfulness without religions, myths, superstitions, or ‘holiness’. The religionists, however, have systematically destroyed this ideal, not by demolishing it, but by altering its form so that it is no longer manifested as its Designer intended. The introduction of the Arab religion misleads people, stunts their potential growth, and results in disadvantaged and dysfunctional societies. It propagates a way of life or a deen featuring violence, terrorism, extremism, idolatry, worship, rituals, animal sacrifice, pilgrimage rites, oppressive tribal laws, a caste system, exploitation, chauvinism, decadence, poverty and hermitism. This, they claim, is what God had decreed. This is provably contrary to the institution of peacefulness described in the Reading.

This book discusses the idol worshipping Arab religion. I will demonstrate that the current state of affairs is not at all what is envisioned in the Islam revealed to the Last Prophet. According to the Reading, a person can enjoy a blissful life without having to profess a religion. The evidence from the Book states that the enemies of every prophet will invent religions to divert mankind from the path of God. As shocking as it may be, the religionists have proven to the world that they are truly the enemies of the God’s prophets by virtue of the fact that they have replaced the ‘peace’ with a ‘sadistic’ idol-worshipping religion.

Before going on to support this claim, it is as well to define the terms within which this study operates. They are:

  • The Qur’an (which translates as ‘the Reading’) is the word of God
  • The Reading is the default document of authority for the Muslim people
  • The contents of the Reading are true, without contradiction, precise and perfectly written
  • The Reading easily exposes the distortions and anomalies that men perpetuate

Before we proceed let me explain briefly why I have chosen to address the subject of idol-worship. According to the Reading, God forgives all sins to whomever He will except that of idol-worship. A person’s good deeds can be nullified if he or she falls into idol-worship knowingly or unknowingly.

It has been revealed to you and those before you, that if you fall into idol-worship, all your deeds will be nullified and you will be a loser. Therefore, you shall serve God alone and be thankful. (39:65-66)

God never forgives the idolisation of anything besides Him, and He forgives all lesser offences for whomever He wills. Anyone, who sets up any idol besides God, has forged a gross blasphemy. (4:48)

Moses for example killed a man during his younger days. God, however, chose him to become a prophet and forgave him the crime he committed as soon as he turned to serve the supreme God alone. The Reading gives full details about the history of Moses:

“O Moses, I am your Lord, so take off your shoes. You are in the sacred valley of Tuwa, and I have chosen you, so listen to what is revealed. I am the One God, there is no god except Me. You shall serve Me and observe your commitments to remember Me” (20:11-14)

“O Moses, this is I, God, the Almighty, the Judge. Throw down your staff.” When he saw it move like a demon, he turned around and ran. “O Moses, do not be afraid, My messengers have nothing to fear.” (27:9-10)

“Now, put your hand in your pocket, it will come out white, without blemish. Gather your confidence, for these are only two of the proofs you will take from your Lord to Pharaoh and his elders. They are unjust people.” (28:32)

Moses said, “Lord, I killed one of them, and I fear lest they kill me.” (28:33)

God said, “Even to those who commit evil, but later substitute righteousness in place of evil, I am forgiving.” (27:11)

Human nature is weak. We make many mistakes and transgress the limits of a normal life and thereby wrong our souls. The Reading on the other hand, gives an assurance that whatever wrongdoings a person commits can be converted into credit once he or she decides to lead a righteous life. Such a decision does not require a person to profess a religion.

As for those who repent, believe, and work righteousness, God will change their sins into credits, God is forgiving and merciful. Whoever repents and works righteousness, God redeems them by a complete redemption. (25:70-71)

That is the assurance from God Himself in the Reading. We don’t have to be religious to repent or to believe in the One God. Similarly, we don’t have to profess a religion to do good deeds.

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23 Responses

  1. All the while I never believe words other than Quran. I always stand to believe that Muslims were mislead to perform biggest SINS by worshiping KAABA (ROCK WITH BLACK CURTAIN). I would like to suggest that we start a new community for the TRUTH ISLAM..Salam..

  2. Salaam to you Br Zahid,

    I am very sure the last prophet did not create a new community when he received the revelations. He was an ordinary man like any of us – followed his parents blindly and mislead by the religious people. When you received the knowledge from the Quran – try to put put yourself in the phophet’s shoes:

    Did He not find you astray – and He guided you” (93:7)

    We thus revealed to you an inspiration from us declaring our commandments. Previuosly, you had no idea what the scripture was, or what faith was. But we made this scripture a beacon to guide whomever we will. Indeed, you guide to a straight path. This is the path of God who possesss everything in the sky and the earth. To God all matters will ultimately return.” (42:52-53)

    O you who believe, you shall worry ONLY about yourselves – you are not harmed by those who go astray – so long as you are guided. To God is the ultimate return of all of you. He will inform you of everything you did.” (5:105)

    You cannot guide those you love. God is the one who guides whomever He wills – for He is is fully aware of those who deserve the guidance.” (28:56)

    And our duty:

    You shall continue to remind them – for the reminder will benefit ONLY those who want to believe.” (51:51)

  3. Salam Aidid,
    below is the translation in “Bahasa Melayu” on this posting;

    Dikirim pada Disember 21, 2008 oleh Aidid Safar

    Hari ini perkataan Islam adalah yang paling disalahgunakan dan disalahfahami. Perkataan Islam secara berkesan membawa erti kedamaian – setelah diperhalusi dengan sempurna terhadap perintah (kepada deen itu) – sebuah takdir dari Maha Pencipta yang telah diwahyukan kepada semua para nabi dan rasul supaya umat manusia dapat menikmati sebuah tertib kehidupan menurut rencana utama Pencipta-Nya (iaitu peraturan/sistem yang telah ditetapkan Allah). Ini, bagaimanapun, bukanlah gambaran yang terpancar ke kotak ingatan seseorang sewaktu dia terdengar sahaja perkataan Islam. Benar, Islam yang dimaksudkan untuk menjadi kebahagiaan itu adalah kebahagiaan kehidupan tanpa ber’agama-agama’, berkepercayaan kepada perkara-perkara karut/mitos, tahyul, atau anggapan-anggapan kepada hal-hal ‘kesucian’. Para Agamawan, bagaimanapun, telah secara sistematik menghancurkan kesempurnaan/keunggulan ini, tidak dengan merobohkan, tapi dengan mengubah bentuknya sehingga tidak lagi wujud sebagaimana cadangan Perancang-Nya. Pengenalan kepada agama Arab ini telah menyesatkan ramai orang, menggencatkan pertumbuhan keupayaan mereka, dan hasilnya menjerumus kepada masyarakat yang kurang beruntung dan tidak berfungsi. Menyebar/merambat cara hidup atau deen yang memaparkan kekerasan, keganasan, ekstremisme, penyembahan berhala, pemujaan-pemujaan, upacara-upacara, pengorbanan haiwan, upacara-upacara haji, undang-undang sukuan yang menindas, sistem kasta, eksploitasi/pemerasan, cauvinisme/ketaksuban, dekadensi/kemunduran, kemiskinan dan hermitism/pertapaan/bersuluk. Ini, mereka mendakwa, adalah apa yang Allah telah tetapkan. Hal ini terbukti bertentangan dengan institusi kedamaian yang dijelaskan dalam Bacaan.

    Buku ini membincangkan pemujaan/penyembahan berhala agama Arab. Saya akan tunjukkan bahawa apa yang berlaku pada masa ini tidak semua seperti apa yang digambarkan dalam Islam yang telah diwahyukan kepada nabi terakhir. Menurut Bacaan, seseorang dapat menikmati hidup bahagia tanpa harus mengakui agama. Bukti dari Al-Kitab menyatakan bahawa musuh-musuh setiap nabi akan membuat agama-agama untuk mengalihkan umat manusia dari jalan Allah. Seperti suatu yang mengejutkan kerana apakah mungkin, Para Agamawan telah menjadi bukti kepada dunia bahawa mereka itu adalah sebenarnya musuh-musuh kepada nabi Allah berdasarkan fakta bahawa mereka telah menggantikan ‘kedamaian’ dengan agama ‘sadis’/kejam menyembah berhala.

    Sebelum diteruskan lagi untuk menyokong dakwaan ini, adalah terlebih baik untuk mendefinisikan istilah-istilah yang beroperasi dalam sepanjang kajian ini. Mereka adalah:

    • Al-Quran (yang diterjemahkan sebagai ‘Bacaan’) adalah merujuk kepada firman Allah.
    • Bacaan adalah dokumen mutlak sebagai pegangan kepada orang-orang Muslim.
    • Isikandung Bacaan adalah benar, tanpa kontradiksi/pertentangan kata-kata, tepat dan telah ditulis dengan begitu sempurna.
    • Bacaan akan mudah memperlihatkan distorsi/kelencungan dan akan menjadi janggal apabila ada campurtangan/ketetapan dari manusia.

    Sebelum kita teruskan biar saya jelaskan secara ringkas mengapa saya memilih untuk mengatasi subjek Penyembahan Berhala. Menurut Bacaan, Allah akan mengampuni segala dosa kepada sesiapa pun yang Dia kehendaki kecuali kepada penyembah berhala. Perbuatan baik seseorang boleh jadi sia-sia selagi/jika dia jatuh ke dalam penyembahan berhala secara sedar atau tidak sedar.

    “Dan sesungguhnya telah diwahyukan kepadamu dan kepada (nabi-nabi) yang sebelummu: Jika kamu mempersekutukan (Tuhan), niscaya akan hapuslah segala amalmu dan tentulah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang rugi. Karena itu, maka hendaklah mengabdi hanya kepada Allah sahaja dan hendaklah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang bersyukur (Az-Zumar 39:65-66)”.

    “Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengampuni dosa syirik (mengadakan sesuatu disamping-Nya), dan Dia mengampuni segala dosa yang selain dari (syirik) itu, bagi siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya. Barang siapa yang mempersekutukan Allah, maka sungguh ia telah berbuat dosa yang besar (An-Nisaa’ 4:48)”.

    Nabi Musa misalnya telah membunuh seseorang semasa usia mudanya. Namun, Allah telah memilih dia untuk menjadi seorang nabi dan memaafkan kesalahan yang telah dilakukannya setelah dia berpaling untuk mengabdi hanya kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa sahaja. Bacaan memberikan butiran lengkap tentang sejarah Nabi Musa:

    “Hai Musa, sesungguhnya Aku inilah Tuhanmu, maka tanggalkanlah kedua terompahmu; sesungguhnya kamu berada di lembah yang suci, Thuwa. Dan Aku telah memilih kamu, maka dengarkanlah apa yang akan diwahyukan (kepadamu). Sesungguhnya Aku ini adalah Allah, tidak ada Tuhan (yang hak) selain Aku, maka berabdilah kepada Aku dan perlihatkanlah/pamerkanlah iltizam2 mu/penglibatan2 mu/persetujuan2 mu untuk mengingati Aku (Thaahaa 20:11-14)”.

    “Hai Musa, sesungguhnya Akulah Allah, Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana, dan lemparkanlah tongkatmu”. Maka tatkala (tongkat itu menjadi ular dan) Musa melihatnya bergerak-gerak seperti seekor ular yang dahsyat, larilah dia berbalik ke belakang tanpa menoleh. “Hai Musa, janganlah kamu takut. Sesungguhnya orang yang dijadikan rasul, tidak takut di hadapan-Ku (An-Naml 27:9-10)”.

    “Sekarang, masukkanlah tanganmu ke leher bajumu, niscaya ia keluar putih tidak bercacat bukan karena penyakit, dan dekapkanlah kedua tanganmu (ke dada) mu bila ketakutan, maka yang demikian itu adalah dua bukti-bukti/mukjizat dari Tuhanmu (yang akan kamu hadapkan kepada Firaun dan pembesar-pembesarnya). Sesungguhnya mereka adalah orang-orang yang fasik (Al-Qasyah 28:32)”.

    “Musa berkata: Ya Tuhanku sesungguhnya aku, telah membunuh seorang manusia dari golongan mereka, maka aku takut mereka akan membunuhku. (Al-Qasyah 28:33)”.

    “Allah Berfirman: Walaupun orang yang berlaku zalim, kemudian ditukarnya kezalimannya dengan kebaikan (Allah akan mengampuninya); maka sesungguhnya Aku Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang (An-Naml 27:11)”.

    Manusia bersifat lemah. Kita membuat banyak kesalahan dan melanggar batas-batas norma kehidupan dan dengan demikian kita telah mencemari kemurnian jiwa. Bacaan pada di sisi lain, memberi jaminan bahawa sebarang kesilapan yang telah dilakukan oleh seseorang pada masa lalu boleh bertukar menjadi kebajikan setelah dia memutuskan untuk menjalani kehidupan yang benar. Keputusan tersebut tidak memerlukan seseorang itu melalui pengakuan ketaatan kepada sesebuah agama.

    “kecuali orang-orang yang bertaubat, beriman dan mengerjakan amal saleh; maka kejahatan mereka diganti Allah dengan kebajikan. Dan adalah Allah Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang. Dan orang yang bertaubat dan mengerjakan amal soleh, maka sesungguhnya dia bertaubat kepada Allah dengan taubat yang sebenar-benarnya (Al-Furqaan 25:70-71)”.

    Itu adalah jaminan dari Allah sendiri dalam Bacaan. Kita tidak perlu beragama untuk bertaubat atau untuk percaya kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Demikian pula, kita tidak harus menganut agama untuk melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan baik.

  4. question:

    IF you’re in abu bakr’s era, which is you born exactly after Rasulullah death, how will you accept quran? since that time, quran yet, still not compiled into a book. At that time, will you accept sunnah? Because basically, you couldn’t believe in anything except quran. At that time, even if you really want to believe in quran only, how can you do so, since quranic verse is all in sahabats memory. And because you’re not one of the sahabat, you can only depend on the trust towards them. You need to study about science of hadith first. Hadith got dhaif and shahih and even maudhu’. Hadith is not only being approved by one man, but by alot of muhaddith. Most muhaddith is trying to be sincere about it. So, there’s no way people can falsify hadith. Because, because if there’s one hadith with weak sanad, a muhaddith will approve it as dha’if.

    Please answer. Thank you. And how can you believe that the quran that you read is the true one? because syi’ah also claim that they also got another quran. In this matter, you need to learn about the science of narration.

    May God Bless Us. Nobody want to stray from His true path, because I believe there’s no reason to do so. We all love God, like how you love.

  5. Who is Abu Bakar?

  6. i mean, If you’re living at the time of caliph abu bakr as-siddiq ruling (one of the nearest friend of Muhammad). Or simply say, if you born just a few years after the death of Muhammad.

  7. Who needs abu bakar or Muhammad?

    ” Surely We sent down this message, and surely We will preserve it.” (15:9)

    “No falsehood can ever enter it, in the past – or in the future – for it is a revelation from God Most Wise and Praiseworthy.” (41:42)

  8. so, you will just neglect the teaching of Muhammad? I don’t know what you will be IF you’re living at the time Muhammad still alive. Will you be his enemy or his friend?

    Will you still follow the older scripture like new or old testament, and just neglect of what Muhammad teach? I don’t understand of what you said that it’s like you don’t need Muhammad.

  9. @newrehmi when Quran says ”Surely We sent down this message, and surely We will preserve it.” (15:9)

    Do you still think that there is a doubt that this book is not in its correct form and you need to depend on the science of narration to get the right version. Whether shi’a believe or not, there is just one Quran exist in this world, No other Arabic version. This is one of the miracles of Quran.

    My suggestion is that One should start believing on Allah first before believing on Prophets and Sahabas and any science of narration.

  10. Adid, thanks for putting up such a great work. It is a great guidance for me as I came from Pakistani very traditional Sunni background. Thanks for clearing my concepts.

  11. Thanks Aidid Safar.

  12. Can we serve God as our Idol? Salam.

  13. Dear Aidid: what interpretation do you use throughout this dissertation? and also, i agree with those who do not translate Allaah as god. He is not a god/ deity for worship. He is Allaah the One. We acknowledge Him through obeying His commands, Through love and peacemaking, and truth. I look forward to reading the rest of your work here. Salaam and success to you.

  14. salaam Harris Helmi. God is NOT an idol. God is God. You serve Him through upholding his commandments in the Quran.

  15. For Muslims to be really free from this “mental bondage” they must leave Islam. The Qur’an, no matter how you see it, is not God’s revelations but the doctrines of an empire builder. Once we accept these then we can stop wasting our time chasing after the end of the rainbow.

    People of the Arab race and all those who follow this false religion can exists without Islam and need not live in a vacuum. Joining other religions are not options but to be avoided as all religions are man-made.

    In today’s world they are enough information for us to make rational choices and live within a basic premise of decency and common good.

  16. Peace Snoopy Jnr, Thank you for your comments.
    Let me clarify. The Quran mentioned “muslims” = ‘submitters to the will of God’. It does not mention “Muslims” = ‘adherents to the religion of Islam’. The Quran also mentioned “islam” = peace, it does not mention “Islam” = a ‘religion’. Notice the caps. I agree with you that all religions are corrupted and man made. The religion “Islam” has hijacked the Quran for the religionists’ self interest.
    All that is required of mankind is 1. Believe in God, 2. Believe in the Last Day 3. Do things right. Simple.
    [2:62] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

  17. Salam all, its been some time since I last commented but I have a question now. Does anyone else noticed the roots of religious ideas and beliefs are not so different from the roots of political ideas and beliefs? This may be the reason there is so much tension caused by religion today, especially when we take into account the connectiveness of today’s global society. It really is time to go back to the truth that religion is the cause of much, if not all, the problems faced between muslims and non-muslims and indeed, between muslims. In the context of the situation muslims find themselves in now, religion IS politics. This has to change to what Aidid is saying, follow the deen and forget the religion / politics which is divisive and destructive and condems muslims to backwardness.

  18. Hi Aidid,
    I just found out about you through a book Arab Conspiracies Against Islam sold in the internet. It is so intriguing that I just have to have it. But I have not got it.

    So far I am on board with you regarding religion esp Islam and it’s misconception and misinterpretation, and all the rituals and hadith that are contradictory to what the Quran is and says.

    I have one question to you regarding Surah 5 : 3 in the Quran that translate “This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islâm as your religion”

    I know from your writings that some words or translations of the Quran are not what Quran really means, as it was translated to suit what they want.

    But can you help me with this verse as it is stated clearly
    وَرَضِيتُ لَكُمُ ٱلۡإِسۡلَـٰمَ دِينً۬

    Thank you

  19. Hi Aidid,

    I have read Mental Bondage and it made a lot of sense now.
    I was always thinking, if solaa is that important of a ritual to be a Muslim in the religion of Islam, why there is NOTHING… i mean really nothing at all on how to perform it explained in the Quran. The fact that there are no details like how to solaa, when to solaa, how many rakaat, how many times and when in the Quran…can only means that solaa is not what they think it is, and not what we are taught it is, and certainly not something ritual.

    Still I have one question. If solaa means commitment, how can commitment be shorten aka Qasr (quran 4:101 ) and why do we need to take wudu or clean ourself before commit (quran 5:6)? Or are these verses also distorted?

  20. Stick to the Quran alone hadith are nothing but fabricated sayings.

  21. Khalid, muslims tend to think the vagueness of the ayat in the Quran is the reason they need the hadith. But, as you wrote, the hadith are fabricated sayings. To me, they were great attempts made by certain individuals, quite learned I should say, but human beings just like anybody else to explain to others what they understood. But, its just THEIR understanding. Good and useful for them perhaps but not necessarily for others. Especially so given the great changes that have occurred since their time until today. So, read the Quran for your own guidance and take what you need from other sources as you please. If there is anything that would displease the Creator it will be dealt by the Creator, and it is only the particular individuals who have to answer. Nobody else, neither their parents, family members, friends or anyone else can speak or act on their behalf.

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